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Show #535: You’re Just Gonna Have To KILL Me Yuki-Onna

In this episode, Josuke’s Bizarre Adventure takes an extreme turn into HUGEEEEUGHHBLEGGHHEUEGHHHGGUERRRRRR


  • Gears of War discussion had me rolling, that's some distilled Fast Karate right there.
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    Podcast so good! Trying not to sing Cold As Ice to the Onna-yuki had me crying.

    Whoever directed the Josuke/Rohan fight deserves a nod for that beat between Rohan saying "I won" and Crazy Diamond punching his face in. I don't know why but that tiny pause completely sold that scene for me.

    Please post a link to the Marcus Phoenix vomit reunion video if you put it online.
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    I was hesitating because I don't feel like there's top tier commentary but I can't hold back the floodgates on this marvel.

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    Ahahahahha! It keeps coming out his nose. : D
  • This episode made my commute a lot more enjoyable than usual.
    Thank you guys :smile:
  • This was a great episode, and that ending was perfect.
  • "Cold As Ice"...but what about "Snowblind"?

    And I don't even think ghosts would be all that great, really. She's all like "UHHHHHOOOOHHHHHHHHOOHHUHHHHHH" and you're like "I...guess you're having a good time, that's okay? Whatever, I'll just think about Cindy Crawford, like I always do."
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