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The continuing education of Grazihuman: Yakuza Kiwami Edition



  • That is a top notch thumbnail.
  • It was a real Sophie-chan's Choice this time around ;_;

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  • My mistake if you guys have already done any of these, obviously I'm trying to seperate my playthrough from yours in my head.

    Substory #34 Man Scout
    - Showa Street East, bottom right corner of the map, right side of a taxi icon

    Substory #46 The Rented DVD
    - Theater Ave, Listen prompt from two men in front of a theater
    - Prompt doesn't intiate quest, just points you to where it starts

    Substory #48 Memories of the Bubble
    - Club Debolah, downstairs and into the club, on the edge of the dance floor
    - Shop at Don Quijote

    Substory #49 The Rumored Party
    - Stardust, across from Serena
    - Finishing what was started in Zero

    Substory #70 Forlorn
    - Read a magazine at M store
    - I never thought it would happen to me


    (Haruka required, takes AAs and a juice box)

    Substory #3 Bet on the Champ
    - Bantam, bar where you intially found Haruka

    Substory #50 Searching for the Present
    - Park next to Pocket Circuit
    - I think you don't need *that*, try going back to the park if you opt not to
    - The next step takes 10 minutes of real time, come back later

    Substory #78 Street Cleaning
    - Far NE corner of the map, alley south of taxi/north of save
    - Random so check periodically

    Substory #7 Man on a Ledge
    - North side of the map near the center, around the building under construction you just climbed in TCEG Episode 17


    (Chapter 13 exclusive)

    Substory #57 Behind The Assassin
    - Near your business in Zero

    Substory #80 Meal Ready to Eat
    - Buy the Beto Lunch Set and Beto Lunch Set (Pork) from Poppo, north of Serena

    Substory #6 The Fake ****** Truth
    - Red Light District, go straight all the way

    Substory #4 The Yakuzas Wife
    - Same as #6, #6 is also a pre-req
  • Noice. I've printed this list out, committed it to memory, burned it, and then ate the ashes, as you asked.
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