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The continuing education of Grazihuman: Yakuza Kiwami Edition


  • Pros: simple combat
    Cons: combat also tedious

    Pros: delicious food to eat
    Cons: no cooking

    Pros: karaoke
    Cons: no paper planes

    There's a lot to draw Graz in, but maybe not enough to snare her?
  • This is very good!
  • That sounds dirty
  • I can't recommend Grab Mastery enough. It's in the Soul tree, costs 3 EXP, and only takes 4 EXP to reach. It's great for random battles if you start in beast mode because you can just grab and swing immediately.
  • Nick, having recorded our second episode last night, I can now confirm you left one thing off your Pro/Con list:

    Con: Graz has -1000% patience for looking at skill trees.

    In our "GwtF" [tl note: Go with the Flow] ethos for the videos I was just like "click whatever you want" but maybe I'll push for at least a cursory scan, because I think we only even LOOKED at 2 out of the 4 trees.

    However she's in beast mode 98% of the time so I will pass along this good tip.

  • image

    Special finishing moves are called Kiwami and they're in the Soul tree.
  • I realized sometime after recording that we didn't have the red heat bars from the tutorial and that probably had something to do with why Graz couldn't actually do the finishers.

    From your highlight, I assume they're not unique to individual enemies and there's just one per style?
  • What happened to Zero?
  • Yep, style specific. It would be great if there were individual finishers like you were talking about.
  • Do you think bob utsunomiya is related to louisiana bob
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    I think most substories have a cut scene associated with them so you shouldn't need to talk to random NPCs. Also, I don't think any of them have timers to worry about.
  • There's an event that happens if you browse magazines at the M Store specifically.
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    Episode 3, if you plee:

  • \o/ wayne is always on deck with the art \o/
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