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Monster Hunter For You



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    Harder to tell in some shots than others but yeah, sharper textures and anti-aliasing are on the New3DS.

    The stage textures were a complaint of 4, though it makes sense that something would have been downgraded seeing as the game has larger stages, a more vivid color palette and yet another upgrade to animations.
  • Yeah, new 3DS does look a little cleaner. I didn't even play much on the WiiU, but my memories of how it looked on that stuck more than how it looked on 3DS.

    Insect Glaive seems really cool and versatile, with a medium-low skillcap, but requires a fair bit of micromanagement. It seems like a fun main, and the easiest way to take advantage of the new mount mechanics. Still, I'm thinking about checking out some stuff with lower brain investment, like S&S.
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    Glaive is a good, simple weapon class built for beginners. Has the simplest combos barring hammer, good reach, attack speed and your most complex management is the buffs and leveling up your bug as part of the upgrade path with stuff like flight speed, power, and cutting or blunt damage type options.

    If you want something that doesn't require much thought there's always hammer.
    Small opening? Hold R and release after a few seconds for super-pound(idle release) or spinning swing (moving release, press X after 4 or 5 rotations).
    Big opening? X>X>X combo

    You can charge your mid-air attacks with it or hold R the whole way down and keep the power built up for a super-pound. The exhausting effect of blunt damage also means your target gets hungry quicker, meaning more time in its longer opening state.

    The hammer's power is in its simplicity.

    S&S might actually be tougher than the two of those and you'll need to get recklessly aggressive to get the most out of it, otherwise you won't be doing much damage. Everything combos into everything, there's forward+A attacks and back+A attacks that sometimes do different things based off of what attack you're chaining them from. Being able to use items without sheathing is a pretty huge plus, too.

    I was just introduced to what might be the highest level of solo S&S play. You get the Trap Master, Evade+, and Bomb Boost skills. You use that to combo in laying bombs, attack them and then evade the explosion.
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    I always found the lance and shield to be a pretty good starter weapon set. In MH3 I usually stuck with the hammer or horn, maybe using a switch axe when I needed to sever a tail.
  • If it doesn't have two swords or made out of chainsaw, I don't care about it. Unless it's a bow, hammer, peco beak, or involves butterflies in any way.
  • Why am I so terrible at finding perfect g rank SNS hunts?
  • Localization director revealed some new features in the game today. Mostly little stuff but they still make a difference.

    Text Speed - Normal or Instant options
    Palico Chat - On/Off selection for multiplayer.
    Turn Off Tutorials - Removes any text explaining Vitality, Stamina, Item Combining, Sharpness, etc. Leaving only story relevant information.

    Meownster Hunters!
    You send your reserve Palicos on missions with a rock paper scissors mechanic against three monsters. Doing these gets you materials to craft new Palico armors and weapons.

  • Armor galleries from the japanese version. I know we don't get the J Pirate gear, it's a collab with some magazine that makes it impossible to bring out here without a lot of copyright changes or some such nonsense.
  • I'm trying to decide if this is a game I should get. I bought the 3DS and Wii U versions of 3U to do coop. I guess admittedly I didn't spend that much time with the single player but I liked the idea of these epic battles and whatnot, but it seemed like a little too much grinding for me. It seems like there are better tutorials to get you familiar with the systems more but it still seems like a pretty grindy game.
  • I went and pre-ordered Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Not even sure why. In my previous tries I've never properly gotten into MH, but that might be because controlling the games on PSP were kinda ass.
  • Capcom's community board thing announced that if you get the game and patch it between Feb 13th and March 15th you get the Super Supply Box, a collection of healing items, traps, and a little bonus.

    This pack contains.

    Mega Potion x50
    Honey x30
    Mega Dash Juice x15
    Well-done Steak x30
    Max Potion x10
    Lifepowder x20
    Ancient Potion x5
    Flash Bomb x30
    Sonic Bomb x30
    Pitfall Trap x15
    Shock Trap x15
    Super Mushroom x6

    The big bonus is the Super Mushroom which gets you...

  • whee, consumable bonus....
  • That's enough honey to never have to pick up a single bit of honey out in the wild <3

    My review, anyway:
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    They'll still make you for that "make me a mega-potion" quest, but 30's plenty to carry you through til you can start giving it to Wycoon. And 15 of each trap is great for early captures when materials aren't as readily available.

    Monsters feel like they hit a little harder than they did in 4? Might be because I'm still in unupgraded Derring armor but Tetsu got dangerously close to two-shot kills.

    Good review, Dave. Always nice to read one where the writers understands the game rather than falling into the group you described who feel the game is supposed to be hack & slash.
    Tutorials are a lot better than Tri and 3U's three hours of explaining every minute detail to make sure you get that gathering is helpful that couldn't be skipped.
  • Isn't Tetsu pretty late to be in the default armor? Or maybe I just did him really late in Rank 2. I did most of the optional quests before I did the story at that point.
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    Maybe? He's the "first" boss of the second town. I played 4 a lot though so I've got a bit more practice with the terrain, monster and weapon changes than most.

    I'm aiming for his armor for the defense up and enough slots to gem out gather down and gem in speed sharpening.

    edit: I've been diligent with weapon upgrades. Monster fluid is still a pain in the ass to grab but I got the third form of the charge blade and the last low rank form of the jaggi switch axe.

    Glad I upgraded, can't believe after ten years I still get combo'd by gypceros like that... run into poison peck into another run into tail whips and then a flash when I'm already stunned from the combo.

    With camera, I never felt the CPP was a necessity. For me it was more of a hindrance because of its bulk, the way it shifts the weight off-center to the system, and the placement of the stick. I've always been far better off just tweaking the touch pad camera dpad to hug the right side and then just touch up the height and width til it felt just right. Once you're accustomed to no physical feedback it is infinitely better than CPP in my experience.
  • I've just been able to pay a little bit today, but I'm super psyched to finally have the game. Does anyone want to try and get a hunting party together this weekend?
  • I certainly would, and with the New 3DS release I finally have my very own 3DS. My friend code is 2423-5150-5064. I'll dig up the old friend code thread and post it there too, along with taking down those already posted.
  • I'd be up for that.

    My FC: 2105-9019-1083

  • My FC: 4098-5515-6183
  • Gore Magala down! Back to treasure hunting.
  • Who's up for online play? And it might help to get on a live chat thing, I'm Cybylt on Skype and Steam.
  • Welp, I am now part of the inevitable insect glaive army.
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    Voice chat would be good, I'm Davedave on steam and Huzzahdave on skype. I'm gonna try to do some online play this afternoon, plus I have tomorrow off work for presidents' day so probably more then too. I've added all the codes posted in here, my friend code is 2793-0744-9991 if you haven't already added me.

    I am loving the charge axe so far
  • That's enough honey to never have to pick up a single bit of honey out in the wild <3

    My review, anyway:</p>;
    Because of my crippling Mega Potion addiction, I probably go though 30 pieces of honey in a day.

  • Get better at moga bee farming.
  • Got into second tier Dundorma quests though I'm going back and clearing Jobs and Requests to upgrade the kitchen and wycoon trader. Should probably look into an armor since I got two-shot by Hermitaur and Congalala though I did just fine on Monoblos.

    Really want to make that Nerscylla charge blade but without a hammer to bash off its claws that may take a while.
  • Got into second tier Dundorma quests though I'm going back and clearing Jobs and Requests to upgrade the kitchen and wycoon trader. Should probably look into an armor since I got two-shot by Hermitaur and Congalala though I did just fine on Monoblos.

    Really want to make that Nerscylla charge blade but without a hammer to bash off its claws that may take a while.
    I've taken liking to a Hunting Horn and while I'm going to focus on Charge Blade, I think I will use some smooth Jazz anytime I need to smash something.

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    Something that I've noticed, monsters had more health/defense in 4. Like a lot more, enough to make a few minutes difference.

    Village high rank I got nothing to compare it to because it's always custom tuned but the low rank stuff, while hitting as hard as they did in 4, die a lot quicker and I don't mean just by me being better than I was back then. I'm getting less breaks/tail cuts using the same general strategies.

    I guess Pink Rathian is as far as I go with low rank zimzam armor. Charges took about half and everything else took out two-thirds of my health. Need something with fire resist. Maybe Monoblos, he was easy enough.
  • image

    Jone Kojo, Monster Hunter collab we're never getting :(
  • The trend continues.

    Do everybody know about/follow this guy on Tumblr?

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    I know about him, Capcom themselves recommend his guides. But I don't follow the guy.

    Did not know about that dunes shortcut but I did know the other, jump into a well at camp is an MH classic.
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    Gonna be hosting a room for a while.
    Search is up with
    Any, Any, Any, Playing with Friends, and Friends are excluded from passcode - 1010

    Gathering Hall ID: 48-7135-8734-9649
  • I'm not sure if there are more heartbreaking things in videogames than seeing my hunter take a leap and fly downward from huge cliff. While holding a wyvern egg.
  • I'm not sure if there are more heartbreaking things in videogames than seeing my hunter take a leap and fly downward from huge cliff. While holding a wyvern egg.
    Egg quests without Felyne Lander and Transporter are suffering.

    Room's down, ended up doing quests solo til I made it to HR4.
  • Egg quests without Felyne Lander and Transporter are suffering.
  • The climbing while transporting eggs tripped me up. I was feeling good, had my Felyne Lander buff, somehow spaced out and dodged (lunged? vaulted?) while climbing on a ledge... for some reason didn't think that would be a problem. One broke egg... was the last one, too, so the path was at its longest. :(

    Stupid egg quests. And you have to do at least one (maybe two? or maybe all, since they're in a chain?) to upgrade one of the foods.
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    Three, they upgrade dairy and make you the don of the egg-celent mafia.

    Third one is the worst. Three wyvern eggs in Heavenly Mount, frenzied rathalos on the first egg, shortest path blocked and frenzied rathian spawns after first turn in, second shortest path blocked after second turn in.

    I got lucky and they kept changing to areas I wasn't in.

    I hate fishing more than egg quests, really.
  • Fishing is definitely worse. For that quest, I just murdered the guys. Killing one of them is the subquest anyway.
  • If you ever wanted to know stuff about the Wycoon trading carts and how to unlock/upgrade the item replicating things.

    Village 4★ - Oil Toil
    Village 5★ - Advanced: Trade Route

    Moga Bee Yard gathers honey and insects
    Unlock: Village 3★ - Boulder Bash
    Request: Honey Sweetens the Deal
    1500 Caravan Points, 1 Monster Fluid, 3 Gluehopper

    Dundorma Town Market replicates low grade monster materials like wyvern claws, fangs, and monster dung
    Unlock: Have completed "Honey Sweetens the Deal" and arrived in Cathar
    Request: Trading with the Town
    2000 Caravan Points, 3 Pale Extract, 3 Light Crystal

    Replication points upgrade to ★★ after Twenty-One uses and ★★★ after Forty-Six uses

    and the Street Cook Kitchen

    Spoiler: Meat

    ★ - 2★ Guild Quest - Bite Your Tongues
    ★★ - 3★ Guild Quest - Advanced: Purge and Binge
    ★★★ - 4★ Guild Quest - Apes of Wrath

    Spoiler: Fish

    ★ - 3★ Village Quest - Road Work
    ★★ - 5★ Village Quest - Pick Your Poison
    ★★★ - 3★ Guild Quest - Hunters' Heaven

    Spoiler: Grain and Vegetables

    ★ - 2★ Village Quest - The Stinking Seltas
    ★★ - 4★ Village Quest - Najarala Hunt
    ★★★ - 5★ Village Quest - Rathalos Renovation

    Spoiler: Dairy

    ★ - 3★ Village Quest - Shipshape Skin
    ★★ - 4★ Village Quest - Hanging By a Thread
    ★★★ - 6★ Village Quest - Egg-straction: Final Mission

    Spoiler: Drinks

    Drinks are unlocked by Completing the 3★ Guild Urgent quest Advanced: Sailor Send
    ★ - 4★ Guild Quest - Splendid Sootstone
    ★★ - 5★ Guild Quest - Pyres Beware
    ★★★ - 6★ Guild Quest - Advanced: Heaven and Earth

  • I just do everthing in order. Well, not exactly in order, but I won't move on to next tier of quests until I have done everything I got in previous one.

    That way I hope I unlock everything at some point or other.
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    If you ever get silver check marks that means you have something in that tier that will unlock through a request or some other quest.

    There are low rank village quests that unlock by doing high rank gathering hall ones, for example. In those you'll fight high rank monsters in high rank zones but they'll do less damage than their true high rank counterparts, for a more gradual entry into the difficulty increase.
  • That's handy to know, considering I just got into the high tier single player questing and a hermit crab turned out to be a hell of a challenge.
  • Best advice I can give is just go make an S armor asap, the damage jump into high rank is pretty crazy. Jaggi, Velociprey and Tetsu are all early in and the only one that'd be tough to make out of those is Tetsu because he hits hard.
  • Yeah, already made a Velociprey suit, especially easy with a quest to hunt two at once.
  • I've mixed velociprey S chest and legs with other pieces that give torso up as well as Handicraft on their own to get a sharpness+ set with attack up small and speed sharpening. Changing around the arms, charm, and a couple decorations could change it to attack up medium and artillery to boost that impact phial.
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    Friday Hunt Hall!

    ID: 45-4150-5319-9147
    Code: 1010

    new new new room
  • For someone who is never gonna block what is a good weapon? I think I used the long sword in the other game because it was fast and strong. In the demo I tried the axe sword thing and the charge blade and I was digging the charge blade but I basically never blocked. That's how I work in Dark Souls too usually, I just don't really like to block, I'd rather dodge roll.
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