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The VR Meditation App My Partner and I Created

Hi folks,

My partner Victoria and I created a VR meditation app. I did the underlying "game" design, binaural beats, sound design, music (and sound code), and she did everything else (visuals, menus, most of the code). I've been trying to get some biometric input stuff going but that code isn't working yet and might be part of a later version. I'm doing a bunch of needlessly complicated stuff with the sound and music I can explain if you want, but hopefully people will just enjoy it and not think about that sort of thing.


  • That looks nice! I wish I had VR...
  • Thanks! My advice would be to try to get a GearVR or Google Daydream for cheap/free from your phone carrier or something like that. They are limited, but still really neat to play with.
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