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Catch-all "IT'S E3 2012 YA'LL" Thread



  • This might be something that would confuse drunk people trying to play their 360's:
  • I think that's a very smart move on their part, but only if it comes with the console. Developers don't like developing for peripherals that don't have as large an install base as the packed in ones do.
  • That's my big question. At least one of those needs to packed in with the system at launch and Nintendo didn't do that with the classic controller. I'm also curious if you'll be able to use a classic controller pro for the Wii to play the Wii U games since the buttons and layout look identical.
  • New splinter cell, probably everything you expect including a coop mode but SPIES VS. MERCS AS WELL!!!!
  • Has Nintendo said whether the touchscreen on the controller is a resistive or capacitive one, and if it has multi-touch?
  • It's gonna be resistive. All their stuff always is, and it's way cheaper.
  • Boooooooo. I always feel like I'm going to break a resistive screen.
  • So the Microsoft press conference amounted to the Xbox now has Univision and Internet Explorer. That being said the new Splinter Cell looks pretty damn cool and Halo looks like it had a pretty big visual jump.

    Also apparently there's a 3DSXL at the show this year (at least according to a Kotaku rumor).
  • You didn't mention the part where the dude was like I like to watch the game of thrones but sometimes I'm confused where in westermark they're supposed to be, but with smartglass I can sync up my Not iPad to follow the geography while I follow the game of thrones!!!!!!!!!
  • So is that for certian shows they are going to do that, or just every show from now on?

    Because if im watching Walking Dead, I wanna know what parts of Georgia to stay away from.
  • I wanna know what parts of Georgia to stay away from.
    Hint: all.

  • I wanna know what parts of Georgia to stay away from.
    Hint: all.

    Hint: all of the "South" you mean.
  • Georgia and the South are both wonderful places. Savannah is one of the most beautiful cities this country has to offer.

    The only thing I'm looking forward to earlier news if the new Spies vs Mercs.
  • I hope it's awesome. Spies vs Mercs was great.

    Also psyched for more co-op.

    I'll just get most of my E3 news from this thread. Haven't read anything/watched anything yet.
  • I just wanna stab my ears when anyone speaks during the Ubisoft conference.
  • So, heres the current report card of E3:


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  • image

  • I like the arrows directing the eyes to the robo-penis.
  • So Sony is doing a red carpet pre-show for their press conference to which I say what the fuck Sony....
  • image

    this made me lul
  • Jack Tretton is awesome.
  • It's too bad Joel doesn't have a PS3 to enjoy the Last of Us' not Ellen Paige shout "Jesus christ Joel!" at shotgunning a dude right up in his face
  • Modern day Deus Ex...with Co-op.

  • I think I'm on board with The Last of Us.

    I'm dissapointed there was no Vita price drop so I doubt I'll be getting one this year. They're really pushing the cross play with the Vita and PS3. I just don't see the appeal of it.

    I don't know why the Heavy Rain/Indigo Prophecy people just don't make a movie. That really seems what they want to do.
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    I don't know why you'd even say that but then I remember you're God and you would say things like that.

    You're just like the people who say Kojima should make a movie.
  • It's pretty likely that Nintendo will announce a 3DS XL. I'm ambivalent, but my constantly-in-pain hands are ecstatic. :D
  • I'd better be able to get one in burgundy.
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    I really want to like Playstation All Star Battle Royale Max Power Xtreme Fight Club Hyper Fighting Turbo 3rd Strike but god damn does that game seem soulless. The thing that gets me is how excited I got for Smash Brothers (particularly when they announced characters like R.O.B. or Pit) when the vast majority of those characters come from some really simplistic NES games. Maybe its just the fact that I didn't grow up in the PSX era but I could not give two shits at all about that game. Also does anyone associate the Big Daddy with the Playstation brand? Granted, its not like I associate Solid Snake with Nintendo but that was a cooler reveal a few years back.

    Also Sony gave us probably the most annoying meme of E3 with Wonderbook.
  • So if you have a Playstation it might be worth it to sign up to Playstation Plus this month:
  • You always get way more than your money back when you get Plus. There's so many gems I would've never even played without it. It's just a bitch on your HDD space and apparently it's going to get worse now.
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    I think I'm on board with The Last of Us.
    I'm fine with Last of Us if it's as visceral and disgusting playing it as it appears. Post-apocalyptic video games are generally action movies or silly feel-good Dead Rising style romps. Putting the player in an actual "get them before they get you" situation where you have to work to take out other people like yourself, some in cold blood is sort of horrifying, and at least a little bit novel. They may back way down on that, but we'll see.
    I don't know why the Heavy Rain/Indigo Prophecy people just don't make a movie. That really seems what they want to do.
    Because they want that interactive gameplay element and the edge it adds. Like Kojima, their directing is not bad. The real trouble is, Kojima at least can design gameplay elements aside from quicktime events, and none of them can write a story worth a damn.

    Watch Dogs has really piqued my interest. Seems like the roots that things like Hitman and Splinter Cell have gotten away from. In an age where everything has gone more action-oriented (Splinter Cell's queued insta-kills, etc.), seeing something different is a breath of fresh air. If they can pull off a multiple-paths thing like Hitman or Deus Ex, this will be remembered for a long time. The writing and acting seem good as well.
  • What's this? New side scroller Mario with 4 players? SIGN ME UP. New Super Mario Bros. Wii is still one of my favorite games of the last ten years.
  • So I missed most of the Nintendo press conference. Did they seriously not announce a date or price for something that is supposed to be out this year?
  • Best moment of the Ubisoft press conference:
  • That Ubisoft conf. was.... GAAAAAHHHHHHH, it sucked. But, they did show games, then again half of what they showed was gameplay footage.
  • I just want to know if the people on the stage knew or if that was done in secret by PR to make them feel good.
  • Since you have never been on a stage gezzer I will say this for you. You know when it is coming from the crowd and when it is coming from the speakers.
  • image

    dream come true?
  • I've been on a stage before, admittedly it was only my middle school's cafeteria/auditorium, but I was on a stage dammit.
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    Playstation Sizzle Reel

    The briefest of Persona 4 Arena shots, Aigis' special 1HKO proton cannon attack. In retrospect I feel a little weird for managing to catch it.
  • The PC version of Dark Souls is going to be locked at 30 fps and 720p, boooooo.
  • I don't care as long as I get my DLC content for the console versions.
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