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Monster Hunter For You



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    To heck with combos 1and 2, 3 is where it's at.
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    3 IS where it's at.
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    Welcome to G Rank, every quest now has a 50/50 chance of also having a super saiyan gorillataur.
  • Fuck that Dodo bird thing and its flashbang beak. So annoying. Also when it aggro'd after I woke it up was pretty intense, but I left and came back and dropped the bomb on him.
  • I finally picked it up. Insect glaive is super fun
  • Fuck that Dodo bird thing and its flashbang beak. So annoying. Also when it aggro'd after I woke it up was pretty intense, but I left and came back and dropped the bomb on him.
    His flash attack does absolutely nothing if you are guarding with the lance or gunlance.
  • Fuck that Dodo bird thing and its flashbang beak. So annoying. Also when it aggro'd after I woke it up was pretty intense, but I left and came back and dropped the bomb on him.

    His flash attack does absolutely nothing if you are guarding with the lance or gunlance.
    Being able to guardblock things like shouting and flashes is such bullshit.

    Useful bullshit, though.

  • If you got evade+ you can roll through them.
  • A friend of mine picked up some monster hunter yesterday and asked for tips.
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    I want that Poogie shirt but probably not worth a convention ticket for that alone.
  • That poogie shirt is the best shirt of all shirt time.
  • This month's dlc is not as exciting as march's. Maybe it'll be Mega May next month.

  • what is this cuteness
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    I need to know more about this and then want to know why it will never be localized.

    Something about this screams Level5 rpg, do I get georama in my Monster Hunter now?
  • I definitely see where you get the Level5 vibe.
  • "We also added special NPC text when you talk with The Man, you know, the, uh, man who runs the Smithy and forges all of your gear. After you clear certain quests and talk to The Man, he’ll give you the run down on new armor that you can forge and what kind of buffs you can expect once the full set is complete. We hope adding this kind of content makes it easier for new players to come to grips with the skill system of Monster Hunter without being too intrusive to advanced players who already know what’s up. And if you advanced players do find it intrusive, remember to press the B Button to fast-forward through a conversation!"


    That's a neat touch.

  • You can snuggle sheep, GOTY.
  • That's no sheep, that's an alpaca
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    Monster Hunter cozy co-op cabin at Anime Expo.
  • I am going to the nearest costco to purchase that right now.
  • Next Monster Hunter won't have swimming, Frenzied monsters, or Guild Quests. With the last one I mean the random loot quests you register by doing the farming zone, not the Guild Hall quests.

    No new weapon class either, instead we're getting a kind of style system kind of like Mortal Kombat X.

    Four types for each weapon class -

    Basic, standard style using the movesets from 4U

    Special moves called Hunting Arts you can choose that vary based on weapon class, though there are a few universal types.

    Jumping and mid-air combat specialization that lets you jump off of monsters.

    A style about "turning a pinch into an opportunity."

    The alpaca are called Moofers.
  • You have no idea how much I am hyped for that alpaca.

    Also, what are the odds they'll introduce these mechanics way too late in the game?
  • Outside of bowgun limiters they never hold weapon mechanics back from the player by progression.

    If they do, I'd imagine you'd get a style from each of the four towns you visit.
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    Should probably write out the confirmed information from this.

    Aerial Style allows you to manually jump off of your dodge rolls, probably by a second press of B. Hitting a monster with this jump lets you double-jump to hit the backs of taller monsters and get in more mid-air attacks.

    Every weapon has a Super skill, basically a limit break style attack with a bar on the touch screen that fills up and says SKILL when it's ready. Each weapon has different Supers, unknown if there are multiple that you choose from.

    Gunlance has had a UI change including a little bar that flashes when your Wyvern Fire is on cooldown, they didn't show what this charge meter does but my best guess would be that it is now possible to time your charged shots.

    Two new monsters were shown and the return of Nargacuga.

    Forest and Hills, the main map of Monster Hunter 1 is back.
    Misty Peaks is back.

    Big, fat Felyne Chef.

    Moofer petting.
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    Striker Style - Removes some of your core moveset but adds two additional Special Skill slots.

    Bushido - Adds counterattacks to your moveset, probably coming off of dodge rolls.

    Some Skills are universal and these include things like Perfect Dodge, others are weapon specific like the "Energy Blade" for the Charge Blade shown in the video.

    General weapon changes:

    Insect Glaive has a visible stamina meter for the Kinsect.

    Gunlance has an Heat Gauge that fills up when you use Shells and will prevent you from firing if you shoot too much. Shells will also deal less damage as you build up heat, and you cool down the weapon with normal attacks or just waiting.

    Hunting Horn's adds double notes separate from Encore, if you're fast you can play any note off of any other note rather than specific ones of Encore, complete with new beamed note icons. If you play a whole song with beamed notes you will trigger the effect of the last song you played along with your current one.

    Bows have a third backward dodge and coming out of it instant has a level 3 shot nocked.

    Bowguns now have an infinite ammo unique to each or by class rather than Normal 1.

    Lance has new combo finishers to its classic 1-2-3 stabs.

    Weapon Coatings - Consumable items that add temporary effects to your weapon. These were built to give Sword and Shield a definite advantage to being able to use items while unsheathed as well as make use of their faster moveset.

  • Guns get sweet hops.
  • Monster Hunter is on sale until 8/31 on the Nintendo e-shop.
  • I could join up with anyone who picks that up or just wants to co-op in general.
  • I just hit g rank special and guild quests just gave me an I glaive stronger than most charge blades.
  • I'll slowly sliiiiiiiide a nickel over Graz's end of the table and see if that sweetens the MH4 pot, now that it's on sale.
  • Guild Quests will do that now and then, mostly they give you garbage because they're just Diablo loot systems.
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    This month's update got the best palico armor in the game.

  • Monster Hunter X lets you play as your Palico.
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    Monster Hunter Cross cross Macross

    Also final trailers since the game comes out in japan just after Bloodborne's DLC.

    I'm calling the leviathan Ceasar
  • X came out yesterday and so much stuff! This is a big anniversary fanservice game, they removed alt-colors to cram in more hallmark monsters and you go to villages from each generation. You got npcs from towns you don't go to showing up here too.

    The thing that caught my attention first though might be the change to the weapon upgrading.
    Going straight on your weapon upgrade tree results in you needing one or two distinct items but the rest is a progress bar kind of thing where rarer materials are worth more points.
    So instead of having a weapon where you need 10 iron, 5 machalite, 10 earth crystal and a small monster bone. You'll need a small monster bone, a machalite, and six Ore Points and ore points are 1 for iron, 2 for earth crystal, 4 for machalite etc.

    I kind of like this system, if you have bad luck then you can just cram your pile of lower grade materials in there to make up for it. It's still progress gated by item tiers though.

    On top of that, any branching off point you pass is still accessible after upgrading.
  • Tell me after 100 hours whether you still need to do 20 G rank hunts to get that 1 mantle.
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    Jokes on you, I'll never need any mantles since there's no G rank in this game.

    There's been cookery weapons in the past but they may have topped themselves with the cheese fondue fountain lance with a cheese wheel shield.

    Or the pizza cutter charge blade with the pizza shield/axe.
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    I've got some complaints though.

    The director of X hasn't been on the series since Unite way back on PSP and it shows.

    Stages are back to flat combat arenas, Plesioth is back to his sit in the water while you can't do anything shenanigans, returning maps Forest and Hills and second generation Volcano have some jump platforms added but didn't address the problem of some cramped, bottle-necked areas compared to 4U's Dunes which was a remake of the first generation Desert map totally reworked for the new mechanics. These are ten year old maps, it seems like these should have been problems that could have been addressed.

    Stages are a huge step backwards from 4U and it feels like it was just taking things out to accommodate the new Hunter Arts or work with stuff this older crew was more familiar with.

    I guess I've figured out the best way I can summarize it. MHX feels like a second gen game with the quality of life changes and gameplay flow of 4U, like this is some kind of missing link that has just been uncovered.
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    The apparent ending cutscene to monster hunter x.
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    Yup, after you defeat the blade tail t-rex monster in the village you get that. It's called "Let's Nyance!"
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    I think for the first time in a long time I'm not going to get to an endgame in Monster Hunter.

    Game's so easy I just don't have the motivation to plow on through. It's a bit like the changes to the DMC series, they added all these things the player can do but the enemies are simpler and slower compared to the previous entry, and it's made worse because defense scaling is ludicrous. Going from 26 to 40 defense cut incoming damage down to at least a third.

  • X is being localized as Generations, comes out this summer. I guess 5 is still a ways off since there's no G version of this game and they're bring it out here anyway?
  • No cat should be allowed a beard of that calibur.

  • You can get a bonus code to the demo if you got the latest $4 Humble Bundle, don't know when a public demo is out.
  • Let's bring this back up for World, which is 5 in all but name. Also kind of wish I could change thread name to Monna Hunna Za Warudo but eh

    From E3 thread:
    The town and hunt maps are separate instances but the maps are no longer divided by zones.
    Hunter Arts and Styles aren't returning.
    All weapon classes returning.
    Health Stamina and Sharpness still working as usual.
    No underwater combat

    The cooking jingles and palicoes are still around.
    Making premade groups when in town still a thing, it's not being replaced by the flare SOS.
    Visible damage numbers are an option for those who want to find out the maths, health bars on enemies aren't happening.

    The overall flow of hunt, gather, craft is unchanged but they aren't getting into details on craft/progression changes.

    The rapid fire bowgun was a skill, that's not how they function all the time.

    The gillie suit was one of multiple kinds of cloaks, another one increases your visibility to monsters and makes you targeted more frequently when multiple hunters are present

    From producer interviews

    *Originally, it was going to be called "Monster Hunter 5", but the development team really liked the name, "World" (Japanese ワールド).

    *The Base Camp spawns in random places. Each time a hunt starts, hunters will be at a different Base Camp.

    *Hunters can change weapons and armor midhunt by going to the Base Camp.

    **This feature was added due to there usually being multiple large monsters in an area and from each having a different strength or weakness.

    *Hunters can now hunt freely without being held back by the main objective/quest, even if the quest is complete. Hunters can hunt freely without any limits now.

    *Hunters use Scout Flies as guides to help them navigate the area if they can't find the monster and to find certain items, including drool and footprints.

    *The monsters can easily change the environment you are fighting in with certain attacks and destroying certain objects.

    *Each large monster in a location has a territory in a certain part of the area. In some cases, hunters may need to lure another threat into their territory in order to get their target to reveal itself.

    *By hiding from monsters, hunters can avoid fighting them or prepare for a silent escape from the battle.

    *Capcom thought about giving the monsters health bars due to a majority of people. Globally, fans requested for a way to see how much damage they were dealing, so Capcom decided to add damage numbers to the this game.

    *The Quest Giver was fully voiced in English, and she sent the hunter on a quest to hunt an Anjanath, the T-rex-like monster shown in the reveal.

    *Hunters can quickly pick up resources as they run by, meaning you don’t have to stop and wait for foraging animations.

    *You no longer stop and pose after consuming an item.

  • Cybylt said:

    *You no longer stop and pose after consuming an item.


  • But, the posing...
    The desperate chase to survive, only to be hipchecked.
    I'm actually going to miss that annoying/terrifying feeling of stopping and eating, only to see the monster turn his eyes to you.
  • Feels like a consolation because there's no more load screen barrier to protect you.
  • Oh shit I didn't realize it was slated to also come to PC.
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