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Quadrennial Planned Parenthood 24 Hour Charity Stream!!!

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Its almost that time! As some of you probably already know daily Spooptober streaming has been happening over at and we're working up to the 24 hour charity marathon on Nov 5th. Here is some relevant information:

1. Donation Page:

2. Make suggestions for games to play here:



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    Since the Google doc isn't working on my phone I'll just write my suggestions here.

    - SFV
    - Mario Maker
    - Invisible Inc

    The PS3 JoJo's fighting game if you have it would be a bonus.
  • I supported Planned Parenthood but won't be able to tune into the stream. Good luck everyone and my suggestion is watch Keijo!!!!!!!! at 2 a.m. in the Monster Musume slot while Joel plays the Dotes.
  • Couldn't watch this year but I still donated. Good job, guys!
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    The archive is up along with the schedule, plus you'll have all the highlights later.
  • Did they actually create the massager shooter because I really wanted that to happen!
  • I couldn't remember where to find a leaf blower to make one. I thought I did, but there were only *other* lawn care tools there, plus a boss fight against Drunk Chuck that grabbed their attention.
  • From today's Twitch stream:

    @whatdididotodeservethis Are you ready? The time to pass on the Gantz Sphere is almost upon us.

    Counting the days

    In some ways, it's actually been good to have some year-long obligation to fulfill. On the other hand... it's Gantz

  • Did you know that this week a new show by the Gantz creator is coming out? Did you also know one of the main characters love Gantz in the show?
  • Just from that post, I know to hate the show and it's main character.
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