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Show #536: The Kintama Express

In this episode, Josuke's Bizarre Adventure forces us to consider our ethics (JUST ROB THE BANK OKUYASU), question the depths of our humanity (MAKE IT HAPPEN KOCHER), broaden our compassion (SHIGECHIIIUUIIIUUIIIUIIII ;_:), and examine our ability to take repeated&alternating damaging/healing punches to (and/or explode) our balls


  • Now that I know how it all goes down it's really fun hearing you guys predict possible plot points for JoJo's. Looking forward to hearing your takes as things heat up for the junior detective squad.
  • I wish I could listen to this but there are so many other podcasts right now that I just can't. I still have three Greatest Movie Ever in the tank. I'm trying to finish Revengecast but I keep pausing to rant at you guys for twenty minutes.
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