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Show #540: How Do You Scare A Gun?

Behold, JoJo, the invincible power of my stand: Ignition (REMIX).



  • I think the true power of the Joestar's is their infinite self-confidence.

    Let's see some pictures of that doggie!
  • Dog is sweet, pouty, enjoys eating grass and participating in our democratic experiment.

  • Awwwww, doggo!
    That's an adorable dog.
  • Ok, but have you considered voting for dog?
    I hear great things about his ten pats program.
  • edited September 29
    :bawling: PANZA :bawling:

    (This was a very good episode, thank you again as always)
  • Hey how come nobody has drawn panza as billie lurk yet?
  • Is that a Yellow Dog Democrat?
  • ^^^ she's more a brown dog but she has some gold highlights. :neutral:

    Hey how come nobody has drawn panza as billie lurk yet?

    When she's out for walks she's really concerned with hugging the wall as much as possible, that combined with her super dark coat has made me think she's a stealth protagonist in the making.

  • Metal Gear Solid but with Panza as the protagonist. Every time Snake would repeat something back to a person in a questioning manner, Panza will just tilt her head and whine.
  • If that's the Panza then who is the Quixote?
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