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Giant Robots kick ass



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    I don't know, let me load up my Commodore 64 copy of Wizardy... and then get a pizza while the fucking game loads.
  • its 1996 and I have an idea for a game: what if we took Wizardry and added the Compatible Heroes (Ultraman, Kamen Rider, and Gundam) to it? Well its 15 years later and they Banpresto made one for the 3DS. Its called Lost Heroes and here's a trailer:
  • Watching Gundam F91.

    a: another dude in a metal mask? Really?

    b: they aren't even pretending that the Federal Forces are decent human beings this time around.

  • b: they aren't even pretending that the Federal Forces are decent human beings this time around.
    Children make good meat-shields, what's wrong with that?

    I find it funny how every non-Tomino Gundam work is accused of being "nationalist zeon fanwank", when it was Tomino's shows which had the feddies gas colonies, allow colony drops for "population control" and yes, attempt to use children as shields for their mobile suits.
  • Yeah; I think the issue is that people just haven't *seen* the actual Tomino Gundam stuff. Mostly they've seen 0083, I think, as their only UC Gundam.

    PS the music in this is so totally ripping off Star Wars. I've already heard Yoda's theme and the Imperial March.

    PPS it's kind of annoying the way that important transitional scenes are just kind of...not in the movie. Like how the one chick just kind of shows up at the Space Ark and everyone's all "oh I guess she defected".
  • F91 was supposed to be a TV series and instead they crammed it into a movie. Imagine it as a compilation movie for a TV series that doesn't exist.
  • Ah, okay. That explains how stuff just kind of happens. Although I can pretty much deal with the stuff-comes-out-of-nowhere, I'm able to invent my own context (or at least puzzle out what happened.) It's the way that they just drop things that they went to great effort to introduce.

    Like, um, did everyone in the colony die at the end? That seems like it would be kind of an important plot point, especially since they went to all that trouble to show massive civilian casualties. I guess that's just background noise in the Gundam universe?

    What about the Fed resistance movement? They just kind of weren't in the story anymore after a bit.
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    G Gundam is Officially Streaming on YouTube:
    First Episode subbed:

    dubbed also available.
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    G Gundam holds up surprisingly well. Its one of the few Gundam TV shows, along with the Turn A, that I can still point to and recommend without any qualifiers attached.

    On the other hand, it seems like every Gundam OAV I can recommend wholeheartedly, with the only exception being 0083.
  • 08th MS Team was my very first Gundam and second anime I ever watched. Still my favorite Gundam. I really love the Universal Century timeline. I still need to see Turn A, but from what I see of it in Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3, it looks awesome.
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    New SRW game: Lord of Elemental II: Revelation of Evil God for PSP... but I really want Z2.2 already or 2nd OG, not a game that will definitely will not come out in the US because its on the PSP.

    There's a bundle that comes with a PSP remake of the first game using the new game's engine.

    I guess the release date is January 12th.
    some scans:

    edit: Here's the PV:
  • Seeing this thread made me realize that I hadn't actually checked a full list of the anime coming out this winter to see what's on the menu mecha-wise. I'm never optimistic when asking that question, but OH BOY THIS SEASON IS A GOOD ONE. Gundam SEED...again...and more Aquarion. It's everything I've ever dreamed of!

    Oh well, at least they had the sense not to let Kawamori direct this time.
  • Hey, finally a crossover game that has shows I give a shit about :T
  • I'll say what I said last time that game came up: The ability to beat the shit out of the characters from Blood + as pretty much anyone else may be enough to justify the game's existence to me.
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    Gundam AGE is good.
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    They announced Saisei Hen aka Regeneration Chapter: Famitsu article
    New Series for this Game:
    Tetsujin 28-go (1981)
    Macross 7
    Macross 7 Dynamite
    Macross F Wings of Farewell
    Gurren Lagann: The Lights in the Sky are Stars
    Gundam 00 Season 2
    Code Geass R2

    pics in the link.

    although its weird that they would announce a game the week after the previous one launched.

    edit: the release date is April 5th.
  • Gurren Lagann, Black Getter, 00 season 2, and R2 were all going to follow, but I wasn't expecting Tetsujin-28 in any form.
  • Does that mean the super tengen toppa gurren lagann will be in it?
  • but I wasn't expecting Tetsujin-28 in any form.
    I was kind of hoping for Zeorymer because it fits with the Dimensional theme.
    Does that mean the super tengen toppa gurren lagann will be in it?
    probably? it depends on how Gurren Lagann is treated in the game but it'll probably be the super flashy event-only finisher for the super event based final stage of GL which may either be the ultimate or penultimate state of the game. But either way, the more important question is whether Chou Ginga Gurren Lagann is unit or attack like how Ultimate Gravion was an attack only form in Z1.
  • Zeorymer does fit for that, but I'm guessing that this is all going to culminate in some combination of the final fight in Gurren Lagann with a healthy mixing of Getter elements, hopefully Getter Emperor, most likely the Space Vagina.

    What makes the most sense is to have what was in the GL movie where there was the Super TTGL, but also everyone getting a personal Tengen Toppa machine. They'll do that for all the non-Super TTGL robots while that one will be a unit for that mission. Maybe also Emperor or Shin Getter combined with the Shin Dragon. It'll depend on if super spiral space is what exists beyond the Space Vagina.
  • oh yeah, its the 40th anniversary of Mazinger Z so there's probably going to a bunch of Robot Stuff out this year.
    e.g. new Aquarion show is out right now, Eureka seveN sequel coming out, Code Geass movie and ova. I don't watch fansubs so I'm going to watch none of it.

    It'd be great if there was a new Mazinger or Getter Robo show out this year preferably Getter Robo because Getter Robo.
  • I might consider checking out Aquarion because the first one was really stupid with moments of robo-brilliance (punch enemy into the moon, running up the sky) and hilarious absurdity, (space cube) so it could be worth watching for those things.

    I agree that I hope we get a new Getter anime. Last one was in 2005, New Getter Robo, and we've had two Mazinger properties, Shin and SKL, relatively recently.
  • Yay. We get the shitty 80s tetsujin 28 no one likes.
  • I like the '80s Tetsujin 28. :(
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    Z2.2 PV1:

    it doesn't look like they are doing Macross 7 story because Gamlin attacks a Vajra, but I haven't seen Macross 7 Dynamite so maybe they'll do something with that.

    edit: The second PV will be shown on 3/18 just by the by. They'll probably show more dramatic stuff or bigger reveals and whatnot.
  • I like the move the main character of 00 pulls where he does the double slash then faces the camera as if to say, "So how you doin'?"
  • The Vajra are in Macross Frontier, not Macross 7 or Dynamite 7.
  • I'm really impressed with those VOTOMS animations. Kinda disappointed there aren't really any interesting Gundams.
  • Personally I find Gundam X pretty interesting as a series, though I agree it's move set in the PV wasn't terribly eye catching. Unlike the fact that Yoko apparently needs only her sniper rifle to take out mechs in the game. I'm curious how they worked that into the game mechanics, whether she's her own unit, or a move for the Gurren Lagann.
    On a separate note, I just watched the PV1 while listening to the most recent skrillex song on the watching/listening thread. It strangely worked...
  • Kinda disappointed there aren't really any interesting Gundams.
    Pray tell what Gundams you find interesting.

    in Z2.1 Yoko just used Dayakka's Gunman after you got Dai-Gurren, so they'll probably do the same in Z2.2 with the out of mech version being a event only attack like in Z2.1.
    Furthermore there's in all likelihood going to be at least 1 more PV and that will probably have more Dramatic Scenes.
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    Considering the nature of Yoko's attacks, you think they're going to have a whole separate set of sprites for her in a spacesuit or something, or do you think they'll have given her a full on robot by then?

    Also, since they showed Ryoma using Shin Getter, I'm wondering what the status of Go, Kei, and Gai is. I'm sure they'll be in it early on, but I'm wondering what they're going to be doing once old Getter Team takes back over.
  • If I remember correctly Yoko gets the space suit when they get Arc Gurren (or is it Chou Ginga Gurren) so they'll probably all be in Gunmen by that point if not get their upgrades, but they might have a scene where it warrants her to use her Sniper Rifle outside the mech, so maybe.

    Maybe Shin Getter-1 will be able to use Getter Tomahawk in the prologue (because 1. there is a prologue and 2. it didn't have Getter Tomahawk as an attack in Z2.1), but anyway I imagine Go, Kei, and Gai will end up piloting Shin Dragon like they do in the show and D.
  • Oh, I'm sure they'll get the Shin Dragon. I'm hoping it becomes a battleship since it's big enough for Shin and G to fight each other inside. If it does, I wonder if the battleship that Hayato will be the captain of will be abandoned. Actually, I wonder what Benkei will be doing while the Getter Go team is piloting Shin. Ryoma will have Black Getter, Hayato will have the Tower, and I don't think he was piloting anything at the time, though it's been a while since I've watched Armageddon.
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    Kinda disappointed there aren't really any interesting Gundams.

    Pray tell what Gundams you find interesting..
    Well Gundam 00 was from a season which people seemed to find universally disappointing, and a design which I found pretty garrish. I do kind of like the Exia. X is just a very unremarkable AU series, a tier above Wing, but pretty bland nonetheless.

    Gundam I find interesting? Turn A, G, UC. Looking forward to Age making an appearance, since they can do some cool stuff with the three generations. Would like to see Unicorn mainly so I can hear a SRW rendition of that amazing soundtrack. Most of all though, I think its cool when obscure stuff like Hathaways Flash gets a shot.

    Also very bummed we didn't get the 2004 Tetsujin-28.

    So apparently Tomino's Gundam novels are getting reprinted in an omnibus edition. I'd heard of these before, but are they any good? Apparently they're not a direct adaptation of the original series; worth checking out when they come out in March?
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    The real problem with these three Gundam novels is that they are incredibly dry. There's no metaphors and almost no descriptions. It's written like this: "Amuro's Gundam pointed at the Zak. The Gundam fired. The Zak exploded. Amuro flew the Gundam back to the White Base."

    It's just very literal and unpoetic.

    The American Robotech novels are frankly way better than these.

    Amuro and Sayla have a relationship, though, if you care about that?
  • That language is rather robotic.
  • I've never even seen any UC Gundam, so details like the relationship wouldn't make much of a difference to me :T I do plan on picking up the movie trilogy sometime soon though.
  • The movie trilogy is definitely my suggestion. They are good, especially movie 3, which is amazing.
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    Movie Trilogy is really great, certainly preferable to the series. The third is mostly new footage, its really well-animated and storywise tones down the loltomino, creating something a lot more coherent.

    I also recommend the OAV's like 0080, O8TH MS TEAM and Unicorn, which require a little bit of pre-requisite knowledge, but are pretty much the best Gundam has to offer. Most of the shows are worth steering clear from, in my opinion (and yet I still watched them all, so take it with a grain of salt)

    The novels are ass. Terribly written, they'll steer you far away from Gundam. Their only real use is to flesh out the politics and history of the timeline for the hardcore fans, but I'd argue both Origin and Unicorn do a far better job of that anyway.
  • Yeah, I've got a generally pretty good idea of what to watch and what to avoid when it comes to UC Gundam, and I'm looking forward to the Origin anime, seems like it'd be a good jumping on point aside from the movies. I'd heard Turn A is good, but looks like we won't be getting it here in the states after all.
  • Turn A is cool, but it is not very Gundamy for a show with Gundam in the title. Fortunately, it was fansubbed.
  • I loved the trilogy and 0080, but I have been considering picking up the omnibus just for its incredibly poor poor writing.
  • Discotek licensed Shin Getter vs Neo Getter, I don't want to be all "beggars can't be choosers" BUT I would have preferred Shin Mazinger because not counting the Getter Robo Go anime (because it doesn't) Shin vs Neo Getter is the weakest of Mazinger/Getter Robo show because it isn't crazy enough but I'll probably buy it.
  • It says something when an OVA that has Ryoma killing more dinosaurs with his karate than Professor Shikishima does with his dinosaur disintegrating ray gun and Texas Mack isn't crazy enough. Then again, it says something that none of crazy moments I can think of involve the title robots, unless you count Musashi at the beginning. It's too bad. The Getter Robo Go manga was some of Ishikawa's best stuff.

  • More dinosaurs than this?
  • Thank you Nick, that made my morning. I needed that.
  • SRW Z2:2 PV2
  • Good to see Gunleon coming back with new moves. I'm also interested in what else the Shin Dragon will do.
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