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Dark Souls 3.33: You Are (Not)



  • Yeah, it's always been like that. Typically, it's just easier to use a physical damage weapon and buff with resin if you feel like it.
  • matatat said:

    Turns out the chaos infusion kinda sucks. Still just going with raw.

    I know how you feel, I infused that chaos into my gotthard twin swords, made them almost useless. Ended up refining them.
  • The weapon being one with built in bleed is probably the reason it's not great with most infusions.
  • Sharp sellsword twin blades with carthus resin have been my go to
  • I've learned that the scythe has a lot of bleed damage built in so I guess I'll be looking into something else since I'm not rolling dex/luck. Want to find something that's good as a chaos weapon to make use of the Fire Clutch ring even if I'm out of MP, and have an alt Raw weapon for when high fire resist comes around.

    I guess magic, dark or lightning weapons are an option as well since I'll be going low physical stats and maxing out on Faith and Int.
  • Hmmm... I definitely did not get the fire ring... I might need to go back and grab it.
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    Undead Settlement by the pyro trainer. Everything else that raises fire damage is specifically pyromancies if I remember right. It feels like this game wants you to invest more in your build as a caster of any sort, bordering hyper mode with Sorcery builds.
  • Apparently I had missed the Crystal Sage and then kicked myself after beating him for not using the sorcery that blocks magic :(.
    Wouldve saved myself a lot of trouble.
  • "I don't care what you say, I'm going to use magic."

    "But you promised! :c "
  • How viable is my tanky physical style?
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    If it's any consolation my build has partially become a mess as I experiment with all these weapons and infusion types. I put points into faith for no reason other than to see how viable the Demon Fists would be in PVP. But I can still play the game just fine. So if you are actually focused its probably way better.
  • It took me way too fucking long to realize I had to teleport out of the Firelink Shrine... Also, what is up with the lothric knights? Them assholes are hopped up on meth or something. Do they not have stamina? It's just a relentless barrage of attacks.
  • Squirrel said:

    It took me way too fucking long to realize I had to teleport out of the Firelink Shrine...

    I did the same exact thing.
  • Blessed onikiri +10, Sun princess ring, and the best regen spell yields 50+ hp/10 seconds.
    This isn't the best, but it's a fun dex/faith build.
  • exagenous said:


    Liar. Most of my deaths are due to not being able to get an open window to attack because my stamina is just ripped through while my shield is up. I'm really starting to hate these knights. Like I really have no idea how to beat them other than get lucky.
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    Dodging is better than blocking, and you should invest in getting a bow to be able to pull individually.

    Other than that you just need to be a bit more methodical. Most guys seem to have low poise so if you can get a couple attacks early they will stun and you can just smash them down.
  • I can't be any more methodical. I pull guys, get them into clear areas and then lose the poise/stamina fight. Dodging is not tanking. Shield up, take advantage of opening. This is the first game in this series that has caused me to throw the controller in a fit of frustration. Mostly because I keep dying to the same knights, or those guys who goo out. That smash fucking hurts. I'd be less annoyed if these were bosses but I haven't even seen one since the tutorial dude.
  • Parrying is tanking. Try that.
  • I know it's my fault and thats whats fucking killing me.
  • You can just kick them while their guard is up and get a critical. Sometimes it is just best to get on the offensive like with the goo guys, run up and get a couple of hits and they die before getting to transform. Alternatively, you don't NEED to fight everything and everything has a leashing point, just run past the areas they're in and they typically won't follow you.

    Tanky builds are viable but it takes a while to build into it and will require pumping strength, endurance, and vitality to get the ability to actually wear/wield the stuff you need to make the best use of the play style plus the best greatshield in the game is in one of the final zones.

    Keep an eye out for Stability on your shields since that's the determining stat on stamina drain while blocking and upgrading your shield will raise the stability on it by one or two points per level.
  • You have to dodge.
  • Folllowing the convos we were having on twitter, Eoghan's advice to use swords with a stance option to paste infinite-stamina assholes is solid. Also, a lot of heavy weapons have a special that effectively gives you infinite poise for about a second. You can use that right before a hit comes to attack through it, then stunlock them to death. I get a lot of PvP kills that way, just by baiting the dude and comboing him through his attack.

    I'm not sure exactly what weapons available in the early game have that ability. The soul you get from the first "real" boss does, but you'll need to beat the next boss to actually be able to craft the hammer. Also, it requires like 30 strength to one-hand it (so like 20 two-hand), but it's very strong for the point in the game you get it.
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