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Dark Souls 3.33: You Are (Not)



  • Good title, change it to 3.33

    Do it for me <3
  • He's never seen sand before
  • I take it back, the health regen ring actually helped me out alot in dispatching them deacons.
  • I've never been so relieved to see water in a game, just gotta wash off all that dust.
  • Going full wizard is a bad idea in this game.
  • That seemed to be the sentiment Austin was saying on the Beastcast. Specializing in any one thing sounds like it makes this game a bit harder whereas previous games it usually made it much easier.
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    Uhhhh I dunno about that. I'm just past Crystal Sage with my sorcery build, which is around 30 Attunement/Intelligence and is still sitting on 8 strength and I'm having a 100000x easier time than I did with playing the game as melee.
  • Fuck mages.
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    I've been debating if I should do my usual first playthrough build of make int character with greatsword then put fire on it.

    I feel kinda lame that I just do the same build in every game (even Bloodborne) but I just really like hitting things with a big sword that does flame damage.
  • I'm rocking the katana + bow dex build. Shit's great.
  • Took me a while to even figure out you have to teleport to the first location. I also got on the roof using the tree which I realized after a few tries it was the thing Dave was taking about on the stream.
  • I realized that I basically went back to the build I used when I played Dark Souls 1 for the first time. Dexterity based sword with shield and bow as needed. And it seems to work fine in 3 as enemies actually get staggered and have limited poise, so having fast attacks is good.
  • Focusing on vit str dex, have all three in mid 20s so far. Throwing hp and end bones err once in a while. No faith or intelligence, but for some reason I have 1 attunement slot, so the fire ball goes there.

    Figured out how to beat Wolnir
    Just two-hand
  • What's the works lay out like? Are there any frustrating level designs?
  • After the second boss you get some branching paths that eventually either dead end or just lead you to the next area you're supposed to go to. The geography makes sense though, and it's gorgeous to look at.

    Not sure what to say about the level design. Some areas get pretty intricate and dense. Maybe a few too many bonfires per location and not much interconnectivity between those locales. Still waaay better than 2. It feels and looks sooo much like 1 that it seems like this could've been more DLC in addition to AotA. However, there are some bosses that seem straight out of Demon's Souls. It's a pretty good marriage of all the prior games, but it's still missing the alure of 1 due to

    a) instant bonfire warping
    b) a world layout that necessitates the warping and
    c) a hub and a waifu, probably the weakest waifu in the series
  • A waifu? I'm collecting myself a proper harem in my Firelink Shrine.
  • Bigger Love

    I take it you're referring to the blind nun and the darkmoon servant? Im pretty much not fulfilling any quest lines in order to solo my first playthru.
  • I'm dumb. I spent a bunch of time grinding out so I could use the claymore and put fire on it only to realize fire doesn't scale with int. Apparently chaos will add int scaling but I'm gonna have to wait to get a gem for it.

    I guess I'm at least spec'd to use it now when that happens.
  • Beat Pontiff Sulyvahn on my first try
    Just gonna ride this wave for the rest of the day
  • No matter, I have the recipies.

  • Late game enemies feel a bit like they're veering into Bloodborne high speed, infinite stamina and poise, but we're playing as a Demon's Soul speed character. Upper Lothric just feels like running or powerful ranged damage are your only options unless you're particularly good at the game.
  • So I've been having an issue with co-op lately. I'll get summoned and then the person just melts through the fog gate and then I can never join. Anyone else seeing this?
  • Also the game seems to arbitrarily decide if I can summon 1, 2, or 3 people
  • Are you Hollowed? Supposedly there's penalties to co-op features the higher your hollowing score but I never heard anything specifically.
  • At this point my hollowing is probably around 100
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    Playing the game before release, I had no fucking clue what hollowing did. Though the dark sign says something about it amplifying curse, so I assumed it reduced your curse resistance, maybe? (it's also cured by purging stone, so...) But it had no discernable negative effect on me (aside from beef jerky face).

    Just spent a few hours last night doing a ton of co-oping at 99 hollow with no problem, so I don't think there's any issues there.

    I'm not sure if you mean your summons are FAILING at 1, 2, or 3 people or if you can just grab more or less at certain times? I *think* the way Mound Makers works is they take up an invasion slot, but can help you kill enemies, so you could ~sort of~ have three co-op phantoms by summoning one of them (but their ultimate job is to murder you/sow mischief). The dried finger also increases your friendly summons to 3, but increases your potential invasions by 1 as well (but I doubt you're using that by accident and being like "what do this do?????")

    In conclusion: it's probably just the shitty matchmaking growing pains every souls game goes through. I've had a bunch drops/ultra-floaty lag. My favorite was a crystal sage fight last night where one of the clones became invulnerable and the real sage wouldn't pop up against. I spent a minute wailing on it before the host banished me. D: I thought we were in this together, XXDante2002XX!!!
    Cybylt said:

    Late game enemies feel a bit like they're veering into Bloodborne high speed, infinite stamina and poise, but we're playing as a Demon's Soul speed character. Upper Lothric just feels like running or powerful ranged damage are your only options unless you're particularly good at the game.

    I feel like this starts waaaaay earlier than late game. Like, the knights at the end of the first area can chain you for a super long time, if they want to. It's definitely not "that dragon shrine mace asshole" levels, but it felt really punishing for the first area. The gravekeeper guys in Cathedral of the Deep are another jump. Then the goats in the swamp. The shitty ice guys are total BS. Even though they look sweet as heck, they can 100% eat my shit.

    But those guys all have pretty low poise, so in the end I guess I agree with you about Upper Lothric (those fuckin' golden dudes). Still, it drove me nuts, trying to play this game using fast weapons with short reach. All of these infinite-stamina, no-poise enemies were six feet away from me by the time I had a window to attack (especially if I was trying to no-shield, and rolling a lot). Then I went back to ole reliable (large club) and a lot of those problems went away. I really feel like this game rewards the reach and stagger of big weapons more disproportionately than other games. Not that those weapons weren't WAY WAY BETTER in earlier Souls games, they just didn't feel quite as NECESSARY.

  • It's not that it fails, though that happens way to often too, it's that I'll summon a guy and then no signs ever appear again as though I reached my max. Not even npc summon signs appear, at least until they're banished or leave.

    I'm also having an issue with the Anri story. So everything I've read only talks about killing Horace before Wolnir and telling Anri, or not killing Horace telling Anri, killing Wolnir, and then Anri is a corpse with a free sword. I however killed Wolnir and then killed Horace after having never discussed anything with Anri other than I have no idea where Horace is and Anri is nowhere to be found between killing Wolnir and Horace, just a orb of light that seems to change colors every time I pass it. The few posts I've seen regarding my version of this outcome have garnered no responses.
  • I found Horace and told Anri where he was because Im an idiot. The one time I actually want to join the Blue Sentinels, and I can't now.
  • Nevermind, found Anri safe and sound.
  • The dark moons or whatever seem like the same thing
  • Darkmoon is just comprised of assassins. Blue Sentinels are bodyguards fighting invaders of other worlds, I think maybe.
  • The Lothric Knights felt more like they just had comprehensive defenses against standard Dark Souls cheese tactics without the answer to that all just being hyper-tracking attacks. But then you get the greatsword ones who feel pretty bullshit with their speed and power. The setup only leaves you with the solution being get better at parrying. What I meant by it not showing up til later was that they don't become common until later.

    My longsword can stagger the grave wardens just fine more often than not Hell, straight swords in general feels like they got a huge buff from previous games and I'm loving it, Drakeblood Knights can be stagger chained in a three hit kill with my +8 refined sword.

    ^ Their covenant items tell you they function identically. Blue Sentinels are set up as a diluted Darkmoon or something.

    Oh and before I forget, this infusion system is exactly what I always wanted out of the upgrade system. DS2's infusions but also with the heavy, sharp, and quality paths from Demon's Souls.
  • Just realized there's a covenant slot, glad they made the blue sentinel radar span all areas in the game.
  • The changes to the covenants have been super good. I haven't really made use of it, but being able to switch on the fly is a long overdue change.

    Also, being invaded by 3 people at the same time is butt.
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    Between that and the summon help issue can't help but think you managed to upset a lot of covenants or something. That's not supposed to be possible without going out of your way to do so using the dried knuckle and even then that only accounts for two unless you also got an NPC.
  • If I have I had no idea that I did. I was so excited because I finally killed this invading NPC and then I turn around and get 3 fists down my throat
  • I don't know if I should mark this as spoilers or not so I'm gonna play it safe.

    I'm really happy that they took the best part of DS2 in this, where it asks if you want to go into New Game+ right now or wait til later. And when you do go into NG+ you have enemies that feel properly scaled as well as replaced item drops, the 50 soul items are replaced with 5000 ones, and rings are all changed out with +1 versions.
  • Finally started playing it doing my usual mage build but now missing that MP regen ring. At least it's neat that you can estus that shit now.
    Cheesing that first crystal optional boss to fall off the stage immediately got me in the DS mode.
  • The Sage Hat is worth every penny just to see the file save screen.
  • I'm already off to a good start in the game. Spent a good while not figuring out how to proceed past the starting area. Had to look up that I missed a specific spot to put a sword in to start a bonfire. At least a got a sweet katana out of the deal which is cool since I alway do dex builds. Still not sure if I want to invest in the special moves for weapons. I don't 2 hand often.

    Anyways here is my char. I don't know why makeup and lipstick mess up the face so much, but here we are.

  • Beating a boss every morning before going to work has accounted for most of my progress thus far.
  • There are shields that allow you to use the special moves of weapons without two handling, but I don't see any reason to specially invest in those. Even with starting FP you can do those enough times to get bored.
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    Any shield that doesn't have a party I think.

    EDIT: I just realized my phone autocorrected parry, but I like the idea of a shield having a party.
  • Shields with a sword icon replace parry with weapon skill. Which means you lose nothing with uchigatana.
  • Nothing except weapon range, stagger potential, and a fast start-up on your quick attack. :neutral:

  • That's why you stick fire on it and forget that part while fighting near powder kegs.
  • Haven't touched the uchi. I have been using the greatshield special charge move in pvp. It has been helping.
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