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I don't remember if we had a general thread for this, I don't usually post on the forum for guest podcast threads, but who knows!! Web 3.4 is so fractured I can't assume people follow me on twitter, or go to the website first, or subscribe to the RSS feed, or anything else. So if you're one of those people that bypass the website, hate social media, and listen to podcasts without subscribing to them, BOY DO I HAVE THE THREAD FOR YOU!

Recently, me and Graz were on the ANNCast, where my PERFECT PREDICTIONS ABOUT RESIDENT EVIL 7 TURNED OUT TO BE 100% ON THE MONEY.

MORE Recently, me and Joel were on AniGamers, which you might know as (formerly) Crunchyroll's Evan Minto's podcast. He's still Evan Minto, and he's still got a podcast, he's just not associated with Crunchyroll. My estimation of WHY that is the case is because silicon valley is an ultimate expression of soul sucking greed and Corporate Friendship Branding is a bullshit smokescreen meant to hide the fact that outsourcing will always win when short-term stock projections are on the line. ANYWAY, it was nice to geek out about SoreMachi with some reciprocity!


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    These were both fun to listen to. Despite what Nick said earlier, I didn't notice any sounds of Graz cooking during the AniGamers episode.
  • Nick has honed his senses through a decade of Graz in-jokes.
  • The comments about how anime in the 90s was about cities that exploded and anime now is people go to high school and there's magic, maybe, is one I'll hold onto for a while
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