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  • It's definitely pop where I grew up in Michigan. When I moved to California kids made fun of me mercilessly until I started saying soda instead.
    Yes, kids are indeed jerks. But on the plus side, at least you use the proper word now.
  • fuck you, southerners.

    They won't even arrest a guy on suspicion of murder/hate crime.
    Its all about sweet tea in the south, the kind that gives people kidney stones at the age of 12.

    I was with a friend once and some redneck kid mentioned to his mom that he wanted "pop" and he got exactly what he wanted. My friend and I were baffled by what we saw since then. But, I later put that into code by saying that Pop is the kids definition of his favorite soda where everything else should be said by the correct term.
  • Considering that something like half the population of Georgia worked in the Coca-Cola bottling plant, it's understandable how "carbonated beverage" came to be be called "Coke".
  • I forgot his name too, it's supposed to be T-Dawg but I'm pretty sure no one calls him that in the show.
  • When do they have time to call him that? After the one line he speaks every four episodes?
  • Well, thanks to that Prometheus trailer I think I've seen the whole movie now. Cool.
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    So its... Alien again?
  • Really, that didn't get people hyped? I'm excited. I don't think it's really too revealing. They find alien shit and it goes bad. If you hadn't guessed that I don't know what your deal is.
  • I'm deliberately not watching trailers for movies I want to see. This policy served me well for Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, as the trailers apparently gave away my favorite parts of that film.
  • I did that for "The Matrix" by accident, and it turned out to be a really good idea.
  • Unrelated but related (tee hee) story

    My life was better before I clicked this link.

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    Ha! Nevermind. Fun firefox plugin junk made this forum look silly.
  • I don't know that I've ever seen that string of characters.
  • And I won't be watching it, so I see no reason for me to get upset.
  • And TMNT was never good enough to warrant my caring about it, even if I don't have the nostalgia for it so many do. Transformers at least had some really good comics and Beast Wars to justify people still liking it.
  • I LOVE the original movies. I would watch them almost every week growing up and I've watched every single iteration of cartoon that has come out. This is like Michael Bay going into my memory and pissing on the child version of me as I watch The Secret of the Ooze.

    Seriously, aliens? What's the purpose of that crap.
  • You just have to face that turtles being mutated into anthropomorphic teenagers becoming ninja by training with a rat is just too unrealistic. We need them to be teenage alien turtles that come to earth to be ninja so that this is believable.
  • Siiiiigh. The original Ninja Turtles movie is awesome, the CG movie was also quite good, and Forever was way fun. Stay away, Bay! Stay away!
  • You can't stop him. Nothing can keep him at bay.
  • From conversation with coworker. "I want to work at a Chinese restaurant for one day, just so I can shout 'Less Talk, More Wok!' at someone."

    Well, seems I may get my chance to play Shenmue after all. A physical re-release (and one for Jest Set/Grind Radio) would nice, just cuz I prefer owning stuff that way, but it'll do.

    And now Shinji Aramaki is doing a Starship Troopers movie.
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    I'm just waiting for this.

    Although I'm still carrying a torch for a revival of "Galaxy Rangers". Or maybe "StarCom", if only for the toy line.

  • So its... Alien again?
    It originally was to be Ridley Scott's return to the series with a prequel. Apparently they ditched the Alien part but kept it in universe. So it's technically sill a prequel I guess
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    From what I can glean from the trailer, [possible spoilers, not that it really matters at this point] it's about how the the ship from Alien ended up crash-landed on that barren planet.,71082/

    Just when you think Walking Dead cannot get any more retarded, they actually go ahead and introduce the literally insane katana-wielding black chick. I had idly thought they would realize how idiotic this is if they were going to retain any vestige of purported realism, but oh well. Also, before someone inevitably asks, no I do not watch the show, so you don't need to tell me not to watch it if I realize how bad it is, it's just hearing Graz et al. deservedly eviscerate it is endlessly entertaining.
  • I would so re-buy Shenmue in HD because I love Shenmue and also because I am too lazy to drag my Dreamcast out. And because now that I have an HD projector, everything must be HD.
  • I haven't seen "John Carter" yet. I plan to (by myself, because my wife, who begged me to go see Chronicle, has declared that she isn't interested in it at all.)

    But given how it's all turned out, could we say that this is an example of why you don't let fans be creators? I'm pretty sure that Stanton wasn't all that interested in robots or fish, but he's wanted to make a John Carter movie for his entire life.
  • I won't say that without seeing the movie. The flak John Carter is getting is reminding me of the flak the Speed Racer movie got. I still consider Speed Racer one of my favorite movies ever made and I'm not even a huge fan of the show. I have heard great things about John Carter from people whose opinions I trust more then the critics.
  • I saw John Carter last night in IMAX 3D with some friends. We all found it thoroughly entertaining. Nothing too surprising, and I had some issues with time and distance, but otherwise, pretty fun.
  • I would so re-buy Shenmue in HD because I love Shenmue and also because I am too lazy to drag my Dreamcast out. And because now that I have an HD projector, everything must be HD.
    I still got my copy of Shenmue II on Xbox to finish playing, since I restarted it last summer because I had the original (2 some hours of time) saved to my 360 like 3 years before, so I couldnt get to playing that file. Although, Shenmue did take me about a year to play, as in i played it for a week one summer then a year later beat the rest of it, having a 11 month hole of time not playing it due to moving and what not.
  • I think that trailer needs to end with "No. Seriously," instead of that question.
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    I remember watching that on TV. It was very weird.
  • I know how to tie my shoes because Cab Calloway taught me.
  • Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...


    Odd homage.


    Y'know that .jpg JeffersonPierce posted earlier? Here's more.
  • image

    I don't think this was a wise choice for Obama's official White House presidential portrait.
  • Good to know I'll fit in well to soda conversations if I ever go to eastern most part of Wisconsin.
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    What happened in the video of that girl happened on my FAU campus the other day, I think it was in the General South building. She eventually had to be tased. According to everyone I've talked to, they were reviewing something about the evolution of peacocks for an upcoming test. She then asked how evolution explained killing all black people and then what happened in the video occurred. It's all secondhand information, so I don't know how true it is.
  • That's pretty much what the description of the video said. I'm guessing that the topic on which she went off has been weighing heavily on her mind.
  • I'd no idea this had happened until after a test this morning. A couple of classmates were talking about how our school had gotten on Tosh.0.
  • Maybe she got "evolution" confused with "eugenics"?
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