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Persona 5



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    Yeah, the wifi stuff is a nice aesthetic touch but I've never seen the point of it, outside of maybe you're the one person who doesn't know how crucial the beef bowl is in P4. There's nothing on that level in P5, and otherwise it's like "hung out with Ryuji" which is pretty much completely arbitrary. It was fun to look at in P4G but I never got how it could be useful to anyone.

    I posted on twitter that when we were playing, there only seemed to ever be one person as far along in the game as us. Every day there was one option at 100% (and their level was always like 20+ higher than ours). I'm gonna wonder who that person was till the end of my days.

    Also, because spoilers are a plug-in it's inconsistent with everything else. So it's [ spoiler ] instead of <spoiler>

    EDIT: also I don't know why the bracketed off "code" option works on the latter one but not the former.
  • I check it out first thing every day. Reminds you what's available to do and who's around to hang out with.
  • I use map to see who is available for hanging out. It's so convenient to be able to just get a glance for who is ready to level up and who just wants to waste my time.

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    Yeah, I just did the map for the same reason. It makes a lot of sense in Golden tho.
  • Spoiler:
    Who decided on what deserved an animated scene? Literally they animated them hanging out on a street and getting rained on for fireworks, then they did it where they were running down a pyramid and the last one I saw was the beach one which is whatever of course. Also the 3D cat car against the anime makes the 3D look like PSone shit...blech.

    Also does the texting get any better? Since I immediately finish a dungeon in 2-3 days after it becomes available all the text is always "oh no did we really change his heart?", "I don't know we will just have to wait until this specific date!"

    Also the dialogue choices this game seem much more inconsequential than normal either choosing to repeat whatever someone just said with a question mark or asserting that something will be something else, or just saying you are not sure. I don't know if it was different in the previous games, but it seems to super stick out in this one
  • The dialogue choices in this one are my favorite yet. They've struck a good tone.
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    Yeah pretty much everything has an option along the lines of what I'm thinking. Even if they just lead to the same stuff.
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    There are some good dialogue choices and some that make me ask the important questions of "do I go for friendship points, or silliest joke". But I've also noticed that there seems to be lots of situations where the game just wants the main character to say something so it gives few variations of same thing and reaction you get is so vague that it could go with any choice.

    I'm sure 3 and 4 has same issue at times, but I just seem to notice it here more.

    It's always interesting to see what is the first social link to reach max. Rarely it's a one that I'd expect to reach that status. This time it was the politician.
  • My first max social link was Ryuji. Everything I said to that guy made him spew out 3 happy notes.
  • Stop making your friends vomit happy notes. Send him to the doctor. No, not THAT doctor.
  • That Doctor tho
  • My first max was Kawakami, at first cause everyone raved about how important the benefits were, but also because I really loved the link with her a whole lot.
  • You can now get regular clothes as free DLC.!/en-us/games/addons/persona-5-regular-clothes-school-uniforms-set/cid=UP2611-CUSA05877_00-ADDCONTENT000029

    Why this isn't in the game without downloading the pack (since judging form the download, it's just an unlock key and already in the game) I don't know. They put out P4 and P3 DLC too if you want to play $7 for the same outfits for everyone and have their respective battle theme.
  • So I accidentally
    told the fortune teller I wanted to be with her
    I hadn't saved in like 3 hours so going back to my last save wasn't worth it
    then I got to that point with the punk rock doctor and it told me I was in a relationship, but I told her I wanted to be with her, have I totally fucked my relationships in the game ala Witcher 3 or does it just overwrite the previous relationship I was in?
  • Boned. You miss out on a NG+ social link item and dumped by both. I definately burned myself a few times forgetting there's no autosaves.
  • Why this isn't in the game without downloading the pack (since judging form the download, it's just an unlock key and already in the game) I don't know. They put out P4 and P3 DLC too if you want to play $7 for the same outfits for everyone and have their respective battle theme.

    Googling it, seems like they're on a pretty consistent release of free DLC stuff every 1-2 weeks for the next couple months. So it's already on the disc, but it's on there as part of a "please don't sell back this game" initiative.

  • If it's raining, go to the diner. Almost nothing else you could be doing would be more worth your time. You will get 3 knowledge and your choice of 1 guts or 1 kindness. No other option in the game offers you four stat increases.
  • Completing that burger challenge treats you really right though.
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    I really like 5's aesthetic of literally removing the mask hiding your true self. The process is also similar to Persona 4's approach of "obtaining the facade to face life's hardships", but it's different in one key aspect. The characters in both games are psychologically, and also often physically, backed into a corner, but whereas 4 would have you succumb to societal pressures before eventually accepting your ego, 5 is about being mad as hell and not taking it anymore.
  • Another tip: Go to the ginza line gate and buy melon pan when it's available. It's basically a Balm of Life and way cheaper than the version the doctor offers, the only issue is that it's limited.
  • So I have upgraded the doctor enough so I can get the SP regain. Which is what I always do in these games to be the main healer.
  • 4 Invigorate 3 accessories are the only accessories you'll ever need.

  • This is a thing, and I don't want it to stop being a thing.
  • Did you even read the thread?
  • So why does Ryuji go out of his way to be an asshole to Morgana? He doesn't really do that with anyone else and yet he constantly is shitty on Mona for no reason.

    Also, these story events are just super forgettable. I have finished 3 and was pretty bummed with the conclusion, I mean setting up some of them around the mementos is probably what makes then predictable 3-4 levels in advance of finishing them, but still. The Doctors have been my favorite and it wasn't even that good. Also knowing that I screwed up by confessing to the fortune teller on accident some what burst that bubble.
  • Yeah, the subplot of Ryuji being an asshole to Morgana was maybe the most frustrated I've gotten with this game's story??

    Also like I was kinda proud of myself for noticing
    the pancake clue early on in the game, but everyone in the cast talking about how obvious that minuscule slip up was like 7 months later is kinda ruining it for me. I guess I'm also just a little bummed out about Akechi in general? Not trying to be reductive, but he struck me as Adachi 2.0 from his introduction, so to have him actually just turn out to be that (in what I've seen so far) has been slightly disappointing.
  • Rage for everyone + Reflect psychical is really shitty combination.
  • So I have yet to start Persona 5 (still taking my time with Zelda), but there's been a couple people on Twitter and some Discord channels that have been blowing up the localization. There's even a site dedicated to it:

    Is it really that bad of a localization? I've seen screenshot here and there, but I've never been sure if it's a systemic problem or people just cherry picking from it.
  • There are mistakes, and the translation could be better sure, but people's reactions in some cases almost seem like the whole game is some incomprehensible garbage, which isn't the case.

    It's kinda same as their streaming/video restrictions to me. I'm little bit disappointed, but it's not enough to make me not throw my money at them.

    Of course, it's easy for me to talk, as I've mentioned before, I don't even notice most of the grammatical errors and odd phrasings.
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    The game feels very much like a more rushed translation. Things make sense and it is perfectly fine, but it doesn't flow well. It's like it was translated, but not adapted. Maybe also because the game is SO ANIME that I just used to more literal translations like this from anime.
  • I'll echo the sentiment, I definitely noticed a sentence or two scattered throughout where I was like oof, maybe there should have been another pass through proofreading & editing or something, but also it's not the mess that people are making it out to be. It's a flawed but serviceable job that mostly feels off because it's a loved, high-profile game that people feel deserved better.
  • First 10 hours: Hey Ryuji seems cool
    All other hours: I wish Ryuji would fucken die
  • The translation feels like, honestly late ps2 era translation. Its not terrible but definitely feels behind the curve
  • I guess between Ryuji and Yosuke they really had to make some of the shittiest "close" friends they could. Also the translations are whatever, they aren't bad enough to impact my opinion of the game. You can't do can't translate most of those characters into being interesting.
  • 136 hours later I'm finished. Enjoyed the ride, loved the game and feel sadness for the four confidants that I didn't max.
  • I guess we should be thankful we didn't get another Junpei.
  • Was junpei bad? It has been so long all I can remember is his buzzcut.
  • I mean he was no Yosuke that's for sure.
  • Yosuke was like that dude who wants to hang out and he's not shitty enough to get rid of him but you didn't really want to hang out with him.
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    Yosuke was pretty cool guy who was just lame enough that he had to pay people to be his friend. Poor Yosuke, someone give him a break.

  • I feel like Junpei was about the same level of asshole idiot friend as Ryuji.
  • That's actually about what I thought, regarding the subject of localization. I've noticed a similar thing happen with the Ace Attorney games. Everyone will post photos of typos and say the game has a terrible localization, but I rarely ever notice them when I actually play them. I keep thinking back to a Legends of Localization where someone asked Clyde Medlin why do some games have typos, and the answer was just sometimes they miss stuff
  • I mean outside of the localization we all know the real problem of Persona 5. The fact that you are being interviewed by Sae in the future and are building your bond throughout your interview, yet the levels are being applied to persona that you are building in the past.
  • I can't fuck with the idea that Persona 5's translation mistakes are barely noticable. A handful of screenshots and quotes of the same egregious errors doesn't mean there aren't a numerous amount of low level ones too.
  • Friendship is actually time magic.

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    Spoiler: 4th palace pyramid
  • I picked P5 back up today, finishing the Kamoshida infiltration mission. An Archangel just got a critical hit on Ann, and her Dizzy status pose suuuuuure is her laying face down on the ground with her latex-clad butt stuck in the air.
  • Yep, it doesn't really get much better either. The game really loves to sexualize Ann. I still can't believe they thought they needed a scene where Ruji tries to look up her skirt while she is laying down. : /
  • I do believe Yusuke has the same post when he's knocked down too (so that makes it equal???) Those *few animated scenes squeeze as fan service as they can. I'm not sure what they were going for besides trying to hit those anime tropes.

    I think those tropes were the game's low points. I liked that they're a bunch of outcast on a mission rather than school chums who happen to be dealing with trouble. The code names and mission based goals gave enough group cohesion and school was just a cover we had to do well in to keep cover. So, everytime they tried for the anime friendship/fan service stuff it felt outta place. In P4 when Yosuke tries to perv on the girls it felt in keeping with the world; not so in P5.

    Not to mention outside of the animated scenes it didn't seem like Ryuji was physically into Ann and was always talking about other girls. He also introduced her backstory lamented her history of being seen as a prize for guys because of her appearance.
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