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Winter 2017 Anime "Long may you defend Edoras if the battle goes ill."



  • In addition to what Nick listed, I still enjoy Iron Blooded Gundams. Though it also goes in the category of "not first season".
  • Yowapeda is maximum sports animoo tho.
  • image

    This is my current watchlist, nothing on there I dislike, most of it is at least fairly enjoyable. The last few episodes of All Out have been really great IMO, Scum's Wish & Rakugos are fantastic, and several comedies I'm enjoying which is nice.
  • exagenous said:

    Yowapeda is maximum sports animoo tho.

    From everything I've heard about it seems like an entire season is basically one race or less.
    Overdrive was the same and ended really anticlimactic, that's why I've stayed away.
  • The first season is setting up the Inter high race. The entire second season is the inter high race. So yes one season is a single race. But it is worth it.
  • Yamishibai returns to form this season. Eat it, season 3.

    Dragon Maid and Monster Interview are both teetering on the right side of the line between charming and creepy for now.

    Nyanko Days fails to even utilize the 3 minute time to do anything. It's bad on every front.

    Kemono Friends is a fantastic show for people that like the taste of cigarette ash.

    Konosuba continues to be a great world filled with terrible people.
  • Some dance Sakuga.

  • As this season ends, Rakugo was probably the best show of the season for me? I like ACCA, but it's a very chill pastry politics show.
  • It still remains a really weak season for me but the next season is looking really promising and is starting very soon...wink,wink Nick.
  • Ya'll think I forget.


    I literally looked to check if the chart was up this morning.
  • Nick never forgets but sometimes he's a bit busy.
  • Nick is riding the cyberwave of new anime as we speak.
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