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Dark Souls 3.33: You Are (Not)



  • Did bunch of co-op before a boss yesterday, then I went back to the Shrine and decided to spend the souls after I come back to the game.
    Came back, forgot about my plans, went for the boss and in the bossroom realized that I had 90k souls with me.

    And of course they went down the drain.
  • I take it your attempt to retrieve them from the bossroom didn't go so well.
  • I've had other blue sentinels come into my game but I have yet to enter someone else's world.
  • Since I'm trying to play the game somewhat blind I've been afraid to commit to any covenant yet but at some point I'm going to have to pull the trigger.
  • You now have a covenant slot, kinda like in BB, so youre not tied to any of them.
  • You change covenants like you change shirts.
  • Picking up certain ones changes available NPC quests, though.
  • This game shouldve had Vinheim Dragon School, or Carim, or Astora, or Thorolund, or just all of them.
  • Continuing weird tales from Dark Souls 3.

    Wanted to do some PvP yesterday, so I put my purple sign down on popular dueling spot, and multiple (three) times I was summoned and expected to help the host in co-op adventures.

    I always went for it, once died to the mob I was supposed to help to kill, once got between the mob and the host and once host died on his own.

    That was weird, but also pretty fun.

    This is the last one. There's gonna be 3 dlc packs instead of 2. Demon's Souls remaster aint happenin.
  • Help as purple, then aggro all the big monsters.
  • Fighting purple and red phantoms while they're fighting eachother is some fun free-for-all chaos.

    This game is generous with the T-Slabs
  • That's twice I lost upgrade materials to the crows. Once because I reflexively exited the game, and once because I tried to skip dialogue...
  • I tried a Sexy Skull and I think I got a "Hello" carving in return.
  • They should mash up dark souls and armored core.
  • It could look a little somethin' like this...
  • I just assume that would essentially be Space Hulk Souls? Taking your mechs down into abandoned buildings in search of salvage with Bad Shit around every corner.

    (and I am on board for that)
  • So... I love every minute of "Bloodborne". But, I never got to play Demon Souls, and Dark Souls, and Dark Souls 2. Should I skip those and get into this one, or should I play them all those before this one.
  • If you are thinking of getting into DS3 you can do that right away. As many have said, it's got a lot of "callbacks". For instance the Firelink Shrine looks suspiciously like the hub area in Demon's Souls. But if you want to start with any of the ones you listed I would suggest DS. It's a solid game and is consistently like $5 on PC.
  • Just got to the part of the game that lays the call backs on thick. Enjoying my time though. Still have just used the claymore. That dungeon area was real rough. Those people who drain your max health are the worst.

  • I like those jailers. The max health drain was suprising the first time it happened. I went back and slaughtered the school of them on the first floor using throwing/lacerating knives and stealth
  • Then you find out they have a grab attack, and it is cruel.
  • Beat the game. The main hookup was the hidden area boss, but once I figured out the way to cheese the first part of the fight I did it.

    Overall I enjoyed the game, but it didn't really have any surprises. It really does reference all of the souls games, between enemies, areas, and items.

    See you later Bark Souls 3.

  • Nameless King is the best boss and has the best mid boss fight cutscene
  • Today I found out that Dancer is another in the list of bosses that cause grief to magic users. She did take decent damage from my fireballs, but is fast enough for me to have hard time to lob those and can one shot me unless I'm embered.

    I guess I'll try wearing some actual armor and if that doesn't keep me alive, as it probably won't, I could just burn embers at every try.
  • For some reason, I infused poison into a barbed straight sword. For some reason, it is working to hilarious results with the guard break ring.
  • Are you casting in melee range? She should be one of the easiest bosses around for a ranged character since she moves very slowly and lacks any kind of rushdown unless you're incredibly far in which case she does an easily avoided jump attack which you can take advantage of by baiting then punishing while you're outside of the range of the spin slash followup. The only other standout is the spinning attack that comes out when she pulls out her second sword which is just a matter of getting behind a pillar.

    For defenses try to stack slash, fire, and magic resists.
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    She actually has quite a lot of moves where she lunges at you over relatively huge distances.
    And I can't back off as far as I want, as there are walls and the lock on range is way too short.

    Edit: Ok, now I see how she is doable, I just need to keep my head cold, keep my pace, walk backwards and not take a sip form the flask when she is about to do a big thing with both swords.
  • image
    Standard Darkwraith honor.
  • I'm starting to feel a bit of a struggle with my "go to" build in this game. Normally they end up deferring the ability to infuse weapons with magic until mid game, but in this it seems pretty late game. So I'm working off my casting more than I'd like to. I have the chaos gems, I just need the ember to actually get it on my flamberge.
  • Getting specific infusions takes some time, but as they are in DS 3, you are encouraged to put some infusion in your weapon as it is useful in basically any stage of the game and can be undone and redone as much as you want as long as you have the gems, which all are grindable.
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    Dark seems to be closer in reach since I'm already at Ithryll. It says faith scaling, but the wiki says that it DOES do int to despite the description.
  • Even with my mage character I don't bother with non physical upgrades. Raw +10 long sword has worked well for me and I currently have all possible magic, pyromancy and miracle weapon buffs available to me, so if I need something like that, I got it.
  • I hadn't considered raw... I might try that.
  • Raw is pretty good. I think that for most cases, even with physical build going raw early on and then changing to sharp/heavy/refined mid to late game is optimal.
  • Yep I went Mage so I did raw as wel. Waiting to get to the point where I can infuse magic into the weapons and hats when I'll switch.
  • image
    I have achieved my perfect form.
  • I am loving my time in Dark Souls 3, can't wait to beat it and start the saga starting with Demon Souls since it is its ethereal mother.
  • Was invaded by a dark spirit, and then a mound maker who immediately sided with him, awesome. After 10 min of running up staircases, jumping off ledges, and 3 near death experiences, managed to get one of them to accidentally kill the other in a clusterfuck of sword swinging/spear thrusting. Killed his buddy afterwards. Feelin pretty good, guys.
  • image

    The look of a champion.
  • Get that shield of want, symbol of avarice, and silver serpent ring. Make sum bank
  • Turns out the chaos infusion kinda sucks. Still just going with raw.
  • Actually after looking at the numbers more closely it's pretty much the same value. But for some reason I thought I'd get a much better scaling.
  • The infusion does vary pretty greatly from weapon to weapon, plus split damage is doing nothing but making your overall output worse since it has to go through defenses twice. What weapon are you using?

    They should probably change most magic/fire/lightning infusions to how they just changed Moonlight Greatsword where it has minimal physical damage, decent base magical, and insane scaling for magical.

    I've started up a pyromancer, I think I'm going to try out the Great Scythe with them for that headshot skill. Mostly I want that grab pyromancy even if it's useless on anyone but human sized enemies.
  • I'm trying some jolly invasion in the great library. It's a lot like jolly cooperation, except you're breaking into someone's house and trying to convince them you're not a serial killer in a world where serial killers regularly break into people's houses.
    It's someone disheartening that I've gotten more covenant items playing cheerleader than invader.
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    Cybylt said:

    They should probably change most magic/fire/lightning infusions to how they just changed Moonlight Greatsword where it has minimal physical damage, decent base magical, and insane scaling for magical.

    That's kinda how I thought it was going to go. I don't remember them keeping like a "half-and-half" solution in previous games. The last type of these games I did magic build was Bloodborne and I suppose they did it there, but I don't know that I ever got into magic in DS2 and it's been a while since I played DS1 last. I might just use the Moonlight Greatsword since they usually just structure that as being the best magic slashing weapon in the games.

    Right now I'm using a Flamberge. I decided to try and switch it to Chaos and see how it goes outputwise. It's okay from first glance. I need to actually track and compare damage to see fully. And some of the infusions are just all over the place. For some reason my caestus was much better off using sharp infusion over everything else. I don't have much dex but it boosted the base damage significantly (moving from raw) and the scaling was sort of a nice bonus.

    Seigward coming in to fight Yorhm was fucking awesome.
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