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Your Friends From The Internet #12: #MintyFresh

This Week’s Major Skews:

Sweet Potatoes RULE!
This New “Facebook” Thing


  • Graz, the pain you see on twitter isn't necessarily your pain too so you don't have to try to feel it in the same way. It doesn't help them and it doesn't help you. "Being aware of what's happening in the world" feels like a flimsy defense for hurting yourself in this way. Obviously "read less twitter" is not an acceptable thing for you so as a non-white person I'll just tell you this: you have my blessing to feel a little more detached from what you're reading. Obviously I'm sure that's not easy for you either but you're allowed to try.
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  • I feel like we've had the conversation about Woke burnout before.
  • The distinction reached on this YFI that it's violence in self-defense is that crucial nuance even I had trouble grasping -- as a pacifist like Minty Fresh -- temporarily quitting Twitter over the constant stream of people advocating for violence. Not that they're wrong, or would be if it were violence beyond self-defense, but it just felt like this fear of disagreeing with your in-group. Because, honestly, I don't see those people actually picking up guns and killing Nazis, but that's the rhetoric I felt I was inundated with (given some space now, I can't remember), mixed in with: you must do something or history will judge you. And the problem I had was that that's true, too, but as an American, my instincts are not action or advocacy or anything like that. So it's taken some time. As a base, I've been donating monthly to PP and SPLC since November, but that's just guilt -- the driving feeling of 'when will I reach that threshold where I've done enough and don't feel guilty anymore?' Being a twinkie, that's straight-up white guilt, which I see Graziella is also afflicted with. I have theories about inching closer to that threshold, knowing it can't be reached and that one shouldn't believe they've ever crossed it, but I think Graz was also talking about how, at the very least, one doesn't need to be intervening on other action/advocacy/anything theories and conversations and shutting them down just because they make you feel guilty.
  • I do plan to reply, I want to listen to the actual episode first so that I have the full context.
  • Still listening to the episode, but I feel you Joel on that social anxiety. I'm living pretty far west compared to a lot of my friends so there's this extra bit of effort I have to get past to do anything social with friends, to say nothing of dating. Talking through social media definitely helps cause it gives me time to think about what I'm saying whereas if I was on the phone I'd probably be a blabbering idiot
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