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Winter 2017 Anime "Long may you defend Edoras if the battle goes ill."

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Preceding: Fall 2016 Anime "Open war is upon you, whether you would risk it or not."
Succeeding: Spring 2017 Anime "The Horn of Helm Hammerhand will sound in the deep, one last time!"


It's not going to have the same budget as the OVAs but we're getting a Little Witch Academia TV series.

ACCA 13 Ku Kansatsuka has jazz and style. Maybe it will be good, too.

And we can't forget these gems!

In a weird way I'm actually kinda looking forward to Fuuka? Everything @Dave has said about it sounds absolutely insane.

What the fuck is even going on in this trailer? I have so many questions...

It's this season's girls flying with rifles but it has a really strange twist???? A salaryman is trapped in the body of a blond-haired blue-eyed girl???? And she's not part of the German army, but the Japanese Imperial army????

There are two types of people: those who like to strip and those who like to be stripped. This is being made by Gonzo.

PVs from other notable series
*Blue Exorcist -Kyoto Saga- Trailer
*Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu S2 CM
*Kono Subarashii Sekai Ni Shukufuku Wo! Season 2" PV
*Monster girls are very *in* right now, you know?
*Cycling with boys is back! (although I kinda only care about Haikyuu now)
*Or if suits you better, cycling with girls?
*Let's Go Eat Some Italian Food!
*What's most striking about this trailer for Hand Shakers is that they seemed to have made an anime with absolutely no identity at all.
*It continues to be baffling to me that the predatory Super Lovers got a sequel.


  • This is going to be a particularly rough season for the Downtown Nemuru Ultimate Anime Sleepytime Challenge, isn't it.
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    I'm looking forward to Ai Mai Mi 3, Rakugo 2, and ACCA. I also would want to check out LWA TV and Scum's Wish, but those will be stuck in Netflix and Amazon Prime hell respectively.

    I'm hoping Ai Mai Mi can live up to quality content like this.
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    I will inevitably watch all the premieres in the hopes of finding some unexpected gems, but yeah, it's looking pretty sparse. I've got up to 5 possible Fall continuations, and Rakugo (plus the aforementioned doomed LWA and Scum's Wish) but I'm not super hopeful for this Winter.
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    Yeah with two of the coolest things being cut it's pretty sparse if you aren't watching any of the sequels.

  • Wow really weak season, thankfully All out is continuing so I have something to watch at least.
  • New season of Ai Mai Mi is sadly animated, but luckily it is still Ai Mai Mi.
  • Just finished watching all the trailers. Not really anything that pops out at me. The old time flying gun girl looks interesting. Although pumpkin scissors sort of ruined that time period theme for me. What happened to the gold old classics of just finger blasting robots to get them to turn on (for the record I think Chobits is pretty terrible).
  • Haha what? Did I completely block that part of chobits out of my mind?
  • That's more or less the only part of Chobits I remember.
  • It's the first ep. It's real gross.
  • Gonzo made a new show about stripping people's clothes off to save them from evil. It's bad like all Gonzo shows.
  • Isn't that just Kill la Kill?
  • It's bad like all Gonzo shows.

    Hey now, Gankutusou and Last Exile were good.

  • Were they? were they really?
  • Gankutsou is the best thing they ever made, nothing else compared.
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    Yeah Gankutsou is a pretty damn good time also. Kaleido Star, Welcome to the N.H.K. and Basilisk I will put my vote in for.

    Gonzo was a big part of my life in a very impressionable time of my anime discovery years.
  • I think it's a poor adaption of NHK, but I digress.

    This show is bad, but the first minute is worth it for this.



  • Everything is fire.

  • Man these first shows are some hot garbage this season. WHERE MY YOWAPEDA AT?
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    The first two (!) episodes of Fuuka premiered today, but it turns out they're both two (?) minutes long.
  • Don't take but two SECONDS to get hit by a bus.
  • Thoughts on the stuff I've watched so far, all bad...

    Akiba's Trip: Lame, eye-rolly, cringey humor for the most part. I might have chuckled a couple times and the action scenes were passable at times, but for the most part it was a groaner. Definitely a skeevy feel throughout, but nothing that really offended me cause it mostly just felt ridiculous & stupid, and not in a fun way.

    Masamune-kun's Revenge: One of the most bitter, petty, and mean-spirited shows I've seen in a while. Almost all the characters are awful people and the show clearly hates most of its characters as much as they hate the people around them. The whole show seems focused on "look how horrible this girl is to everyone around her, don't you wanna see her get hers?" in a way that's super uncomfortable, especially since the main dude is just as much of an asshole.

    Fairy Forest Five: Just dull dull dull. All the bad animation of other popular shorts with none of the actual comedy, just "cuteness" with a tiny dash of "eccentric."

    Saga of Tanya the Evil: WOW. The least of this shows problems are the hideous character designs, which are ugly as sin. The levels of blatant, disturbing, "real world but not really so we're in the clear" fascist military fetishism were off the charts. Izetta - implied yuri - Allies + creepy loli + Nazi Germany = the most uncomfortable and disturbing anime I've seen since I got back into anime a couple years ago. Just the worst thing.
  • I only had to see it on anime charts to know that I'll be skipping nazi-loli anime. And to just be sure, skip every show it touches on the chart, just in case it has something contagious.
  • Rakugo 2 OP is pretty good.

  • DG_Nick said:

    The first two (!) episodes of Fuuka premiered today, but it turns out they're both two (?) minutes long.

    Nope, the first one at least continues after the song.

  • I guess tomorrow we find out if we can watch LWA or not.
  • and rakugo is about what exactly? from that OP it seems like a dead old man hates his family?
  • Rakugo is character drama about people who do rakugo, which is Japanese storytelling thing where man sits on his knees in front of audience telling stories. What we have now is second season. First one explored the bitter old man's youth where he was less old and little less bitter.
  • It is a poignant period character drama about a dying art form of comedic storytelling in Japan. Most of the first season is a flashback story about two apprentices under a prominent master with vastly different approaches, one more formal & dignified, one more loose & casual, with a lot of heavy implications re: sexuality/gender. The second returns to the initial setting in the 70s I think, and focuses so far on the new apprentice of the one of those apprentices who is now a prominent master, and seems to be looking to address the split views between conservative, traditionalist views of an art form even i the face of its impending death, and a more liberal view that could breathe life into it while changing what it has always been.
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    Hand Shakers wins this season's award for ugliest show. Like I can't believe people thought this would look good.


    Also ACCA was solid though.
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    Do I misunderstand anime fans and you guys just watch everything? I'm trying to think of the person who would've actually been interested in Hand Shakers.
  • I watch the first episode of a bunch of shows and it gets narrowed down after that.
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    Hand Shakers is a kinda of terrabad that most anime fails to achieve though. Normally a show doesn't look so visually bad that your eyes want to vomit. The only reason I didn't skip it was because people were hyping up how bad it was and it delivered.
  • What a waste of a title. This should have been a show about making power business.
  • Instead the plot is once you shake hands, if you let go that person dies.
  • Speaking for myself, I do watch every premiere that isn't a new season of something I didn't watch, I find the sampling kinda fun and find some things I might have passed on otherwise, so I think it's worth it.
  • Every day should be new Yowapeda day.
  • I know where Dragons is going, but Damn if this didn't sell me.
  • I can't quite tell from the picture, but that dragon looks to be of the horny variety.
  • It is doing laundry.
  • But the dragon is also horny.
  • Horny laundry dragon sure is a show.
  • Looks more like antlers to me.
  • Oh snap! Stealth Yamishibai released!
  • Is it too early to call this the worst season in recent years?

    Only thing I'm watching is All Out and that's not even from this season.
  • I'll take weak season, but it's not the worst. The winter season has often been pretty weak for anime.
  • What's decent this season then?
  • Interviews with Monster Girls is carefully toeing a line. It's surprisingly saccharine and warm, which is nice to have right now. There's a couple shows like Rakugo, Blue Exorcist, and Yowapeda, mr. sports man, that you should be watching if you liked the original seasons.
  • I thought blue exorcist was just the old show that Funimation had that got brought over to crunchyroll.

    Yowa isn't my jam.

    I'll give Rakugo a watch since looking it up it has the character designs I like.
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