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Spring 2017 Anime "The Horn of Helm Hammerhand will sound in the deep, one last time!"

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Preceding: Winter 2017 Anime "Long may you defend Edoras if the battle goes ill."


I'm glad that this isn't going to strictly be a tournament. It's an actual sports festival.

It might not be too late for Attack on Titan, but boy, it has been awhile.

Re:Creators was written by the Black Lagoon mangaka and it's being scored by Hiroyuki Sawano. Regardless of it's good or not, I have hopes that it will be extremely watchable either way.

Luckily, there's still plenty of new INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY this season, like these:

Did you like Gundam Build Fighters? Then BOY do I have an anime for YOU.

This show is about something, I think. It clearly has a ton of plot.

PVs from other notable series
*The Eccentric Family 2 subbed Trailer
*GRANBLUE FANTASY The Animation subbed Trailer
*Atom The Beginning (Astroboy prequel) Teaser
*If you close your eyes, you can pretend that's Old Snake in Alice to Zouroku. (subbed)
*My first love is a monk?!
*The moon is pretty, and so is Tsuki ga Kirei.
*Sakurada Reset sounds like it could be neat. Can't tell either way with this trailer though.
*You can't fool me again, author of Oreimo! (subbed)
*Anime is trying to turn us into furries.
*The first half of this Shingeki no Bahamut trailer has an entirely different tone from the second.
*Sanzigen continues to do good stuff with CG. I think...
*Holy fuck, so does Toei.
*Meanwhile, in Berserk...


  • Provisional comment.

    (thanks as always, Nick)
  • Gone be gud
  • huh I thought Eccentric Family was a good one off series. Guess there is going to be a sequel. Guess I can hang out with the emo frog bro some more.
  • Apparently Production IG's doing an Astro Boy prequel. That's pretty much the only new thing that's caught my eye.
  • More academia, more yowapeda, astro boy prequel, and the salesman show looks interesting.
  • Besides some of the sequels and Atom, I am hoping Re:Creators is either entertainingly bad or entertainingly good. It's written by the creator of Black Lagoon and it's the Fate/Zero and Aldnoah director. The idea of summoning fake anime characters instead of historical figure/stands sounds bad though.
  • With the releases so far, besides continuing AoT and MHA, Alice & Zoroku is the only show I'm considering, and only for the old guy and his relationship with the girl, the experimental superpower girl half of the plot can shove off for all I care.

    Laughing Salesman just felt like a toothless, low-impact Twilight Zone style show that completely failed to make the old style art charming at all IMO, and Frame Arms Girl is just an incredibly blunt toy commercial mixed with creepy fanservice. The couple of shorts so far have just been a janky cliche Chinese co-pro and a creepy slideshow style one that I maybe have a slight twinge in if only cause it might be worth 4 min of my time a week.
  • Okay, real thread is up. It'll be a lot earlier next time and I already have an idea about what I'm gonna do.
  • So as far as completely new shows, I am just watching ATOM and Re:Creators.

    Re:Creators I'm still a little iffy on since it is trying to be an action show and the director isn't good at doing action.

    ATOM seems cute enough so far though I like Tezuka stuff. It also has a neat OP.

    Everything else i'm watching is just sequels. Attack on Titan 2, My Hero Academia 2, Eccentric Family 2, and Bahamut 2.
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