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Hitman: The Spaghetti Can Stories



  • I try to leave in my suit, or at least the clothes I started in, if at all possible. It seems to me that would be the sort of thing Agent 47 would do. The little touches that mark a professional. It's good to hear that was noted in the earlier games.

    Dave, I hope you either played this already or took your PS4 to Italy.
  • Gonna resign myself to missing this one. :(

    ...but I do have my Vita on hand...
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    Whoops, I'm an idiot and didn't read the last line of that tweet. He isn't even here yet! There's still a chance!

    ...I guess I'll play some more Darkest Dungeon tonight instead of an elusive target?
  • I forgot that the new Elusive Target came out today and watched this without realizing "spoilers"

    Considering he used the remote explosive duck, I'm just going to count this as the David Q. Riley attempt we would have had sans Italy.

    Haven't tried the Vita remote play. Still don't have hopes for it and I'm almost 100% certain you can't daisy chain from that into the integrated twitch streaming on PS4, but I wonder if I could save the run in 15 minute chunks to the console...............
  • Ok, I basically used the explosive phone the same way because I couldn't figure out how to get to him.

  • image

    I'd seen the sticky note but I didn't know what to make of it.
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    He doesn't appear to have a particularly complicated route. My intial plan upon finding him was to take him out under the stairs, but I felt like it was a little too open and risky. I considered giving his bodyguard the poopy diarrhea at the top of the stairs to aid in this, but I changed my plan to just blowing him up with a fire extinguisher instead.

    Starting as security, I made a beeline for the restaurant without passing any cameras and grabbed the fire extinguisher near the buffet line. The critic stands next to the cake in the kitchen so I drop it there, grabbing a kitchen knife before I go. Now it's a matter of waiting several minutes until he decides to visit the kitchen. For whatever reason, this either spawns a chef or he just walks from far away into the adjacent room to the kitchen. There's a locker there so I stuff him inside. The waiter that escorts the critic is in my line of sight and potentially too close to the fire extinguisher, so I throw the knife inside the room to make him come inside. It's a difficult takedown but I manage to do it before he leaves again.

    Now all that's left is actually blow up the fire extinguisher. Nobody has a line of sight on me so I take out my silverballer and just shoot it. I miss once (or maybe it takes more than one shot?) but my second shot gives him an explosive review. I didn't plan my escape very well (I was hoping to leave the way I came) so I hole up in the room until it calms down a bit. Luckily it does and I take the long way around the room so that I don't get suspicious status. I pray that there's no cameras as I leave out the front and make my escape by boat.
  • Well done! I'm going to take my shot at it tomorrow, might stream it.
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    Started on the docks, did the standard run for the Master Key Card in the basement in case I needed it. Knock out the security guard in the locker room, took his disguise to get the card and the extra coins in the next room. From there I went to the security hut in the back to delete the footage, but it didn't exist there during this ET run! Instead of taking the sensible, direct route to the security room in the King's Wing, I went through the door behind the bar and ran into the manager. I tried to dodge her by taking an even longer route past the Exterminator but got Spotted by a suspicious guard. I called a mulligan for being stupid and not checking my map. I proceeded upstairs to wipe the camera and retrieve the standard Jordan Cross Bodyguard outfit because the briefing suggested that the Food Critic could see through all staff disguises. From there I went and found the target at his table in the Queen's Wing. While listening to his dialogue and categorizing him as an ass, I contemplated knocking out ever single person on the second floor in order to get to him at his table, but finally he made his way downstairs to the kitchen. I resolved to just knock out everyone in the kitchen area before killing him with a kitchen knife on my proper run.

    I basically did all of that again for my real run sans getting spotted. Dumped all of the kitchen staff on the floor in the walk-in freezer except for a couple who were stuffed in the chef's office locker. I knocked out the escorting waiter last and hurriedly spouted a one-liner about his sharp tongue and my sharp knife, but the deed was done. I went and retrieved my suit from the basement locker room and made my way to the emergency exit. Silent Assassin.
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    Trying on remote play did not... go... super... great...

    Being real with myself, while the latency was pretty bad (look how slowly I select items in the prep screen), it was THAT FUCKIN' BALCONY that sealed my fate (and claimed another victim).

    I gotta learn to move on that thing.

    I'm also really sad I couldn't stream my first Santa 47 Elusive Target. :(
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    Forgot that tonight would be my last night to get the dude. I managed to lure the guard out of the area the dude starts at and then give the target the ol poke with the poison syringe. Ran out the front door. Managed to get a silent assassin. Poison vials and syringes seem to be really helpful in getting SA rating as long as no one sees you get the person, even if they find the body. Or it seems certain "professions" are allowed to do stuff right in front of others. Like if you're any sort of chef you can poison food while someone is right in front of it.
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    HITMAN said:

    At 14:00 CET / 05:00 PT on Friday 13th January, we’ll update the Elusive Target tile on the Featured Hub in-game and the contract will be live. Elusive Target #18 will be in Colorado for 7 days (168 hours) and there won’t be any second chances. Remember that an Elusive Target cannot be restarted once any targets have been eliminated or any objectives have been completed.

    Elusive Target 18 has two objectives AND special contract conditions apply:

    Objectives: (1) Eliminate Richard M. Foreman & (2) Retrieve Documents.
    Special Contract Conditions: Eliminate the target with a non-explosion accident.

  • I knew this day was coming... I just didn't know when.
  • Kill one Richard to kill them all. That's value.
  • What are these "special contract conditions"? Were these in the previous ones? Is this saying you can't blow him up?
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    HITMAN said:

    Special Contract Conditions: Eliminate the target with a non-explosion accident.

    I'm trying to think of the possible accidents in Colorado. I imagine you could crush him under the car jack, throw him off of the second floor of the barn, house, or water tower building, drown him in that little swamp, hit him with the mechanical ram, crush him under the hay barrel, poison him, drown him in a toilet... any I'm missing?
  • If poison counts as an accident, surely the great dane does too.
  • IIRC if you poison their food it's an accident, but I'd have to double check.
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    If you get level 10 in Colorado you get a collapsible baton :O :O :O :O :O :O

    (I was learning the map a little)

    This was the first Escalation I played with a Stalker. Holy shit that dude's like a friendzone fedora motherfucker how he sticks to you no matter how bad you don't want him around. ANY noise you make he comes running to check it out. Since I couldn't knock him out, I eventually tried giving him a poke with the ole poopy diarrhea. It worked!

    ...except I don't know if it was a bug or because I kept trying to distract other people with sounds or what, but there was like 5 a minute window where he was clutching his guts in pain but would STILL go towards any noise I made, moaning and groaning all the way. It was frustrating, but kind of funny too, to see him ambling painfully one direction, trying to tend to his gurgle guts, then make a complete 180 when I chucked a wrench into a corner, being like "well, SOMEBODY'S gotta check it out..."
  • Elusive is live.
  • Less than one minute after I ended my stream and I had already thought of a 500% better plan than the one I enacted.

    (I failed)

  • He was trying to make a contract: the challenge was to kill Francesca De Santis with an explosion while dressed as the Cyclist, and also kill Silvio Caruso with a firearm while dressed as the Street Performer.
  • I don't think I like killing to take disguises. If I can't get SA then none of this matters.
  • I'm not sure but I think just means more that a messy kill ruins the disguise.
  • If it's just clean takedowns, that's perfectly reasonable for this difficulty. I hope they just chose the wrong word.
  • I am not very good at this game but I do love it. Although I am a little bummed I didn't get the Silent Assassin on the last run of Sapienza I did cause I used the Dongle on the Virus, which apparently counts as being seen. Making that part way harder than it already was for me.
  • I can't think of why that would count as being seen, but I'll have to double check sometime.

    Blackmailer Silent Assassin! It took a few tries before I got him alone so he wouldn't send someone else to investigate the noise, but I managed to garrote him in the bathroom hallway by the catwalk.
  • Elusive coming on Friday is going to be in Hokkaido. I guess I should finally play that mission.
  • I think I've missed two elusive targets, moving got in the way.
  • Oh the days when hitmen are stupid enough to tweet about the people they're about to assassinate.
  • Seems like there will be a new ET this weekend.
  • Just in time for ALL DAY STREM??
  • Square Enix puts IO Interactive up for sale.

    This is kinda concerning...

    Honestly I think if they should drop anything they should drop Crystal Dynamics. I know people who like the new Tomb Raider games a whole lot, but honestly I think they're so middling. But who knows, they've been so hit or miss lately I don't know that they have a great business plan in mind.
  • Maybe it's just my feed, but it seemed like this new Hitman was the most popular it has been in forever. I thought the sales wold have been good, but I guess they weren't good enough. :<
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    I kinda wonder - I almost always heard the popularity of Hitman tied to how fun it is both to stream and to watch streamed. I wonder if the popularity was somewhat more exaggerated than the sales actually were because more people were consuming the game second hand like that than actually buying it?
  • ^ I sorta thought that same thing, more people watching it stream than actually wanting to play the game. That's kinda a bummer if that is the case. Stealth games in general tend to be really niche so I guess it wouldn't surprise me that much. It's just a bummer.
  • image

    Everyone in the car park got mysteriously knocked unconscious. Then the Badboy's ride blew up. Can't believe he commited suicide by jumping off a cliff. Weird.
  • I got screwed over because I had never played The Icon before and a couple of bugs and lost Silent Assassin.

    It all went pretty smoothly. I infiltrated the town hall by climbing up the gutter pipes, took out the cameras, grabbed the crowbar off of the countertop. Unfortunately, whenever I knocked somebody out with a melee weapon during this mission I was unable to pick up that item off of the ground again, even though they still highlighted in Instinct Vision. Restarted the mission a couple of times, accepted that I would just need to choke people out or sacrifice items, and moved on. Knocked out the dudes at the top of the clock tower. Moved on and lured people out of the cafe onto the staircase and choked them out, hid the bodies upstairs. I found out that instead of the targets sending people to investigate for them, now they'll investigate themselves but the bodyguard will trail behind. I almost got caught, but dumped the body over the landing for an Accident kill. Then, heart racing, I took out the bodyguard for good measure and hid his body.

    So, here's where I really got screwed: I saw an exit over by the level start and after changing into my normal clothes I went over. Turns out it's the normal level target's car, and you need his car keys. Unfortunate. Looking around, the other level exit icon either bugged out and didn't display, or I somehow missed it. I went back to the town hall, got into the bodyguard outfit and started looking around in the cafe for the key. No dice. So I stepped out onto the platform next to the set, thinking I'd have to figure out where this damn key was for the apparently only level exit. The two guards who were supposed to keep movie crew out of the cafe immediately identify me, as a bodyguard, as trespassing. I panic and run, combat starts, I hide, look up how to get out of this damn level online, change into my normal clothes and leave through the town gate. Ugh.
  • Oh. So apparently I would've lost that ET anyway because that's the direction I was going and I didn't know you needed his car keys either. :<
  • HMMM... final target. I might have to return.
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