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We Just Want you to get Better; its why no one ever leaves (Film)

A Cure For Wellness.
Local college campus group runs 'just out of theatres' movies. Its how I saw Don't Breath, and other films I was curious but not pay for a ticket or remember when its out on DVD or stream it for individual cost curious.

Today I rewatched Lego Batman and first watched

A Cure for Wellness

And this flick does and admits itself up front. And you can see how it works. Always teasing you with puzzles when the flat and easy answer IS the real one. but its so damn hard. Isn't it better or can't you cheat or work a better angle. Can't you game this? Doesn't your work or character entitle you to not suffer?

A lot of confused editting and playing with what is real and fake goes on. To me I felt that it swerved to the less satisfying answer but the ending felt right. And it is a film made of images, marketing, and can benefit from a breakdown and rewatch with nice olden times and confused culture imagery. Taking advantage of how out of control "masters of the universe" end up and what it drives them to.

Overall a film with little new or fresh imagery but uses it well and executes it very well and sleek.

Man the dinner scenes.
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