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Your Friends From The Internet 011: #TheAnimeOvertonWindow

<24 hour turn-around!

This Week’s Major Skews:
Induction Burner Entraptment
2D Waifus: An Analysis of Hidden Costs
The story about a little village that shoved donkey turds into a certain someone’s ears that JUST MIGHT surprise you
Baby Nicky vs Schierke: Who Did It Best?


  • I too am definitely a mutterer, and I think it's -- honestly -- the influence of movies on my mind as a youth. A thought isn't really concreted until it's spoken aloud, though mostly it's just the confirmation at the end. So I think: "I should really do this thing," and then the audience hears me whisper: "Yeah."

    I believe I look like a fucking psycho
  • Listening the Berserk part, I first though that young girl character having crush on older man doesn't seem that weird, as long as it doesn't go in wrong bad direction. And then I got a flashback to past when I watched Card Captor Sakura and finding it odd how there was a focus on Sakura's classmate having a crush on their teacher. So I guess I've also been corrupted by anime.
  • Not to mention Sakura's mom(16) fell in love with Sakura's dad(26) and had her first child at 17. Also the dad was her high School teacher.
  • I love this gacha journalism.
  • edited July 2017
    What's funny is when I'm in the shower, and my wife busts in and says "STOP TALKING TO YOURSELF", and I didn't even know that I was saying anything out loud...
  • Bagel Bites are perfect for people who do not care absolutely one tiny bit about food other than that it enter their mouth within 120 seconds of them deciding that they're hungry.
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