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  • Thank you as always, Nick.
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    A Way Out looks fucking rad.
  • I didn't feel much for A Way Out so that EA show was a pretty barren low point for me, even moreso than a usual EA conference. Like, maybe one of the most boring in the handful of years I've been watching E3 conferences.

  • 30 minutes away
  • I don't know that I've ever said this in my life but I think Microsoft had a pretty great E3 show. I mean, I'm not buying an Xbox and Xbox One X is ridiculously dumb name, but it gave me a nearly uninterrupted stream of game footage & trailers that were allowed to speak for themselves and lots of them looked really good. So yeah, I dug it.
  • All of the games I was interested in are coming out on other things luckily, but man the new DBZ fighter by Arc looks dope. Give me dat Goku.

  • Anime is real.

  • Bethesda starting soon.
  • Got VR and Elder Scrolls Online out of the way first, now show me the real games.
  • I am pretty ridiculously excited for DH2 Mark of the Outsider DLC (especially for playable Billie Lurk) and Wolfenstein: The New Colossus. Probably a couple All-E3 high points for me.
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    I implore you.
    I beg you.
    Watch this.
    I don't even know what to say.
    Just please.
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    Just beautiful. Easily the best press thing.

  • To say anything is to ruin it. It is transcendent.
  • Honestly the only thing I've sort of been into so far is that Dragonball game. The thing I've been wanting to play for a long, long, time.
  • That was amazing!
  • Yeah watched EA and Microsoft and pretty sure nothing matters to me at this point. Also Devolver Digital might be the greatest developers of all time. Always down for stupid Dave Lang burns
  • Apparently our company is doing the transmuxing and publishing for the Ubisoft show. So hopefully it doesn't explode...

  • The shit show that is Ubisoft is coming up.
  • I can't wait for Mario X Rabbids: The never-ending nightmare.
  • What If Mario Ate A Mushroom
  • Ubisoft suddenly remembered they're Ubisoft

  • sony starting top of the hour if they're on time
  • Monster Hunter game gave me some feelings of hype. And then I saw Rathalos in the trailer and became preemptively angry.
  • I might try a console first Monster Hunter, but besides that and a remaster of Shadow of the Colossus there was nothing else that caught my eye. Sure wish MVC didn't look like poop.
  • Yeah, Shadow of the Colossus: Even Prettier Edition and the new Uncharted but with female leads were the only things that caught my eye. I appreciate how they just did a rapid fire stream of games, but they mostly left me cold.
  • New Colossus looks neat but I dunno if I'll replay it since I already have the "HD" version I never replayed. Also I would only rebuy that game with new graphics for like $20 and I'm going to assume it's $30-$40. The uncharted game they'd shown some stuff about before or at least announced it so I was already decently interested in it. Seemed like they just re-showed a lot of stuff that they had previously. Haven't watched the actual show yet but I was watching live updates about the show.

  • Ninteno Direct Spotlight is live now.
  • That Mario trailer was pretty choice.
  • MONNAHUNNA! Having played since the first game, I'm really happy to see them trying to go back to old concepts of being more focused on the hunting part, and the even more tool centric kit.

    Those flares are apparently an actual mechanic, working like bells in Bloodborne and turning single player missions into drop-in multiplayer ones.
  • But monhun online service has always been spotty. More importantly. Will they ever update the old monsters? They keep giving us new kits, but old monsters aren't set to accommodate.
  • Yeah that was a big problem in Gen, our capabilities grew exponentially but the monsters remained the same.

    The raths and diablos saw heavy revamp in 3 but no other returning monsters from before 3rd gen ever got the same treatment, -prey/dromes didn't even get new models or textures they just brought them whole cloth from the PS2.

    EU community manager had additions/clarifications.
    The town and hunt maps are separate instances but the maps are no longer divided by zones.
    Hunter Arts and Styles aren't returning.
    All weapon classes returning.
    Health Stamina and Sharpness still working as usual.
    No underwater combat
  • Lots of great news, with one slightly disappointing news. That last one is always good to hear.
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    The cooking jingles and palicoes are still around.
    Making premade groups when in town still a thing, it's not being replaced by the flare SOS.
    Visible damage numbers are an option for those who want to find out the maths, health bars on enemies aren't happening.

    Looks like that's all they can share right now. The overall flow of hunt, gather, craft is unchanged but they aren't getting into details on craft/progression changes.
  • We finally have another trailer for Vanillaware's new game. No gameplay or food eating sadly.

  • No Food No Sale.
  • My hope is that you eat food to upgrade the mecha.
  • My hope is that they'll do something else besides making me replay the same thing over and over. That's what stopped me from finishing Dragon's Crown or Odin's Sphere.
  • Finally back to 2D DBZ fighting goodness.
    Used to love the first 3 Budokai games until everything went 3D flying simulator all of the sudden.
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