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Revengecast S03E14 - Payback

It’s Revengecast, the only podcast on the internet that *KA-THUMP-KA-THUMP-KA-THUMP-KATHUMP* GENGNGHRMMMM*sound of: flailing arms and sexy make-up application*UBLUHHBBLUHHHBLUHH …oh wait charlotte is still in this show…?? *KA-THUMP-KA-THUMP-KA-THUMP-KATHUMP* *sound of: THE WORST FOE LIES WITHIN THE SELF* HRHHHGHHRR*KA-THUMP-KA-THUMP-KA-THUMP-KATHUMP* *sound of: YOU DON’T KNOW ME NOLAN*

Topics for Consideration:

Conrad’s Many Pie Fingers
Rage Makeup
The (not so) Dark Knight Returns Morality Time Bomb
Bonking Hazards
Innovative Bio-Digital Fungal Storage Solutions
Nico…‍♀️Go Away‍♀️


  • Dave, I think when white people faux-pronounce Barcelona, it's supposed to be more like "Barthelona," not "Barfelona"
  • It's supposed to be barthe but I'm definitely going to use barfe
  • My family vacationed many summers on the island and I *assure* you the *residents* pronounce it *exactly* so.
  • edited November 2017
    /me flops over onto his side and stretches all of his paws out

    Don't worry Dave, I follow up the frivolous requests out of amusement and curiosity, not out of obligation. I think the one from last episode was only the second or third one I've done for the Revengecast of all the ones you've made.
  • I forgot to mention that I appreciated the "RevengeCats" chant.
  • If we're good for anything it's mutating already unintelligible/meaningless gibberish into even MORE esoteric forms! b('.')b
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