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Show #541: Article 2 Of Our JoJo's Confederacy

This show also known as: The Ultimate Anti-Rohan Weapon

Well it took me two weeks to edit this for but it’s finally time to bring Diamond is Unbreakable to a close the only way we know how, by talking blithely about Wolfenstein, Our International Trauma, Steppin’ In Poop (or the lack thereof???), and, of course, The Japanese idea of a hip-hop robot, featuring twitter questions from LISTENERS LIKE YOU!



  • There isn't even a scene of Joesph using Hermit Purple to locate the parents of the baby. So yeah he stole a kid.
  • I love the smell of new podcast in the morning.
    I was really hoping the next part of JoJo's would have started by now so you guys could just roll straight into it. Alas.
    Isn't there a limit on Crazy Diamond's healing ability if something isn't fresh? I figured that was why the fingernail thing never happened.
    I still loved the one-two punch of Josuke tricking Kira into killing ghost dad and then getting him with the glass/blood trick.
    Like you guys said, it's too bad Yukako didn't get more to do. Would have helped balance the dude-heavy Morioh crew a little.
    Hopefully there's still some crappy 80's OAVs left for you guys to cover for future episodes.
  • I realized that there is the one Jojo part 4 live action film and I guess at least one more incoming. How's that for potential future fastkarate content?
  • Good point. Would love to hear a Fast Karate episode about the movie.
  • I'm down for watching a live action Jojos I didn't know existed.
  • This episode was everything I could have wanted, especially the tangent on Karl Urban
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