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Show #521: Initialism and the Element of Warmath


  • It's true, one must make peace with Iomedae before every game of Dota.
  • I stopped the dotes due to sharp pains shooting up my forearms and too much sodium. I've replaced it with Hearthstone and couldn't be more horribly addicted.
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    Hurray! New Fast Karate!
    - You guys totally fell into that guy's trap by talking about initialisms vs. acronyms.
    - Joel's IT koan really made me pause and reflect.
    - Dave, are you going to revise your book to work War Math into the story?
  • Was this game a psn freeb yet?

  • Nooooope. Microsoft published it, so it'll probably remain an Xbox/PC exclusive for a while/forever.
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    Poor Joseph Joestar. In JoJos, you either die young or live long enough to see yourself become the Speedwagon.
  • Thank you for sharing that.
  • It was lost in fixing whatever made Dreg's triple post, it had to be saved.
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    Poor joseph joestar. In jojos, you either die young or live long enough to see yourself become the speedwagon.

    Yeah, it was me who deleted it. i had that gem saved up for the next jojos episode, but then they went and reviewed a videogame. Should have read the ep description first!
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    I agree with Joel, it's the best game of 2015 and the developer actually put thought into it, as much as say The Talos Principle, Portal etc.

    Edit - wait it ties with Hotline Miami 2
  • I waved goodbye to cream cheese in sushi when i discovered sweet potato sushi.
  • The nice thing about Ori is that it isn't at all blood soaked or nihilistic.
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