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The Official 24 Thread



  • So they're going to reveal next episode that Tony is the Vice President, right?
  • I don't even have a joke for this. What is this show about anymore? What even?
  • I was just starting to warm to him too. President Geriatric that is, not Sour Mark.

    Best episode yet? Maybe because Chloe had about 10 seconds of screen time?
  • president audrey's dad is also the president in the dark knight rises
  • Haha Mister President, where is your gold now?
  • Yo, President Audreys Dad, hook me up with that silver bling son:

  • Oh. My.

    Out the window...
  • ^Yea, Literally...
  • I rewound and watched that three times. It's hilarious.
  • Jack just did it without a second thought after Margot justification for her actions. My parents spent like 10 minutes cheering and supporting what Jack did as I sat there and laughed at the whole situation.
  • ^That's how it is at my house too.
  • ^ I feel pretty good now that i'm not the only person who goes through this on a weekly basis. 24 is one of these shows that we can all sit down and enjoy as a family, even as I watch my parents try to figure out the shows plot as the show is still playing in the DVR.
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    Goodnight sweet Sheriff of Nottingham. :'(

    Also, I'm glad Chloe speaks the international language of being a huge pain in the ass to work with to this Chinese villain I totally forgot ever existed.
  • Spoiler:
    ANIME GURL DIED? that is not sugoi at all guys! I am so Kibun o gaishita for reals. Also 2 episode left, oh man.
  • I NEED the reveal that Tony is pulling the strings for both Russia and this Chinese guy.
  • Kate Morgan plays the Black Widow character from Avengers.

    Except because she is a widow, she does it better?
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    Scarlett Johansson is Black Widow.
  • No i meant she does the get information trick just like the Black Widow. I know the real Black Widow is Scarlett Johansson
  • She's actually just Regular Widow.
  • 24 Live Another Day: "Jack Bauer battles to avert international crisis."

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    I haven't seen the avengers.

    I like how they're like well shit, now they're working with the russians, when in truth they were really only after Jack. Except it turned out that they actually WERE working with the russians.
  • This season is too short to have more new characters appear as though from the great deep.

    I want someone to visually plot out the seasons of 24 as though it's one of those Family Circus comics that trace path of the kid's day. Except a charming little cartoon Jack Bauer with depictions of death and suitcase nukes and all the double-triple crosses.
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    She's actually just Regular Widow.
    Mini Jack Blonde Widow

    I was surprised that Chloe didn't immediately cheer up and wash off the mascara as soon as she found out that Jib-Jub's death was just a regular accident.

    PS Dave we need a thread for the new podcast
  • ^^ I think with the Family Circus type of 24 story telling, it should end with "also, during the time skip, Jack killed 300 Russians, and some prime minister from some where... beep, beep, beep, beep"
  • Ooops. I fixed it.
  • ^^ I think with the Family Circus type of 24 story telling, it should end with "also, during the time skip, Jack killed 300 Russians, and some prime minister from some where... beep, beep, beep, beep"
    Jack Bauer is now the Hokage of London.
  • So yea...
    Russians got Jack now, everyone doesn't win
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    Thanks again Dave and Joel for the livestream. I hope that the first episode I've ever watched won't truly be the last filmed.

    Livestream in three parts!

    ^ Skip this one

    If you couldn't hear it, like me:

    RIP President Audrey's Dad's Daughter
  • Dave, is that a Giant Bomb/WIndjammers shirt you sporting there?
  • Are you guys still going to do an episode for the finale even though you did the livestream?
  • Probably yes. I might try to convert the audio too, but I don't think it'll hold up as much as an official finale
  • Well, I think I can imagine Joel flipping all the furniture in his house when he sees this video. So I think we got our next season.
  • Oh my god. Tony! Go rescue Jack!
    Looks like you can watch the whole thing here:
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