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Boss Doors Streams!



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    Gonna do it on Monday for sure or tomorrow if I feel like it/have time. Gonna beat Code Veronica. GONNA DO IT. DON'T TELL ME I CAN'T BECAUSE I CAN DO IT. DON'T TELL ME WHAT I CAN'T DO.

    If you actually care about watching such things you should follow me on twizzer.
  • I know what I'm doing Monday.

    Typing really inane comments for 3 hours while zombies FUCK YOUR SHIT UP.
  • About to start. Stop by in 2 hours when we're all caught up.
  • I'm about to start streaming the finale of Code Veronica (HOPEFURRY).
  • Or not. I'm using a different capture device and its interaction with Flash Media Encoder is causing some weird shimmering I can't figure out.
  • We have confirmation, Ghost Rider. Starting a stream of Dino Crisis 2 at 2 PM EST.
  • A good time for me, I'll be off work and distraction free. Glad its not a few hours later or I would be asleep.
  • Baring any technical difficulties I'll be continuing Dino Crisis 2 and moving into Parasite Eve 2 in three hours.
  • Dave examines a well. "What's dow-OH FUCK BATS!"

    That's what you're missing.
  • Agh! I hate sleeping past noon! Did these get recorded anywhere?
  • Yeah, it's archived automagically.
  • They stick around for 7 days, though I don't know if they're super fun to listen to when not live. I've not been very good an including a chat room user's statement into my reply to make it obvious what the topic is.

    Also there's plenty of dead air.
  • Also there's plenty of dead [mutant nurse/scientist creatures].
  • Also you can go in and press the "save this video for eternity" button.
  • They stick around for 7 days, though I don't know if they're super fun to listen to when not live. I've not been very good an including a chat room user's statement into my reply to make it obvious what the topic is.

    Also there's plenty of dead air.
    Well, as a "Let's Play" it's a good idea.

    I guess the chat thing is true, if you don't mention what you're responding to, it's hard to tell.
  • Kickin' this Parasite Eve 2 stream back into gear on Saturday around noon.
  • Doin' new one tomorrow around 1 or 2 EST. Gonna be Eternal Darkness (SANITTYYTYY'S REQUIEMEMMEME)
  • ARGH I have work to do, Dave, I can't be watchin' you play one of my favorite games the whole time
  • CAN'T YOU.
  • Finally! you are doing this while I'm not working. I'm tempted to break out my copy and play along with you, just to see who does a better jorb.
  • If it was a game that was at all speed runnable I'd suggest a competition, but Eternal Darkness doesn't really lend itself to that.

    Gonna do some Onimusha.
  • And naturally I'll miss it due to work :/ Oh well.
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    There we go, finally found this. Please just sticky it :o

    Dark Souls right now. Well maybe, it looks like twitch is having issues.
  • Eh, it's fucked. I'm trying later.
  • But I just got done watching the 24 hour podcast for the children, I need something new to watch.
  • It's likely that Joel and I will stream Guardian Heroes while we podcast about Guardian Heroes tomorrow around 7:30 or 8 PM EST.
  • Damn too bad I am gonna be at work then. Sounds awesome though.
  • And I won't be for once! Looking forward to it.
  • Wait you mean the xbox live game or a sega saturn version?
  • I was up til nearly 2am here watching but I gotta say it was worth it. Thanks for that guys! (I was going by TrentFirefox in the chat if anybody cares)
  • Doin' some more streaming now.
  • Dumb question. I just highlighted Dave's Fatal Frame stream, because he apparently forgets to save his videos and they get deleted after 2 weeks. Will that keep the videos from deleting, or will the highlights link to dead videos when they delete?
  • They'll remain. Other ones have in the past.

    Also maybe I'll remember to save this one.

    Also we'll do more of it tonight WHEN DA SUN GOES DOWN. :D
  • I guess this is where the Resonance of Fate stream talk should go. I thought I'd try to share some suggestions or observations.

    You might want to use incendiary rounds on the Yeti.

    Rotating weapons around different characters like you did turned out to work pretty well, so you might want to do it with the grenades too sometime if you haven't already. The first few levels should come quickly. (That might depend on fighting decently powerful enemies though.)

    In chapter 5 (and onward it seems) when you finish the first side missions, some new ones show up at the guilds (before the chapter changes).

    You may want to name one of the streams "Nate Dogg and Warren G had to resonate." Sorry if that was terrible.
  • DULY NOTED. All terrible puns are accepted.

    We have a poll about what we'll play during our Resonance of Fate intermission:
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    Is this the general thread of streaming stuff, because I've been streaming Panzer Dragoon Saga on my channel, or I only just started last friday and I wanna finish it if anyone wants to waste time watching me play the only RPG that hardly no one has.
  • I may have missed the answer in the stream, but did Tales of Graces turn out to be good?

    (In case I sound insane asking this here, the first Tales of Graces stream was titled, "Please be Good.")
  • It's excellent. Mechanically, it's the best Tales game I've played.

    Story is tolerably inoffensive with occasional funny moments.
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    So the stream is live right now if you want to come watch

    But I'm really only posting this gif made from last night.

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    So I guess the plan is to play more borderlands tonight with Dave/Graz (Mit Joel?) sometime around 8PM EDT/7pm CDT probably. Will be here
  • will the stream quality be higher on your stream or the fast karate one, do you think?
  • I can turn it up and see if it's steady. I kept it lower than normal because of the other internet things happening.
  • I kept it lower than normal because of porn.
  • Is east coast internet just better or am I not setting stuff up correctly? I can't even stream a single player game without lag.
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