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Show #538: I Like It Because It's Going To Hurt Rohan

Wow! Time sure flies when it’s been over a month and a half and still no podcasts. But you know how we living in that Extremely Slow Anime Life. And boy do we got a pod for you! But if you wanna know our precious opinions on Yak Milk, Public Transportation, River City Ransom References, and that sweet, sweet Josuke’s Bizarre Adventure you gotta finish your Outlaw Star vegetables first–in so much as Outlaw Star can be considered nutritious, which it cannot. And I’m not even gonna bother apologizing for whatever robot shit happens with Joel’s audio IT’S BEEN NEARLY 12 YEARS YOU KNOW WHERE WE AT.


(^ that one’s free)


  • The ~2 hours of avoiding socializing I carved out to edit this is up, but lemme know if the audio's REALLY weird. I heard a lot of artifacts in the first 90 seconds or so playing it through VLC, but in quick time player and chrome it sounded fine so I'm just gonna assume VLC is being a dick.

    Also haha it was almost two months this time wtf :|
  • hey hey outlaw star was not actually that bad in retrospect
  • edited July 2017
    Are you sure? I mean Hot Ice Hilda is only in the first couple episodes.
  • I don't remember if I said this in the actual pod but Outlaw Star is old enough that it has a hotsprings episode that I remember as relatively pure by today's anime standards.
  • If nothing else all the girls in it are of legal age *and* actually look it
  • Except for the exploitation of the Saurians.
  • Yay! New Fast Karate!

    I dunno why but after all the crazy stuff in JoJo's, aliens were too much for me. I was like "Nuh-uh. Too far, Araki. Let's get back to basics like orangutan freighter."
  • But, it might not be an alien and might just be a crazy stand user.
  • I'm gonna say he isn't an alien. He just looks weird and as stated we already had a goomba man in this show.
  • People weren't selling Outlaw Star as being "just like Cowboy Bebop", they were accusing it of being a CB ripoff.

    This was back in the 1990s when telling everyone how "ZOMG (x) is a ripoff of (y)" was a big deal on the Internet.
  • I like both Outlaw Star and Cowboy Bebop. Never thought about comparing them, I did see them as a kid in the 90s though. Also the ship with arms is way more bad ass than Spikes bullshit ship.
  • If there is one thing OLS has done, it is instill a fear of exorbitant parking fees.
  • Tbh People Getting Completely Fucked Up By Bears could of been the name of this whole podcast enterprise instead of Fast Karate.
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