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  • VAMP-I.R.S. is a strong name for a law firm specializing in tax loopholes.
  • Holy SHIT I'd forgotten that was actually in an official magazine. I figured I just found it on some website.
  • I appreciate the shoutout

    There would be more clips online but a few are a little too raw -- those'll be for patreon patrons
  • Castlevania has been a long project, and on 2007 Warren Ellis wrote a long blog post about the project. Here's the text, resurfaced now that it's relevant again.
    Note, that the goatfucking scene has been there for ten years, unchanged. Meanwhile a scene where Lisa Tepesh helping an villanger was nowhere to be seen in the finished product.
  • Yeah people talking about how it feels very Try Hard and Edgy made me wonder how much of that comes from warren ellis 10 years ago when that was more of a thing for him. His more current works still have that but its less "fucking fuck you, mate" (Trees Vol 1 is very good if youre intrested in a series of well written vignettes about a trans girl and queer culture in near future china, the dangers of fascist extremists groups, and weird The Thing-esq sci-fi).

    I also remember him having a sorta disenchanted attitude about it at the time but they offered him a lot of money so who knows.
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    Come for the Castlevania talk, stay for the Peppa Pig discourse.

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    How the fuck that sheep know who was on the phone before she spoke.

    Actually that joke is better than every moment in any Pixar movie "it's fun for adults as well as kids!" combined. I have a newfound respect for the peeg.
  • Uh, she heard her own mother say, "hello Mrs. Pig." She inferred that it would be that sow's piglet calling for her. Or maybe she recognized the younger pig's voice.
  • The mom sheep is the psychic I'm talking about.
  • I always get Grant Morrison and Warren Ellis confused too. Still not sure they're actually different people.

    I was thinking about getting Fortnite to play with a friend, but now I'm not so sure. The horde mode + tower defense gameplay and the art syle look good. The loot stuff and grind do not. I don't get much time for vidjagames. Wonder if playing through it at a slower pace will make it any better.
  • We put a couple hours into it every couple days and at this point I'd recommend against it. Even if you're really scrupulous with your resources and make sure you do your daily idle missions to send your guys out for more resources, you still spend way more time in every mission breaking cars to get more nuts and bolts than you do actually doing the tower defense--and even DOING the tower defense is poisoned by "well, do I *really* need to a spike trap here, because if I don't that's another 3 cars I need to break on the next mission."

    I mean it's good if you want something absolutely, completely brainless to play. Sometimes I do, but I don't know how often I come out of that experience feeling -great- about how I spent my time.

    Also it has Diablo loot. It's not the worst diablo loot on the planet, but that your inventory is broken down into not only like "Uncommon Spike Trap" and "Rare Spike Trap" but "Uncommon Spike Trap +12% reload time" and "Rare Spike Trap +10% damage" is just such painful gameplay bloat that's such a bald-faced, scummy excuse to allow for repeat loot drops because SURPRISE it's a gacha game and gacha is 100000% about extending their simple mechanics and upgrades to the 14th time dimension and beyond.

    Also it just feels really under baked. I hate the terms "early access" and "free to play" because they almost never connote something GOOD, but when you're playing this "early access" "free to play" game that you paid $40 for I think those terms really no longer apply. If your game costs money, it's out. Especially if you're a big-ass company that makes one of the most widely used game engines around selling a video game that goes for between $40 and $160(!?!?!?!?!?!?!?) dollars, like, the two people who put together Darkest Dungeon because using their terminology gives you an excuse to charge people for a beta?

    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ In closing, all corporations should be arrested and then drowned, IMHO but also arrest and drown me for being too depressed to fix the frustrating behavioral ruts in my psyche that makes me vulnerable to their bullshit. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  • Caller ID.
  • It's a rotary phone.
  • You think this is my first time to the pig phone dance.
  • Theory: The sheep bah's immediately upon picking up the phone so maybe the pig oink'd at the same time like a cultural greeting that also serves to identifies who is talking?
  • It only looks rotary; we never see a dial spun; those are probably just touch-tone buttons. I had a phone like that. Before you ask: the caller ID is probably on the back side where the camera can't see it. Now, why it only has six or seven visible buttons on this side, I don't know.
  • I think some of the blame for the really inconsistent tone can go on Adi Shankar. I've read that the was closer to Cowboy Beabop in the world of Vampire Hunter D before Adi Shankar got onboard. While it probably would not have been as good as either of those, some actual humor might have cut some of the grim darkness of it. Then again, the goat sex joke was in the original script so maybe we lucked out on potentially less jokes?
  • A humor show about monster actuaries might be cute! Sort of like Wolff & Byrd.

    Like, one episode they do health insurance for a vampire who keeps getting killed and collecting on the policy, then being resurrected by a cult. Is this just an insurance scam or does someone genuinely want him out if the picture?

    Another episode, Cthulhu wants life insurance. The cast goes insane trying to figure out how long he lives.
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