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Monster Hunter For You

Even though it's not coming out here til next February or something I'm just too excited and I started to feel bad about filling up the general games thread with Monster Hunter. So here's a thread for it!

We've got sixty boss monsters confirmed so far, forty-two wholly unique and eighteen subspecies alts with three new styles of monster altogether (amphibian, chelicerata, and six-limbed pseudo-dragons like the Gore Magala), fourteen weapon classes including the brand new Charge Blade and Insect Glaive, multi-tiered terrain with faster walking/running animations and auto-platforming that lay somewhere between 3D Legend of Zelda games and Assassin's Creed, mid-air attacks, ride attacks, swimming is gone, and a ton of returning first and second generation monsters revamped.

I've been playing the series since the beginning and Monster Hunter 4 was by far my favorite entry, balancing the difficulty of the old with the accessibility of the new to encourage what the games are all about, fighting dinosaurs and dragons with some friends and wearing those dragons as hats.


  • I'm hype for it, I just hope the new 3ds thing comes out in the US before/when it is released.
  • I think Nintendo's going to try to get that out by christmas.

    Oh! New3DS has a screenshot feature exclusive to it as well as that right nub being used for the camera and slightly faster load times.
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    I don't think I ever talked about the flagship monster, Seregios aka Steve.

    Unique for a flying wyvern, most if not all of its attacks from kicks and sweeps from a low flying position including a grab that can send a hunter flying into a teammate to damage them both.
    Guy's got a new status effect caused by the loose scales covering its body that it can flare up. This effect is a new bleed that causes you to take damage whenever you do something that spends up stamina. His weapons have a special effect as well, when you successfully dodge you have a chance of recovering some sharpness.

  • Spoiler:
    photo RadicalRaptor_zps122feeef.png

    I had to do it.
  • That suits him perfectly.

    Something that might interest the fast karate crowd, Seltas armor and weapons.

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    Kotaku's got a review of the japanese version.

    I'm not sure how hard mode being hard is a bad thing? It sounds like he played multiplayer for most of his time with it so maybe he never really learned the tells you're supposed to be looking for which in G rank do have shorter openings but G rank is supposed to be there for higher level play. G also adds new moves and combinations, some creatures handling themselves in whole new ways so their openings could be totally different.

    He also mentioned maining long sword which is probably the worst thing you can do in 4, and probably 4G as well. Lowest damage retention, sharpness multiplier, and the moveset feels built to trip up your team more than hurt the monster, you'd be better off with Sword and Shield which got a pretty nice buff after being so weak through all of third gen.

    That bit about the DLC is worrisome but it could just be a format change that takes you to the eShop for event quests and item packs instead of its own little page like previous games.
  • Spoiler:

    Really big pic.

    They're teasing a later game monster today along with a size comparison for the flagship, Gore Magala.
    Still no concrete release date :/
  • image

    All instances of "Do you want to hear that again? Yes/No" have been removed from the english version of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate according to the localization director.

    They did it, they've killed that damned owl.
  • Thank you!
  • image

    Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate releases February 13th along with the New3DS bundle.
  • I dunno if it's the text itself or that it's off-centered that really bothers me
  • It's both for me. Screams afterthought.
  • I kind of dig it, now torn between that and the Majora one.
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    You do end up getting monster hunter for $10 off...
  • I kind of dig it, now torn between that and the Majora one.
    Majora's is sold out. They didn't even get the chance to sell them outside of the east coast because all preorders were taken as soon as gamestops opened.

  • New trailer came up too.
  • I got some of the early access demo codes I can share, send me a private message if you want one!
  • Do we want to try to set up a room and get a monster mash going on?
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    I got a code from someone.

    Just-guarding monsters to KO them is the best thing ever.
    image image

    Best weapon got better.
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    MH4U sort of breaks standard 3DS, makes the OS reboot like Smash does and multiplayer runs at 30 frames while solo runs at 60. New3DS is 60 all the time, however.

    It's actually part of the reason the system was developed. Nintendo wanted that sweet MH gravy train rolling strong in japan but they're pushing the system as hard as they can. Future entries will likely not even play on standard 3DS.

    New Stuff:

    Emergency Pouch - 8 item page slots just for quest items, plus the gunner pouch is now on both Gunner and Blademaster

    Item Sets - You can save (I think it was 15) inventory sets for quick selection between quests.

    Quest Maker - You earn quests that take place in a randomly generated forest map that replaces Moga Wood in function as a free gathering zone. You can upload these quests to do in the multiplayer hall and they level up as you complete them, even going into higher ranks.

    Endgame with these are for people who want to grind out challenge content and get weird Relic Armor and weapons that have randomized stats ranging from totally worthless to OP as hell. Feels a little out of place in Monster Hunter, but I can see it being used to extend gameplay for some people.
  • Best weapon got better.

    Also, how the hell does the game look so stupid sexy. Are you sure the cart doesn't accidentally hold a quantum computer doing the work for the DS?

  • Sword and Board mode isn't so bad.
  • Okay, I do like the part where he attaches his shield to his sword and swings it around like an axe.
  • Do you like the part where the the monster has a tokusatsu styled delayed explosion? If not, you forfeit your right to love things.
  • I hope you guys are happy, I just reserved a new3DS so I can hunt these fuckersimage
  • I wasn't paying attention and missed them finally announcing the New 3DS exclusives. I called several gamestops to see if I could reserve one and was often met with laughter at the thought. Guess I'll be getting a regular red one and monster hunter. Also, I too have some of those demo codes if anyone wants one. I haven't even turned the demo on yet and starting to just itch with anticipation for this game.
  • Wow, do any of the other weapons introduce a jump mechanic or is it just the magic bug rod? I wasn't crazy about its mechanics but that alone makes it pretty worth it.
  • All weapons can jump by rolling or sprinting off of ledges, Sword and Shield can jump for more distance by doing their X+A attack at a ledge as well as jump uphill using the same move. Lance can manually jump with Forward+B while dashing.
  • Pretty big thing in 4U is that they went from one to five towns, each with its own style and special function.

    When you start up the game you'll only have access to Val Habar, a trading hub and home to the Gathering Hall online lobby. The town's design is meant to evoke a euro-asian border bazaar and has the simplest layout of any of the towns.


    After you've faced off against Kecha Wacha your caravan sets off to aid the troverians of Harth. More of a large smithing workshop than a town it is where you learn about slotting gems into your equipment and it's where you go to restore antique armor and weapons found in certain quests.


    In return for your help, the crafters make you a ship to cross the seas over to Chico Sand, a small island training ground for your Palicos.


    As the battles with Gore Magala heat up you return to Harth to outfit your boat into an airship to get to this unnamed town high up in the mountains, near the heavenly peaks. In this town there's an alchemist who can duplicate your items in exchange for these dark fragments dropped by infected creatures.


    Finally, going into the village high rank battles gets you into Dondruma, a massive fortress city that first appeared in Monster Hunter 2 and has been a hub in Frontier.

  • If it's a north american code can I get one for my friend?
  • A070J08W0L22MY5K First come, first served.
  • Amazon just knocked the price down to 27
  • Are you sure that's not 3 U?
  • Huh, that didn't last long
  • Yeah,for a small amount of time today both amazon and Walmart had it listed at 27 dollars. It went back on amazon first so I headed to the Walmart shop. Apparently it corrected itself right before I added it to my cart.
  • I got it for $27!
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    I'm probably doing the whole midnight release thing with my brother, just need to go get a preorder in.

    Getting a new3DS while I'm at it for the frames, load times, and sharper textures. Plus future exclusives.
  • You're supposed to save the frames and now you're adding 30 new ones?
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    Adding? Monster Hunter always ran at 60 til 4U. And you might notice it since it still will run at 60 in single, but 30 with dips in multiplayer on the older system.

    These are very good tutorials if you wanted to learn some stuff about the weapons.
  • At least it's not like Dark Souls 2, where doubling the number of frames also doubled the weapon durability degradation.
  • Most Capcom games from the japan offices run at 60 so they know how to work with it as the default. That's why this is an issue for people.

    They aren't taking a series that ran at 30 and doubled it for a better system, they took a series that runs at 60 and halved it for a weaker one.

  • Anniversary video from last year. I... guess there's spoilers in here since 4 has a story involving one of them?
  • Is the spoiler that you kill monsters?
  • The spoiler is Gore Magalas are blind babies, and we're all terrible monsters for killing them.
  • So in truth, we are the monsters that are hunters?
  • Maybe you guys are, I operate on a strick catch and release program.
  • I think you mean "catch and harvest for eyeballs." P. sure the materials you gather from a trapped monster are the kind the need to live [or, at the very least, live a productive, happy wyvern life].
  • So, I finally convinced a friend to try MH3U with me. Problem is we both have the Wiiu version, so I went to his place, hooked up mine, connected to the internet, and played some local co-op.
  • So, aside from the better frame rate in MP, is the New 3DS screen resolution higher and therefore will this game look better on it? I think I got too used to the up-rezzed WiiU port, everything on this one looks mad fuzzy.
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