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Dark Souls 3.33: You Are (Not)



  • I am doing what I always do which is dump all my stats into getting the greatsword and a giant shield and some light armor so that I don't fatroll.
  • So I shouldn't use the uchigatana? What is a better starting dex weapon?
  • I used Estoc the whole game, it's good. But basically any weapon should be fine if used and infused properly (which in case of dex weapons should mean sharp gems).
  • I just found a great scythe. I think I will use that since I am a scythe player at heart.
  • I mean jeez, even the chimera you fight at the beginning of the Dark Souls 2 was like a super interesting, super busy fight that wasn’t against “big guy with sword.”
    That was the Artorias DLC, Dave, DS2 had no chimeras unless you count Flexile Sentry which is two big dudes with swords stapled together.

    I'm now in full support of Dragonslayer Greatbow as a means to pick off annoying enemies at a range. Especially the branding iron congaline in a later area. Using that pierce skill and bowling them all over for more than half their health in a single go felt so good.

    On infusions, I've been fooling around with them and unless you got 40+ dex you're losing damage on Sharp infusion with katanas. Refined seems to be the only worthwhile infusion past level 50 on most weapons because of split damage defenses and better scaling on strength and dex compared to other stats.

    I've got 42 Dex and a Washing Pole+10, without any infusions it has an attack rating of 406; with a Sharp infusion it is 400 plus losing some Bleed damage. The scaling seems to have diminishing returns some point into C and the sharp infusion only turns them to B.

    Uchi+10 377 with no infusion and 378 with Sharp at the cost of a point of Bleed damage.

    Rapiers seem to get a better turnout since with a sharp gem they jump from C to A and don't lose any secondary effect, my Rapier +6 goes from 254 rating with no infusion, 266 with sharp.
  • Once, again another kill on my first try - Dragonslayer Armour. Not bragging, just sort of like....what's going on.

    Champion Gundyr is the hardest thing I've come across...30 hours in.
  • It's weirdly hard to try to get grasp on Dark Souls 3's difficulty based on anecdotal evidence of people saying things on the internet. There has been some amount of people seemingly having easy time, clearing bosses on one try and such, I personally had moderate challenge throughout the whole game and I have a friend who has been struggling a lot with end game bosses, so clearly there are hardships to be had.

    All in all, I don't really think that Dark Souls 3 is particularly easy, but maybe players with history with series have just gotten better.

    Also, things like build and weapon choice probably matter in this too, some choices obviously will result in easier time than others, but how drastic are the differences.
  • The beast boss in the cathedral was a pain in the ass for me. Took me like 30 mins to finally get him. The main Mage problem I'm noticing here is the lack of MP given although now that I can 4 ashen estus flasks is getting easier but overall it's all about managing the MP you have left which is a bit annoying.
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    Personally I find the engine helps a lot. I've been playing dark souls 2 with a friend in tandem with 3 and 2 seems borderline unfair by comparison. I don't know how to describe it but the positioning your character does on attacks in two is just stupid to the point where I get angry sometimes.

    Ive switches away from the claymore in favor of the great scythe too. I miss the stagger and the damage but the speed is seeming more key than usual.

    And the Road of Sacrifice is just trying to fuck you.
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    Today, I found out one of my co-workers never heard of a mimic. I loaded up a character and asked him to find a mimic. There's nothing like seeing someone's first.
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    Speaking of, I figure I'd crosspost this.

    Original high quality:
  • So... story thing? How did Aldrich link the fire in his time? Did he try to eat it and then his goo combusted? And I'm gonna put the rest in spoilers since the character's a bit more hidden.

    I don't think Prince Lothric linked the fire and that the dark firelink shrine might be the one of his age? He has no enkindled phase, the source of Lorian's fire sword isn't linking the flame but having slain demons. His throne doesn't exactly have his name on it either and unlike the other cinders his head is intact instead of a charred skull as if he hadn't been burning on the kiln.
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  • ^Yep that qualifies you.

    Seems like I finished exploring all of undead settlement and so far this DS has me hooked like Demon's or DS1 did.
  • This one has been hooking me about as much as DS1 did. Bloodborne got pretty close and I do like the combat and the weapons a lot in Bloodborne, but there was less "I want to try this and this" happening in BB. Demon's had a couple mechanics that I just wasn't that on board with and never got super far in it. I got through a few levels and just put it down.
  • The level design is top notch. The large environments that loop and link so efficiently are what made ds1 a gem for me. Even if this is Fromsoft's greatest hits album, they're taking the best parts.
  • High Lord Wolnir, The Wyvern in Archdragon Peak, Yhorm the Giant, and the Tree all seem like Demon's Souls bosses. They even brought back the stormruler.

    Remember when you could lift yourself up on a ledge just by walking towards it? Kinda wish they brought that back.
  • ^^Yeah the looping environments was definitely a big part of what made DS1 so great for me but at the same time I'm getting a big Demon's vibe from the creatures and that one is still my favorite in the series followed by DS1.

    ^That tree boss ended up being a bit of a puzzle but once you figured it out it became too easy since you can just kill it without it ever attacking you.
  • Without it attacking you? You mean just fucking wailing on the weak points once you figure them out?
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    woah double post.
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    Once you fall in the pit if you just circle right he doesn't attack and just keeps standing up and falling down since he can't turn fast enough.
  • So true. Plus if you have a halberd or a lucerne, you can skip his ankles and just attack his stomach.
  • Didn't know you could attack his feet since I'm full Mage, could only target the stomach.
  • Creaty said:

    Didn't know you could attack his feet since I'm full Mage, could only target the stomach.

    You can line it up but its annoying. You still sort of need to line it up when attacking the crotch or stomach or whatever. He gets pretty staggered when you burst his bubbles though so when I ended up beating him I pulled in two other people and we just went to town. He was dead very fast.
  • I've co-oped the tree like a dozen+ times now because it's the most convenient boss in my level range & let me tell you: I haaaaate when the host summons two (or three!) phantoms. With one other person, I can still break the orbs in 2-3 hits. With more it's like 4-5 or more, and just leads to a lot of bobbling around (especially when one phantom gets got early in the fight).

    It is still a very easy, and pretty cool, fight, so I won't complain that much.
  • Playing the game with second character, I assumed that those early game bosses that caused me so much trouble were just me being rusty and weren't actually that hard.

    Now after dying the Sorcerer boss half a dozen times with potentially half a dozen more in horizon I know it wasn't just that, this just isn't easy. Of course my "master wizard" build causes extra trouble as I have no health, no endurance and basically no damage output. But even then the way this boss expects me to avoid heavy hitting moves from bunch of directions at the same time with attacks coming off camera and in best cases being obscured by the bosses own illusions, is just way hard.
  • Re: Crystal Sage,
    The trick I wound up resorting to is, when phase 2 starts, run up the ramp at the far right end of the arena. You can hide behind some rocks up there from pretty much all of the attacks, and quickly pop out to snipe the illusionary ones with an arrow or something.
  • Playing full Mage is basically like glass cannon, just get really good at rolling and you're set.
    Also, knowing when to use soul arrow or heavy soul arrow depending on the enemy is crucial.
    Fat wizard you can stun lock him with regular soul arrow.
  • I'm not just mage, I also use pyromancy and technically I'm prepared to use miracles too, but those are on the background at least until I get some big lightning bolts or other fun stuff.
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    The time to cast between heavy to regular vs heavy to heavy is super fast. So I'll often flip to regular while heavy is winding up then just blast a second one off right after.
  • I wasn't really around for any of the streams so I don't know if there was ever one brought up then, is there a password everyone's using for co-op?
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    With a password you can connect to anyone regardless of skill lvl difference. Without, its the same way it was before, only players -10/+10.

    They brought back those convenient inventory optimizations from ds2 which is great. No longer does the menu automatically close when you use an item that isn't in one of your equip slots.
  • Thanks for sharing the password jerks.
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    The level sync feature is really cool, no more worrying about making new characters and syncing them up yourselves whenever you want to play with friends.

    Default is seems higher than +/-10, maybe 20? I've been picked up for summons on the Pontiff at SL90 and I ran that place in the 60's or 70's. And I think warrior of sunlight increases co-op ranges on top of that.

    Some covenant stuff, Watchdogs and Darkmoon Blades reportedly don't work so much.
  • I wish they would use level syncing outside of pre set co-op too. Like, if you try to invade and can't find people of your level in set amount of time it could start looking for people lower level than you and then just sync you down.
  • I think invaders shouldn't have an upward limitation to their invasion level range instead of syncing down.
  • They should be able to invade anybody a higher level than them to no limit instead of the co-op summon ranges.

    Being an invader is about using environments and mobs to your advantage, it's fighting dirty and terrorizing the host, so having a level disadvantage shouldn't be much of a change for them. Syncing down means they still keep their full kit so it'd be the same as back when low level invaders in fully upgraded, minmaxed gear were one-shotting anyone they could get to in Undead Burg.

    Red Soapstone can stay in co-op ranges because that's supposed to be 1vs1 fight club stuff.
  • Wow, yeah I was totally wrong about the lvl sync. Im able to get summoned for the deacons fight, and my +10 weapons turn that fight into a bigger joke than it already was.
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    My new character wound up looking like Sean Connery in Zardoz and being a Mound-Maker is a little confusing.

    Dave stop anthropomorphising and sexualizing the birds.
  • The best thing about faith builds is walking in poison swamps and not caring.
  • That does sound pretty great
  • Don't forget the 1200+ damage Falling Bolt weapon art with the Dragonslayer Greataxe. I don't even know what miracles to slot in because nothing can compete with that damage.
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    You don't need a specified build for walking in poison swamp and not care.
    Though faith might help on those toxic swamps.

    And also, I've noticed that my magic character is scarcely going for the routine where magic is only used as a way to buff melee weapons. I occasionally try to force myself to lob some fireballs around, but in most cases it's just easier to go in and swing around. And now I can buff my sword with fire too, so the case of "enemy is super weak to fire" doesn't need fireball solution anymore ether.

    But I'm still enjoying my journey, and I guess the real sorcery starts on NG+ when I have most spells and the stats for them and can use them more freely.
  • Once I unlocked the "Great" versions of spells and was able to get 6 ashen estus flasks I pretty much didn't care for melee anymore. I've used one pyromancy spell the whole game to test it out but it seems slow and not to travel that far, although it could be that I'm institutionalized with sorceries at this point.
  • Well, I've felt that manually aiming magic is super wonky and when you are close enough for lock on you are close enough for lobbing fireballs. Maybe I should do some more extensive testing and comparing and making sure to try out the new stuff I've picked up along the way.
  • I've been going for the super sun bro faith/dex route. Heal, regen, and stat clear spells with astora's spear and poison darts.
  • I've been reminded that I've had manual aiming turned on the entire time, what does that doo exactly
  • You are responsible for making sure the pointy end goes in the right way.
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