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Persona 5



  • I mean Ryuji sucks and everything. Someone I have not seen nearly shit on enough is the dude who runs the Phantom website. I know it plays into his Social Link story, but still. He goes from being a victim of Kamoshida, into being a pretty huge tool and sociopath about it. I haven't reached the end of his social link story (because that would requite spending time on him), but I doubt he will have a cathartic ending where he isn't a total douche regardless.
  • That's totally true, I don't think I've bitched about him here at all. I actually blame him for stuff that happens in the plot.
  • Poor Mishima. Treated as a punching bag in universe and unjustly hated by everyone out of universe.
  • Yeah, I just got to the part in the social link where he goes from being happy fan guy to awful person.
  • Ryuji has a backbone and will fight even against anything he thinks is wrong. Mishima was spineless after years of bullying. He started down a dark road and was in need of salvation. Ryuji just stayed Ryuji for the most (and worst parts). Mishima did turn into a creep, but he felt more pitiable than Ryuji.
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