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Morning Brew #009: Downtown Nemuru Ultimate Anime Sleepytime Challenge: Summer 2017 Edition

She lives her life by one creed: on the battlefield, you never think about what’s next. Her code, her motto, her oath. Long is her struggle and, as the sun peeks over the horizon (well, +4 or so hours), battle-hardened and world-weary Graziella awakes from fitful slumber to find her struggle renewed. These seas are turbulent, just like those in the Battle of the Blackwater that cost our beloved Onion Knight two of his sons. But Ser Davos stood strong in the face of grief–and that weird explodey liquid they made a big deal out of but it wasn’t it just like Super Oil or something–and so shall SHE. Embroiled in the mists of torment, Graziella is confronted by dastardly foes on all sides. Isekai cafes, anthropomorphic gun girls, humanoid weapons managing their post-office wage slavedom while searching for the true meaning of THOSE WORDS, cat idols, DOG idols, giraffe boyfriends??? What will those animeka think of next?! As a wise Graziella once said: THAT’S SO MUCH STUFF ALREADY!


  • I thought Ser Davos only lost one son in that battle (on the TV). I could be wrong though.
  • I picked a random number knowing it was probably wrong :open_mouth:
  • That was indeed my submission. Though I liked a lot of the shorter ones this time from Nick and Tasty Sub.
  • I'm happy I fooled Graziella with one of my questions on my first outing
  • Starting out with a bang.

    But time will tell??
  • So last night I had a dream about an anime called Battlemech: Destroyer whose protagonist was named Irmire. When I woke up I googled it and found out that it doesnt exist and that somehow I had Morning Brewed myself.
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