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Hitman: The Spaghetti Can Stories

I wanted to make a thread for posting elusive targets, stories about hitting them with spaghetti, or just anything about the game.

As Aardvark said in a previous thread Colorado is out. And there is a GB video for the new map. I haven't even done Thailand yet on either account I have so I need to make my way up to that. But so far it's looking pretty solid.


  • Thailand! USA! USSR!
  • Thanks matatat. Having a dedicated thread is better than me posting about it across three different threads.

    Thailand is a different style of map than the other episodes: it's very vertical with only a half dozen stairs and drainpipes to use, and there doesn't seem to be any all-access costumes (though I haven't tried them all yet). Be careful.
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    Record Scratch

    Freeze Frame

    Yeah… that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I got into this situation.
  • The suspense is killing me!
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    Sounds like the next Elusive Target is going to be in Marrakesh. This tweet is from six days ago, so I'm expecting it for this weekend. I'd guess someone in the embassy, so brush up on your disguises. Getting around in there is a pain in the butt without the uniques thanks to all of the Knowers.

  • Talk about serendipity. At the top of my Twitter feed:

    As the video loaded I already knew what was going to happen.
  • Never disguise before hiding the body! That's day one!
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    As the video proceeded, I was hoping the body concealment would go off without a hitch, but then the guy (THAT GUY :< He and I have had an encounter or two in our time) would walk in and freak out over the assault rifle strapped to the handsome masseur's back.
  • I haven't really explored getting into The Embassy without a disguise. Marrakesh is also like my least favorite level so far. But it's easy enough to get into the hookah area and there's a couple options in there.
  • I like the idea of the Marrakesh level. I like the setting and I like how big it feels. But there's not that many places to go, the military base itself is pretty boring, and both locations are extremely restrictive. That made it fun to go for Silent Assassin: Suit Only, sneaking around the parking garage just barely grabbing the keycard when the vision cones ping all around me, but it kinda stifles the feeling of variety. I kinda feel like I know how to do everything in that level, how to get everywhere without thinking about it, or without having to do anything but walk up the same flight of stairs. Sapienza and Paris have a lot of twists and turns in their interior, verticality, and they're super packed. Marrakesh is mostly checkpoints cordoned off by guards without a lot of ways to get around them. Like, I'm not sure if there's any other way to get upstairs in the embassy without a costume besides distracting that one military guy by the back stairs.
  • The only other way I know is there is a passage underground, but it starts at (or very close to) the military base (school). On top of that, its chock full of guards if I recall correctly. So you either need to get some serious sneak on, or just get a disguise anyway, and then you might as well just stroll in the front door.

    Which honestly speaks to my issues with the map which you reflected as well.
  • I'll at least stream my PS4 run. I'll try PC and maybe see how the Nvidia streaming solution goes.
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    Hoo boy... that was quite the target...


    So I was fairly sure one of the dudes was gonna be in the consulate. I just tried to get the camera dudes costume to get in there. I found him pretty quickly and used the old masseuse trick to take him out. The other dude was absurdly hard to find. I guess I should have figured he'd eventually be in the one place I didn't check, the school. But they made it sound like he was going to meet someone first.

    I spent way too much fucking time walking around everywhere trying to find this dude. Apparently you can fail this mission by taking someone out too fast. I didn't realize this. I found this out later once I got into the school and was like shit I don't even see the dude here. There's a spot in the stream where I ended up pausing and just looking it up because I was getting pretty tired of looking around. Reddit didn't really tell me where he was, just that you could fail. But it sounded like from what people were saying you literally fail. It's not a soft fail. So I'm like fuck this guy has to be around here somewhere... I unpause and the dude just walks straight past me haha.

    For a while I thought he put the jewels somewhere and I had to go find them. Later when I decided that wasn't the case I was like fuck it maybe I should just disguise myself as him. So I took him out and he drops the jewels! Then I'm outta there.

    Here's a record of the stream. Be forewarned, I spend a LOT of time aimlessly wandering in the latter half of the stream as I desperately try to find any clues. Eventually I get on the right track but it takes a while.

  • I still need to finish this out on PC. I've been putting it off mostly because of forgetting, but also because the Fixer is just a pain in the ass. I'm going to attempt it tonight if I remember.
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    Finished the PC run, it was quite a bit more interesting due to me starting undercover. Accidentally killed the dude who picks up the diamonds because for some reason I misremembered whether he was part of the hit. Ended up completing it.

    I don't know if this counts as a spoiler, more of a vague tip for making the Fixer a bit easier, but I'll put it in spoiler tags anyway. His timer is about to run out though.

    Starting as a bartender in the hookah bar makes this way easier.

  • I panicked and killed the Fixer while Claus was waiting for his massage to start. I started the massage, backed out, and then tried to sprint off of the map before Claus finished his speech and saw the body. Unfortunately, I was short by about 10 seconds.
  • Both times I killed him was in the massage room. I considered trying to start the massage the second time because the AI pathing was lagging behind and the security guard was still in the room. But he'll seem to sit on that bench for a while.
  • When will I learn not to take the proximity mine? :neutral:

    NEVER. (ง’̀-‘́)ง
  • Looks like tweets are disabled or broken, at least for me. Praise the lawd.
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    I ran into a room I wasn't supposed to with the Fixer and hid, people found me and killed me instantly. :<
  • Oh, twitter itself is being DDoSed. A brief reprieve, but at a cost.
  • PS4's online is down too right now. : /
  • Identity Thief was pitifully easy. There are many many places he goes where there is no line of sight with anyone. Just threw a knife at him as he walked out into the backyard and got on the helecopter and finished in like 10 mins.
  • That's how the real hitman do.
  • I need to practice a bit on Thailand. Granted I was screwing around a lot when I played it but it seemed sorta difficult to get a good disguise. The easiest seems to be the drummer.
  • I need to find out if there's an easier way of breaking into the hotel room with the actress and Mr. Julian Casanova. Going through all the trouble of getting the Master Key Card just for that? Hmmmmmmm.
  • Shiiiit. While I'm glad it's not in Paris, I guess I'm gonna need to get some practice in Bangkok before the stream.
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    One night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble
    Not much between despair and ecstasy
    One night in Bangkok and the tough guys tumble
    Can't be too careful with your company
    I can feel the devil walking next to me

    Looks like he'll be in and around the area where the drummer hangs out? Now that I think of it, there isn't actually much room in Bangkok for an Elusive Target to be.
  • That target was kinda tough... I almost failed immediately because it didn't give me any indication of trespassing and I was immediately in combat. But I think I just restarted. It was kinda ridiculous though.

    I ended up disguising as a body guard and then at some point when they're sitting in the private lounge room I threw a proximity mine in there and managed to only kill them miraculously.
  • Yes, I failed instantly because I didn't realize I was trespassing.
  • Well... even though I knew that was coming for the second run I realized I didn't have anything unlocked on PS4 (I thought I finished that level one PS4?). I decided to try and squeeze past the guards to get upstairs. As soon as you clear that last stair it's considered trespassing. I wasn't so lucky that time. Honestly it's a bit ridiculous they don't even let you get by on the stairs.
  • Yeah, that one was pretty badly made. They ought to have had to guards reacting dynamically as the targets moved around, but maybe that was beyond their system restraints?

    After seeing the mess, I cheesed it with a few restarts until I killed them in that little waiting area Sasquatchulous died in with the remote triggered exploding duck, David Q. Riley style.
  • I'd considered the duck but I didn't trust myself to time the triggering correctly.
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    You turn around, start walking away then put sunglasses on. After the sunglasses are on you hit the button to make it explode. Timing = perfect
  • The one thing about the duck is that people still recognize it as a bomb. Maybe because it's flashing and there's a rubber duck not in a bathtub. But when I played the summer bonus episode I spent way too long trying to throw the rubber duck through the moon roof of that guy's trailer and the couple times I got it in there he would see it immediately as he walked in and freak out.
  • I'll have to experiment with it more. I haven't used it too much.

    I tried to have the guy pick up the exploding phone when he goes into the side room to make a call, but he just called a guard to pick it up instead.
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    For Thailand I went sniper, for USA I decided to do 'em up close.


    Penelope Graves and Sean Rose were simple enough, I actually put them in the same box. Ezra Berg I killed in the basement, I knocked out one of guards he had with him and stuffed him in the box there, then I waited until he made his rounds again. The next time he came, I distracted the guard with the power and then did Ezra right there and dragged him to the box. Maya Parvati was the last and hardest. I never actually figured out where to do her on her route. I poisoned her drink but all she did was go barf in the swamp. There's basically no place in the barn that isn't watched by guards, especially ones on the roof. I tried to lure one out so I could knock them out but it wasn't working. However in the process, with all the shit I was throwing around, I accidentally managed to lure Maya to the roof. I did her up there but her's was the only body I couldn't hide in a box. The best job I could do was just hide it behind some hay.

    Besides going for silent assassin, I also spent extra time trying to find all the disguises. I had to look up the scarecrow because I didn't realize you had to drop rifles or anything you're carrying on your back.
  • I still need to finish the USA so I can go on to Japan. Last I played, I was in the middle of murdering everyone on the map with screwdrivers.
  • Colorado is easily the worst level to me.
  • Thailand has been my least favorite.
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    Yeah, it's also not great, It always looks like there are lots of great avenues for doing stuff in Thailand, but there kinda isn't. Thailand is really complex levelwise, but like 40% of the level is underutilized. There is a lot going on in the basement but it's the same as the basement in Paris, basically no reason to go in there.

    Colorado actually has a decent amount of avenues for pursuing your target. In fact it was by far the level where I went off script the most trying to eliminate the targets. But I just think the level itself is kinda bland and I dislike how flat it is.
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    Thailand is extremely vertical, which is very annoying until you figure out which outfits are allowed where. If you go into the first room on the first floor of the King's Wing, you can get the Class Technician or Class Security easily with a TV or Coin or Popp, but you have to figure that out, and on the last Boss Doors stream Dave stated he'd never been in that room. But it's not obvious to stop on that floor for uniforms or a pipe to climb; the next security checkpoint is on the next floor up.

    So there's the two pipes that can get you onto the King and Queen suite balconies. There's two other pipes on the back of the building that are death traps. There's also only six sets of stairs, not counting the staircases by the docks. Meanwhile, Paris has six pipes (most are useful), the ladder, and nine staircases that I can think of, not counting the staircase down to the waterfront.

    Overall, Thailand has fewer pathways and the number of easily obtainable costumes is much lower. You can look at it as more of a challenge, or you can look at it as simply less fun.
  • and on the last Boss Doors stream Dave stated he'd never been in that room.

  • Edited for accuracy and clarity.
  • New Elusive Target, the Chef, arrives in Paris tomorrow.
  • Theeee Chef!!???
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