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Revengecast S03E08 - Secrecy

Iiiiiiit’s Revengecast, the only show people on the internet are calling Very Interesting Coz It’sLit (…aka, V.I.C.I.!)

Why, you ask? Well I don’t know, because maybe like WHAT OTHER PODCAST on the internet is currently hitting you with this hard humor about how rich people have sex on top of Ronald Regan’s dead body?? Not 99% Invisible, that’s for damn sure!

HOLY CRAP, THERE’S SO MUCH HEAT IN THIS EPISODE THE HAMPTONS ARE PRACTICALLY ON FIRE. Which makes sense, because it takes place in the middle of the summer! But we’re also talking in the allegorical sense, like how Danny’s little Danny (or: Lil’ Danno) is going buck wild over renewed opportunity to have much sex with a poor woman whose life (and spine) he recently ruined. Topically, Victoria is also heating up, and I don’t mean menopause! I mean the heat where she’s like “My master plan absolutely requires this poor girl from the wrong side of the tracks fucks my dumb son.” Wow Vickers, growing up as a robot in an upper-middle class inventor’s closet didn’t do you no ethical favors, huh?? Also it’s gross to have a wedding shower where people come out and thank a rich guy for breaking their ankles during sports, there I said it!

But look, whatever might happen in this episode (and a great deal of it centers around 3×3 tiled mock-ups of internet shopping that’d be more at home on a late-90s Saturday afternoon Sci-Fi Original Pictures movie), nothing is more important than the climax we basically started Revengecast for, and I could tell you about it, but you know what they say, a picture is worth like a whole shitload of words. So let’s post said picture and I’ll leave this summary at that:




WAIT NO I WON’T. Because, finally, we have the ever-present (albeit fairly lukewarm) metaphysical heat of Margaux “The Margaux” LeMargaux popping the collar of her Investigative Trenchcoat and delving into the bowels of things thing that is apparently a case and/or scandal to meet in secret(cy???) with the only person who’s got a pair of she-wolf balls big enough to blow this whole town wide open!!

(also I know Zoolandia isn’t by Pixar now but it’s kinda six of one for me so stay outta my mentions about it; honestly I’m more embarrassed I got the 48 Rules of Power wrong)


Topics for Consideration:

Disgusting Christmas Bread
Anxious Shower Groans
Eat The Jellybeans, Danny


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    Rohan showing up to the wedding all like

  • So this was my first episode of Revengecast, and I think I need to go listen to episode 1 cause this show sounds super bonkers
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    You really jumped into the deep end! Go back and learn the story of MethusaPup.

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