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The Official 24 Thread

I wasn't sure if there was ever a 24 thread on here, and the search came up with nothing, so I decided to take it into my hands to put one up.

Anyone catch tonight's opening 2 hour show? All I can say is: Jack Bauer (still kinda is) homeless in London, Chloe is a female Snowden, and [spoiler] Audrey is still alive????[/spoiler].


  • Audrey was always alive, she was just catatonic.
  • I was surprised to see Audrey back.
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    P. much forgot Audrey was in a waking coma or whatever. P. much forgot everything about Audrey, including that her name was Audrey and not Aubrey.

    The problem with Chloe Snowden is that she is meant to be surly and grumpy due to her hard life on the run BUT ACTUALLY

    ...that's just how she always was already?
  • So is the next podcast going to be about the return of 24? Fingers crossed!
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    We were even gonna try to livestream something but the idea was proffered like 40 minutes before the show started and I was like "uh how do I use google hangouts" and also "does my TV have a working antenna?"
  • That antenna is your Tony Almeida.
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    Wait hang on, Audrey
    Last Season Spoilers: was shot in that hotel place towards the end of the last season in New York and I thought DIED IN JACKS ARMS IF I RECALL!?
  • Um that was a completely different person.
  • Wait..... hold up....

    (After 10 minutes of using Wikipedia...)

    Ohh..... It was this girl who got shot:

    Ok.... NOW I remember who Audrey was...
  • Skeletor and her pothead hippy brother
    Those actors got so old
  • P. much forgot Audrey was in a waking coma or whatever. P. much forgot everything about Audrey, including that her name was Audrey and not Aubrey.
    "Jack, you were gone so long I... I turned into Lucky Jack Aubrey" *turns around to reveal Russell Crowe*
  • They should have just brought Tony back in the Hannibal Lector getup. It was the only sensible option not pursued after season 7
  • If Tony had shown up in the episode I would have flipped all the furniture on my first floor due to OVERWHELMING HYPE.
  • *whispering Tony*: Jack. Jack! When you locked me away in that C.I.A. black-site for the rest of my life, that was like... a pretty shitty thing to do. I mean, it really crossed a line with me.
    But when you left open the possibility that I'm not appearing in this season either...

    *shouting Tony*: You double-crossed the line. You double-crossed the line, Jack!

    *whispering Tony*: and I will always respect that about you.
  • They have him on a 24/7 machiatto Iv drip. It sedates him, nobody knows why!
  • *whispering Tony*: Jack. Jack! When you locked me away in that C.I.A. black-site for the rest of my life, that was like... a pretty shitty thing to do. I mean, it really crossed a line with me.
    But when you left open the possibility that I'm not appearing in this season either...

    *shouting Tony*: You double-crossed the line. You double-crossed the line, Jack!

    *whispering Tony*: and I will always respect that about you.
    You just can't stay mad at that guy!

  • ^^^^ Make sure Hannah isn't in the room while you do this, it would set a lasting impression Joel.
  • Watching the first episode and listening to the podcast, I wanna actually think that Tony is inside the box. Tony is the AI that the hacker developed based on what Chloe told him. Later we find you that Tony is the one who is putting this plan in motion.
  • The biggest twist in this episode was reminding me that Chloe had sex at least once.
  • Every time I see a commercial for this new season I just see Gail the Snail looking all emo and then I imagine her getting salted.
  • I wonder what the count is on the amount of innocent bystanders Jack has caused injury to over the years. He has to have caused millions of dollars and years of pain and misery for dozens of people so far.
  • And also death.
  • Oh man, my dad was watching last night episode a few min ago, and it was at the part where Jack fires at peoples legs in crowed of activist and proclaims "THERE SHOOTING AT US!!" Like are people in that crowed 'really' that gullible to believe that because their hearing is so bad? I think with gunfire you can tell where the shots are coming from.
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    Not in his coat of within a crowd concealment attached. it ups Crowd Confundity +15 (jack's been maxing that stat for a while) and in regards to Chloe reproducing I'm pretty sure we have a zeus-athena situation thing going here. She angsted her son out of her forehead or something. Chloe's moe purity is preserved this way.
  • It has been my experience that the source of gunfire is extremely difficult to pinpoint based on sound. I don't think those people were gullible. I think they were believably terrified. I don't think Jack would have been able to use that terror to access an embassy, though. That's where the 24 magic happens. It is a fitting example of how the only real thing in 24 is the fear. Everything else is just made up.
  • Yeah I don't think the guy next to Jack when shots are fired is really going to be prepared to be like "HEY THIS GUY'S FAKIN IT. HE'S A FAKER. STOP FAKING AND SHOO... OW, MY LEG!"
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    ^^ Yea that whole "lets open up the embassy because of someone shooting a gun in a crowd of people" is the true magic of 24 you are describing Joel. I better see what you mean on gunfire being hard to pinpoint because of how loud a gun is after thinking about it now, but there wasn't enough time for the soldiers to figure out that they sure as hell didn't open fire on the civilians before they bum rushed the gates and anarchy broke out.

    Yea I wanna say both people who Jack shot were trampled to death before they bleed out from their injuries. The only way to confirm that is if there is a camera pan on them in some scene in the next episode to know if they are still alive or not.
  • When a gun goes off in public , I piss myself. I don't know if you guys knew that.
  • Unlike Joel I've never actually seen a gun fired in public, only heard them from inside.

    I've peed myself on man occasions.
  • I've shot a couple of rifles and pistols during my annual trips to Florida. It was all highly regulated and managed by my friend's Step dad who's a gun safety instructor. It was a lot fun. But when I'm eating a hotdog on Jamaica Ave and I hear fireworks go off or a car backfiring, I better be wearing a diaper.
  • In this episode of 24:

    Adrian Cross is still a dick.
    President Audrey's dad is still being incredibly irresponsible by hiding his Alzheimer's.
    Creepy Russian Lady watches her daughter give a BJ.
  • I only really know about firing weapons from first hand experience since my brother owns a mini arsenal in his room that he has bought from his ex-gf dad in the past, (who has had the federal government come to his house on numerous occasions because his name shows up on some registry from him having enough money to buy guns all the time) and im at least prepared for it since I am the one pulling the trigger. I guess I have a tough skin when it comes to backfiring and fireworks because I am mildly annoyed for a moment until I realize "oh, thats not gunfire, im good then."

    Also from first hand experience, having a .357 go off a few feet from you without proper ear protection does cause ringing in the ears for a few minutes. Also firing one makes your hands really tingle for that same period of time.
  • Usually a .357 will cause some ear ringing, but shouldn't really make the hands tingle. It could just be that I'm used to it, but anything under a .40 generally handles pretty comfortably.
  • I tjiml it's just me, but I feel that 24 is showing more brutal on-screen violence. It might just be primetime TV as a whole, I guess.
  • Yea that headshot of terrorist moms ex son in law did not cut away at all, and it seemed there was enough blood behind him to indicate that he is really dead.
  • Is Chloe sneaking off to reapply her makeup because I swear by episode 5 it's looking fresher than at the beginning.
  • My highlight of this episode was jack Bauer spazing out like a wild animal so the army men get distracted and forget about then flight key.
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    Well she had to fix it after crying so hard remembering Morris and Jibjub. :(
  • poor jibjubub
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    Morris' frequent unemployment is one of those things 24 keeps doing despite the fact that it makes literally no sense. When Chloe has to drag him into CTU the first time, he's selling women's shoes in Beverly Hills (presumably by choice, though he joins CTU at the earliest opportunity). And later on, in Season 8, Chloe mentions he "got downsized" leaving her as the sole breadwinner as though somehow one of the world's top 5 hackers would have serious problems getting hired. It's possible he got repeatedly fired for being an antisocial jerk, but I can confirm that there are very skilled programmers in the real world, and indeed, on the show 24, who hold onto jobs despite being insufferable douches. I think capping it off is when Season 8 had Arlo, a man who would sexually harass his boss, Starbuck, with literally every line of dialog he was given, with no disciplinary repercussions.
  • I never really understood how that guy couldn't get a job or how the job he would have had wouldn't have paid enough money to allow him to do whatever he wanted. At one point he mentions knowing the backdoor to an encryption protocol because he worked with its creator. So he is highly skilled and well networked. Dude, get a job.
  • He's also just really lazy. Just likes sitting on the couch, eatin' cheetos. He's a modern man, doesn't mind if Chloe brings home the bacon. He's content just staying at home, taking care of Jibjub, working on his novel "Morris: A Story of the Man Who Is Not Morris Day of The Time."
  • So I like Audrey (she was cool in Season 4 and 5 anyway) and her and Jack finally got their "tense reunion BTW I married this asshole Mark." They have pretty good onscreen chemistry together, and then the scene ends when a tortured Jack has to push her away. Because I guess as many terrible things as Jack Bauer has done, he still has some compunctions about making out with a woman who's married to another man. At least a woman whose husband he hasn't yet shocked with a table lamp (fingers crossed!)

    Part of me just wanted him to bark all his lines in this tender moment out like the joke from the earlier podcast about how post-bioweapon Jack Bauer can only yell:


    Jack: Audrey... please, you need to go.
    Audrey: Jack... I--
    Jack: Audrey, you have to go right now.
    Audrey: Wait, Jack, I have to tell you--
    Audrey: Please stop yelling.
  • I also like Audrey's reaction to hearing Jack was alive. Had she just psychically crumbled I would have been a little disappointed. Also, it totally made Mark look like an even bigger jerk. Being able to hate Mark is the highlight of this season so far.
  • I am quietly praying that Jack brings back that table lamp and shocks the president to cure him of Alzheimers or shock the drones into submission and lead him to Marwan.
  • I am quietly praying that Jack tomoe nages the President into a drone, knocking it down within lamp range, and then shocks the crap out of it until it beams Marwan's location to his PDA.
    There were a few typos, so I cleaned it up for ya.
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    I got a nose bleed by just reading that.
  • Last episode what made me laugh was little miss 9 fingers accidentally stabbing her sister in law.

    That whole scene was a calamity
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    24 is...
    *leans back in chair, takes a sip of water, snaps fingers a few times*
    *pauses over the paper, sucks on tip of pen, then snaps fingers once, more firmly*
    Good as hell.



  • Hey, President's Audrey's dad legacy surely went out "with a bang," so I give him that.


    So I guess this is now "24: Mark Redemption to not make himself a giant asshole"
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