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Monster Hunter For You



  • Important question: is there fall damage? Will I still be able to blast my team off a mountain with gun lance?
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    I don't think that's been asked yet, since there's never been any.

    *The maps still have numbered locations for coordinating movement
    *Scout Flies are replacing both paintballs and psychoserum, they have a time limit unless you find enough evidence to maintain them indefinitely.
    *The soft lock-on from previous entries is still in
    *That lasso'd little wyvern is the replacement of Farcasters
    *You can use the grapple hook for a fall recovery, shown when the hunter gets thrown off the netted Anjanath then hooks back.

    *"The sharpness icon decreases as your sharpness goes down, you visually know where you are at on current sharpness color. Nice change"
    *Hitboxes are far more accurate and complex, eg. Rathalos' more heavily armor top half is going to be deflecting hits more than his fleshy underside.

  • Weapon demonstration things are out now.

  • We've got a drained coral reef, mothdragons and a fluffy bat now!
  • Monster Hunter is pulling a pokemon now, MH: Cuddles and MH: Snuggles.
  • Snuggles for lyfe
  • Pukei-Pukei is the name of the chameleon thing, and flagship of Cuddle.

    Another thing mentioned was what they're calling Layered Armor which is a second armor set that determines your appearance. I think Guild Wars 2 uses this kind of setup for transmog.
  • You can undo weapon upgrades and it refunds you the materials, the weaponsmith shows full upgrade trees
    The monster encyclopedia has monster hitzones with damage type effectiveness and elemental weaknesses, also tells you what you get from carves, part breaks and rewards.
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    Monster Encyclopedia is a goooooooooooood change, though I'm sincerely going to miss these charts:


    Even though I was never actually good enough at Monster Hunter to do anything more precise than "hit them on the head when you want the gem."
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    Knew I forgot something in the last post. If you've played Senua's Sacrifice with a good surround sound system or headphones, they're using a similar audio setup with positional audio to let you hear things coming up behind or to the sides of you.

    and more-

    Talismans that used to only be obtained through mining are now craftable
    Set bonuses exist and unlike Generations where it was a feature limited to the Deviant armors it's for most if not all sets.
  • Hurray for competitive markets in the hunting genre!
  • The Monster Encyclopedia is filled out by captures, kills, finding prints, territorial markings, leftover kills, etc.

    Character creation looks like they took Dragon's Dogma setup and expanded on it though left out body options.
  • Monster Hunter + Valley of Defilement =

    Also there'll be a demo out on December 9th for PS+ users.
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    MonnaHunna keeps looking better and better

    When you talk to the Handler she'll have four categories of quests
    Assigned - main scenario progression
    Investigation - optional quests
    Bounties - Gather/Kill x item/lesser monster quests are replaced with Bounties, you can have six active bounties at any given time and they are passively added on to any other activity you do and carry their progress in between quests
    Event - special quests on a weekly rotation

    Research Levels - As you get monster evidence and captures you build up research points and Scout Fly levels that make them more effective at quickly tracking down monsters as they gain familiarity and greater detail on monsters in your encyclopedia.
    Level 1 familiarity makes them track from evidence to evidence until they lead you to the monster
    Level 2 requires less evidence to start tracking
    Level 3 requires no evidence gathering, monster immediately shows on map

    The small animals around the map can be captured and released inside your house to be pets

    Squads - Guilds/Clans/Free Companies
    Groups of friends with an icon you make
    Squads can have up to 50 members and you can be a member of eight squads
    You can make Squad-only lobbies
    You can set it so you get notifications on squadmates logging in.
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  • Hmmmmm indeed.
  • I become more "hmmmmm" about this game with each passing Coby post.
  • There's a bunch of stuff out this week because people from magazines and websites were invited to the capcom HQ to play the game up to rank 4 over the course of a week.

    Because it's the current hot button issue, Capcom talked about loot boxes or any other kind of pay to skip feature in World. There aren't any.

    Quests dynamically scale difficulties based on solo and 2-4 player groups.

    Assigned Quests with long introductory cutscenes can only be started as solo quests but others can jump in once the cutscene plays out.

    There are special Investigations with a great deal more rewards than normal that have limited access.
    Similarly there's limited time Bounties while online.

    Gathering points regenerate faster than previous entries.

    Free Hunt mode's been overhauled. You start out in the Ancient Forest with one camp accessible and as you complete requests more open up; there's NPCs in the field to take quests from and you can travel between different maps freely as you unlock them. You can also take up any assignment, investigation, or bounty in that field and start them up from camp.

    When you do voice test in character creation you can also make it play the animation those grunts are associated to.

    Bowguns have customizable parts with the effects of
    Recoil Reduction
    Shot Deviation Reduction
    Reload Speed Up
    Close Range Power Up
    Long Range Power Up
    Shield (Heavy only)

    Rare 1 and 2 guns can equip one part
    3-4 two parts
    5+ three parts
    You can stack multiples of the same effect.

    Because of the bigger emphasis on staying out in the field chaining multiple quests and bounties swapping between free exploration and questing, the Item Pouch is both larger and split into separate categories of items. You have 24 slots for consumables, 16 slots for gunner shells, 24 material slots, and bug nets, fishing rods, pickaxes, whetstones, level 1 shots, and the BBQ spit take up no inventory space and have unlimited uses.

    Combo Books are also gone, all combinations are always 100%.

    Scout Flies can be set to lead you to a marked location.
  • I am going to miss the style abilities from gen.
  • I'm torn on them, on the game they're in they give you so much capability over the monsters who were not at all updated to work with them that Generations became dull. On the other, World's monsters do seem capable of keeping up with them.

    But they did rework some of those abilities into the core kits in their expansion of the weapons.
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