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Fall 2017 Anime "You said this fortress would never fall while your men defend it."


  • Is Neo Yokio considered from last season? Or is it not considered anime at all?

    I guess it's probably not technically anime.
  • Lotta motorcycles this season.
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    Live DNUASC for 24 hour stream :sunglasses:
  • Some other cool shows coming this week.

    The third Garo anime looks dope.

    Show may be CG, but I have faith. Mango is good. It's about genderless gems in Land of the Lustrous. It has everything from killer snails, breakable bodies, and Bort.

    Bonus 2D version.

  • Yeah but is it canon for Steven Universe?
  • Dark Clover has me interested by the first episode even though it’s very much paint by numbers shonnen.
  • I'm watching 9 shows. This is too much.
  • I am catching up on 7 Sins during my lunch hour at work and it is totally average.

    Don't quite see the appeal of the CG animoo
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    Mann...the newest Kino's Journey totally botches up the story. This was a two part story in the original show and they made it one ep with everything cut out. Like it might as well be a different thing and makes Kino look like a sociopath.
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    I just laid down in bed after a cold bike ride to watch some My Hero Academia, forgetting that the season finale aired last week. :cry:

    Now I have to find something new to watch. I never did finish Dragon Maid, is that worth going back to?
  • Dragon maid continues to be dragon maid throughout. Food wars, osomatsu, depressed shogi boy, and blood battles are all back this season. So there is many to choose from.
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