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Hitman: The Spaghetti Can Stories



  • Ok I took care of him. Wasn't too hard once you find him.
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    Is he dans la cuisine????? :open_mouth:
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    Seven Days
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    Ok I took care of him. Wasn't too hard once you find him.

    I'm realizing more and more with each target that the best and easiest way to take them down is to just exploit line of sight. You can just throw knives at whoever as long as no one alive is able to see who threw the knife.
  • Most of my trouble is trespassing randomly and not knowing where they are.
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    My try at the Chef got off to a great start. Jump to 3:45. I'll make a proper clip after work.
  • Best start to a target
  • Dave, if you haven't tried this target yet, you might be interested to know that the Chef samples the food from time to time. Perhaps you could improve his cooking?
  • Alright so I poisoned his beluga but he threw up in the nearby trashcan. Also I caught Helmut Kruger coming down the stairs from meeting Dalia, I didn't plan to become Helmut but that's what happened. I even did a lot of prep work clearing people out of the way. I never even got compromised but I gave up and quit the mission. I'll try it again before it leaves. If I bought the PS4 version I'd have probably streamed it. Knocking out Helmut on a whim woulda made a good highlight.
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    Okay, bear with me. I put work into this so I'm gonna go into detail.

    I started undercover in the kitchen as the waiter. My target is starting to leave right as I spawn in.


    My first task is to get the chef that wanders the furthest away from the kitchen. In my intial runs, I used a fire estingusher when I started as a chef. I later refined this by grabbing a wrench in this area and tossing it on the ground around the corner. Like the rest of these, I hide and pop out at the last second and wrench them from behind. For the moment I don't bother to hide him.


    This box contains the guard from the kitchen. I have some time until the other chef leaves the kitchen, so I lure the guard away with my wrench into the nearby wine cellar.

    Returning to the kitchen, I hide right next to the box I lured the first chef away from and throw the wrench again. This time I hide the body and then I go up and clock the other chef who doesn't move at all.


    My target is returning soon, but I have enough time to drag the last chef's body to the box near the door that leads outside, next to the NPCs who talk about the mixed drink recipe.


    My target has been chillin' for a hot minute in the kitchen, talking to imaginary chefs. My original plan was to rub my nips on all the people following him, but it's really only necessary to rub my nips on his personal guard. Once the target and his posse are out of sight and the door is closed, I release him from this torment and toss the wrench at his head when he's not looking. I have a ton of time at this point so I decided to drag him to the furthest box that's near the canteen. I have so much time in fact that I decided to take all these screenshots.


    Okay so here is where I ALMOST fucked up. So I overestimated how much time I would have to take all those screenshots, and by the time I realized it, my target had just finished walking into the kitchen. So what I had learned while I was refining my plan was that the two ladies in his posse actually lag several seconds behind the target and his guard. Everything I had done prior was to allow me to knock him out and drag him away until I could kill him discreetly. I realized of course I could cut out the middle man and just garrote him and skip the drag prompt entirely, dumping his body in the closest box. That was the plan at least, but because I'd taken so long making screenshots, I had to make a last second alteration. I garroted him and dragged him behind the kitchen stoves opposite the door his posse walks through. I let go, stand up straight, and wave as the ladies come in and walk away without a care in the world. As soon as they leave, I hide the body for good measure just in case.


    The Chef elusive target is dead. Thanksgiving is cancelled.
  • Some A+ nip-rubbing from where I'm standing.
  • I forgot to include the most important part: "Choke on this!"
  • PsiKick was displeased I didn't have a one-liner for killing him with the meat cleaver, but I'm bad at one-liners and was happy to settle for thematic justice.
  • Yeah, I watched that when I scrolled up and realized I never checked out the archive. We pretty much had the same exact strat.
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    From what I saw on the Hitman Twitter feed and from the briefing, I knew he'd visit the basement kitchen and I assumed he would visit the ground floor kitchen. I was hoping he wouldn't go upstairs so I could just knock everyone out and leave them by the tech guy on the second floor landing of that staircase, but his route and the guards meant that plan was off the table. Novikov and his bodyguards' route through the first floor kitchen meant that room was less than ideal. I could have hit the second floor and left everyone in that large room right below the auction, but I had already started clearing the basement so I stuck to that.

    I messed around in Colorado some more. I don't know if I was just super tired that day I streamed it for Sasquatchulous, but this time I had a much better mental map and managed to kill two targets with the ram before I had to stop.
  • New Elusive Target coming this week. Marrakesh. I'll leave you to prepare.
  • I want to see a Hokkaido hit. Part of me wonders how they choose the levels. I sorta feel like they choose the newer levels because they've had more time to think about them with an elusive target. But I wonder what other things they take into consideration when they set these up.
  • I didn't realize there was Silent Assassin suits. I dunno if I'll ever get a SA rating for an elusive target. I have a difficult enough time just making sure that I can get out without getting spotted.
  • It's all about knowing where to go if you want to acquire specific outfits. In Marrakesh, you can get a Soldier's outfit easily by throwing a coin by the phone booth west of the default start, through the lamp shop corridor. If you want an Elite Soldier's outfit without entering school grounds, you can try hopping the barriers by the commandeered shop with the emergency tunnel and knocking out the guys behind the shop after they get done talking about how one has a consulate access key. If you want a Military Officer's outfit, the easiest one to get is in the room next to the two soldiers talking shit by the PA system. Those three will get you most places in Marrakesh.

    Practice, practice, practice. And hey, if you want a boost, check out for a comprehensive maps. They can even tell you what locations are trespassing for what outfits.
  • Well I mean more so it's hard to get a kill without anyone seeing the body of the elusive target. There's probably better ways than I use to accomplish that. But hey seem difficult since they often don't go off their track or their bodyguard follows them if they do.
  • Classic.

    ^ Yeah, that is a greater problem. I killed the Broker by slowly removing everyone around him in the hallway behind the kitchen and then striking. I still have problems playing in Paris in the kitchen because he would trigger a bodyguard-type on the floor to come to him when he was reaching the bottom of the stairs, and the bodyguard would walk through the kitchen when I wasn't expecting him. I almost got caught trying to knock out the kitchen workers after Novakov left because I wasn't expecting that bodyguard to enter. Now I'm always on guard, even though it will probably never happen again.

  • We heard you like playing HITMAN and donating to charity, so we...uhh...are only just encouraging you to donate to charity? That's not how this works.

    Anyway, free update, christmas-themed Paris level.
  • I still need to try to take on the Angel of Death. Thinking about streaming an attempt at Silent Assassin on Thursday? It's sure to be very boring, but if people want to watch I wouldn't say no.
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    We'll watch!

    I recommend the emetic syringe. :o
  • I think I may miss this target.
  • image

    Don't miss.
  • Wikia said:

    To obtain "silent assassin" in HITMAN, the player must:

    Only kill targets.
    Do not get spotted.
    Have no witnesses.
    Do not get caught on camera. If this happens, destroy the recordings.
    No Bodies Found.
    Targets killed with accidents or poison are allowed to be found.
    Non-target kills with accidents ruin the rating.

    This is definitely going to change how I play. Thanks for the heads up, Nick.
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    I have further information. The kill was made by the fire extinguisher. Certain devices like mines and propane tanks are considered explosives, the other class of devices like fire extinguishers and motorcycles aren't. Killing with an explosion from an explosive is just an explosive kill. If you use the other class of items that can explode, killing them with the explosion counts as an explosive kill and an accident kill.
  • I didn't know fire extinguishers could explode! I thought they were just funny melee weapons.
  • So do accident kills not count for bodies found? Because it clearly said body found.

    I came VERY close to getting a silent assassin kill on PS4 with the old lady. Gonna see if I can do it on PC...
  • According to the wiki, no, and as you can see, it's clearly in evidence.
  • Well that didn't go so well. I did manage to kill her without getting seen, but then I tried to take a back way out and didn't have the right costume so I got gunned down.
  • So looking back at videos of attempts I could have possibly just waited and been fine on PC run but I panicked. Kinda disappointing.

    Now that it's over, I ended up finding out through trial and error that she's by herself on the roof of a building that's near the school. On both accounts I didn't have the military starting point which would have made this much easier. But for PS4 I started in the hookah bar and threw a coin to pull one of the military dudes into the bathroom as fast as I could. Stripped him down and sprinted over to that building. I then choked one of the guards out on the stairs and knocked the other guard out. But she called for backup. So I killed her and one of the downstairs guards found the first dude on the stairs. I managed to still sneak out.

    On PC I tried the same approach and managed to pull it off well enough that I got there in time. The problem is one of the escorts is able to spot you in a guard uniform. So I had to run past him and got suspicious. I killed her with no one noticing and tried to exit out the back. There are two guards at the bottom of a pole that I didn't realize were there in my panic. They immediately spotted me. And they apparently disperse if I had waited just a bit longer.

    Watching a silent assassin video someone started as military and took that back entrance to beat the guards. That would have been way easier. But alas, I did not have that level of mastery.

    I also saw someone do a suit only run where they sat on a roof and shot down a sign above the hookah bar as she walked through. That seemed pretty tough.

    Moral of the story is I need to up my mastery to really be able to do some of these well unless you really know the lay of the land. I think I'm gonna work on getting that up.

    The next two look like they'll be in Saipenza and Bangkok respectively. I really need to boost Bangkok.
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    So I played the holiday map and I am wondering if I need a guide to do these challenges. Not sure how to do them.
  • I'll have to give it a poke later today.

    Looks like we have an elusive target coming this week (Friday) in Sapienza. The Pasta Bandit rides again!
  • They call me the Spaghetti Assassin

  • Also got a Silent Assassin rating on this elusive target.
  • I goofed while streaming it a bit ago and got spotted and had the body found. Also, did you destroy that camera when you threw that can? I didn't know you could hurt the cameras.
  • I didn't know either but I didn't want to shoot my gun so I thought I'd give it a try. Turns out it works. It also surprisingly lured that lady over which I'd tried many times from the other side without success.
  • Luring the fob lady is a huge pain. Literally every other person in earshot will come investigate first by design.
  • I needed to look up how to get that costume because I could not figure it out. At one point I saw Santa in the attic, but I was running from the guards, and by the time I made it back he had vanished. I couldn't figure out where in the hell he had gone.
  • So he teleports to trees randomly, but there is a tree room in the attic where he is most likely to appear frequently. You have to wait for him to show up there.
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    I didn't test this at all myself, but:

    Spoiler: Santa Route

    1. Lobby

    2. Party Area

    3. Vampire Magician's room

    4. Chimney exit

    5. Attic, near Explosive.

    6. Lonely Auction Staff's Room

    7. Viktor and Decker's meeting Garden

    8. Thieft's place

    9. Dalia's Bathroom

    10. Auction's Balcony

    11. Chef Starting Location

    Used the trick on my previous video to track his spawn points hueheuehuehe.

    Santa teleports every minute, or every time he sees you, whatever comes first.

    Note that I've seen him in the Palace Garden once after the thieves stole everything, so there is at least one spawn point that is triggered by some event.
  • image

    I followed the kitchen assistant into the basement with all the freezers and locker and knocked him out. Then I lured the guard at the base of the stairs inside and knocked him out too. There's a pathing dishwasher guy on the stairs so I had to take care of him. There's another guard who paths the stairs above, I dragged him all the way to the basement.

    Now the entrance to the office is laid bare. I wasn't sure if knocking out The Guru's client or the lawyer would trigger a game over so I decided to kill The Guru in the adjacent room. Conveniently, there's a murder box in there too. The woman in that room I left alone. Eventually she and The Guru both step out, leaving the poor old banker all alone to be knocked out and stashed away. I need to wait for the woman to path away again before I can do The Guru right in that room. Die for me.

    With The Guru's corpse safely stashed away, I need to make my way upstairs again to delete the evidence. While I restarted twice to figure out how I was going to kill The Guru, I hadn't actually planned for what I was gonna do about the video tape. Luckily there's a murder box right in that room! I knock out the two guards in there, stash 'em, and delete the evidence. All that's left is to make my speedboast escape and BAM!

    I also left with my suit.
  • One thing I liked about earlier Hitman games was part of getting the perfect rating was leaving the area in your original clothes. I guess effectively that's Suit Only Silent Assassin now (which is also fun), but I always thought that was a cool sub-requirement, not leaving evidence on site.
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