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Monster Hunter For You



  • Important question: is there fall damage? Will I still be able to blast my team off a mountain with gun lance?
  • edited June 16
    I don't think that's been asked yet, since there's never been any.

    *The maps still have numbered locations for coordinating movement
    *Scout Flies are replacing both paintballs and psychoserum, they have a time limit unless you find enough evidence to maintain them indefinitely.
    *The soft lock-on from previous entries is still in
    *That lasso'd little wyvern is the replacement of Farcasters
    *You can use the grapple hook for a fall recovery, shown when the hunter gets thrown off the netted Anjanath then hooks back.

    *"The sharpness icon decreases as your sharpness goes down, you visually know where you are at on current sharpness color. Nice change"
    *Hitboxes are far more accurate and complex, eg. Rathalos' more heavily armor top half is going to be deflecting hits more than his fleshy underside.
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