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Winter 2018 Anime "They still defend it. They have died defending it!"

Preceding: Fall 2017 Anime "You said this fortress would never fall while your men defend it."


No one asked me where this was and the last one was dead after the first couple weeks. I was just gonna stop but I guess now I can complete the joke and herald the next downtown nemuru ultimate challenge.


  • Without these threads how will I remember I haveto do it at all ;_;
  • Not gonna lie, I was gonna let it go until I guessed exactly what you said.
  • As long as the nemuru thread doesn't close before friday, I should have some strong defenders. What are we doing this month? name/description?
  • This is why Nick is a good manager.
  • I figured you guys just post that shit in the discord. Because nobody posts on the forums anymore.
  • Yeah were there kinds of submissions that were being discourage this round? I missed what was being said in the discord.
  • Basically don't submit real things (existing light novels/manga/etc) as "fake" because they're technically not anime but have a weird title. Slight exception for english titles (like Lord of the Rings) transliterated into Japanese because there's less confusion there, but ultimately I prefer completely original stuff.
  • edited January 13
    Only Moment to Moment and the Bloody Roar ripoff peaked my interest.
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