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Your Friends From The Internet 009: #ExceptLightning?

This Week’s Major Skews:
Put More Pasta In Ya Books, BITCH.
If Your Socks Aren’t Lickin’ The Beans
With Major Life Changes, It’s Always Itsudatte MAI PEISU.


  • Today I learned that Hawkeye's dog is named *Black* Hayate, and not just Hayate.
  • Maybe Dave just didn't know them boys were born to make history.
  • Tiny donuts are literal trash. Dave you have terrible taste. That is all.
  • So what's your opinions on The Woman Called Fujiko Mine?
  • Ain't seen but one episode. It's an oversight I keep meaning to fix.

    Ex, you BEST be talkin about:

    which ARE literal trash

    And not


    Which have been heralded in some corners as "The God Donut."
  • My favorite donut is the jelly donut. That's because I discovered powdered jelly donuts late in life, having been so shackled to the menace of Dunkin Donuts as a wee New Englander. At the grocery store a half mile down the street from my parents house, the bakery inside also does RASPBERRY jelly, which is also... not nearly as exotic as I think.

    Still good, though, and big enough to be practically a meal
  • Clearly you guys have never experienced donuts from a dedicated donut shop. Prepacked and grocery story donuts are trash tier.
  • True. But I also agree with Graziella -- there's a little produce market a few towns over where we'd get pumpkins (when the family was young and interested in things like holidays) and they would bake those fresh donuts that would come with a little napkin that just got drenched by grease. Went great with apple cider!
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    There was a great recent episode of DBZ where the gods decided to play baseball against each other, and Yamcha was useful for once. "It's the one thing he's good at," as Bulma said. I've never felt for happy for a fictional character. I'm so over Pollyanna.
  • I think what we suffer from here is a definition in terms.

    Of course I am the sort of man who's enjoyed a Artisanal Red Velvet, Strawberry Lavender, or Tres Leches delicacy in my time. What slim curve of my stately bearing informs you that I am not?

    But that's a Special Occassion donut. A Not Every Day donut. A I Can Enjoy Maybe Like ONE Maple Syrup Glazed Bacon and Pecan Custard-Filled Beast A YEAR Before I Feel Like I'm Getting The Sugar Shakes donut.

    So is that a "favorite" donut, or is, as I submit, a favorite donut is a stalwart and ever-ready friend, the kind that's with you 365, 24/7, to be eaten day or night, and 10 at a time with your morning coffee until you finish the two or three bags you brought in like two or three DAYS and recognize, with heavy heart, that your next trip to Philly is long months away.

    That, in my estimation, is what you would call a "favorite" donut.

    PS: even though I'm happy he got to be happy for once, fuck Yamcha. :hushed:
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    It was fun to hear Graz get fangirl-ish about Yuri on Ice.

    It warmed my heart to hear the Dave still has his Steel Battalion controller. That game and it's online sequel consumed large portions of my life for a few years. I've still got two controllers in the garage.
  • Thank you for answering my questions :)

    I like your idea of "Bloodborne -> Demon's Souls -> Dark Souls 2". Because it sounds like BB's system is Demon's Souls remade with the gameplay lessons learned in DS1 and DS2, and so the two are more developmentally linked than BB and DS2 are.
  • What was the basic broccoli recipe you mentioned on the podcast? I've only really ever had it steamed but grilled broccoli sounds interesting
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