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You guys, we can just *have* a JoJo thread



  • With only one ep to go, I hope they close the loop of Josuke pushing his mom's car somehow. Which would mean Killer Queen must have one more ability I guess.
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    I hope that ability is for him to turn into the plant he so desperately wants to be.

  • Trying to get my head around how the Stray Cat/Killer Queen amalgamation works with the existing Stand rules, but then I remember it's JoJo's and I don't care.
    Looking forward to seeing how they wrap this up.
  • I was prepared for this but I guess it is bizarre for the time travel not to come up again.

    I was a little confused about the whole ghost alley part but I guess it's an appropriate way for him to finally go.
  • And thus ends Part 4. We have to suffer through Part 5 to get to 6 sadly.
  • Yeah...time travel aspect was never touched
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    Poor Hayato. That kid's gonna have (more) issues. Nice that Kira got to think he escaped only to see his victory torn away.
    Just like his face.

    So part 5's not great?
  • Part 5 feels kinda like filler when compared to what comes before and after. Its still pretty fun and weird.
  • Part 5 mainly has the problem of just kinda being a Part 3 rehash with the worst villain. On the bright side if you liked Rohan's fashion sense, everyone in Part 5 dresses like him.
  • Aside from part 1, I actually like part 3 the least.
  • ^This

    I think part 2 will never be replaced in my heart.
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    Yeah if I were to rank parts it would be 5, 1, 3, 2, 4, 6, 7. I would probably put 1 at last overall, but since Part 5 is so long it beats it. At least part 1 is short.
  • Apparently part 5 is super popular in Japan. I hold on giving proper opinion on it, as I read the manga with subpar translation.
  • Something I didn't notice until I was told: the last episode had everyone who sang an OP for JoJo perform the last opening together.

    0:14 Hiroaki "TOMMY" Tominaga (sang Sono Chi no Sadame, 1st OP)
    0:20 Coda (sang Bloody Stream, 2nd OP)
    0:25 Jin Hashimoto (sang Stand Proud, 3rd OP)
    0:36 Batta (sang chase, 6th OP)
    0:44 The DU (sang Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town, 5th OP)
    0:54 JO☆STARS, Karen Aoki, & Daisuke Hasegawa (K & D sang Great Days, 7th OP)
    1:29 JO☆STARS (sang Sono Chi no Kioku, 4th OP, group consisting of TOMMY, Coda, and Jin Hashimoto)
    1:40 The DU & Batta
    1:51 JO☆STARS, The DU, & Batta
    2:08 The DU, Batta, Karen Aoki, & Daisuke Hasegawa
    3:05 Karen Aoki & Daisuke Hasegawa
    3:18 JO☆UNITED (Guess)
  • Thats really cool. I hadn't noticed either. Thanks for posting that.
  • This probably the first appropriate use of this "meme". (That word is used for everything so I don't what an internet meme is anymore)

  • From a very good episode of Cool Games, Inc.


  • Apparently this is the first of a projected series, and if this one does well enough they'll adapt the rest of part 4.
  • Looks like Okuyasu's brother is gonna be in it. Wonder how much/what of Diamond is Unbreakable they'll use.
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    It'd be a pretty short movie if they didn't at least get to that, right?? :open_mouth:

    Or I guess I was thinking about it out of order, but if they don't have the brother it'd pretty much just be Angelo, right? During the flashy bits, you see Yukako, so it looks like they're going fairly deep.

    Said it on stream when chat showed us this, but Takashi Miike is the best choice for JJBA director. I know he's one of those guys that seems to take any job, and has done anime before, but he could really make that shit work.

    (uhhhh just no Audition stuff with Okuyasu's dad ok)
  • Man, it's a shame Okuyasu never found anyone to fix his dad. You think he's still searching for a stand user, even to this day, who could return his dad to his original form?
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    I forget if I said it on the last podcast but I thought they beat the dad to death until we watched these recent episodes.

    Like where does Okuyasu keep him most of the time. And how does he even have the time to obsess about girls when he's got that emotionally cripppling reminder of his failure and fratricide around.
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    That's JoJo's for ya! Take a hike, tonal consistency, nobody in Morioh needs you.
    EDIT: that Cool Games video is hilarious.
  • Okuyasu has goldfish memory, soon as he's out of the house he forgets about all that.
  • Part of becoming a stand user is to become a criminal sociopath. Well, either becoming one or being around one....or being in focus of the camera...
    Araki can only write crazy people.
  • Cybylt said:

    Araki has goldfish memory, soon as he's out of the house he forgets about all that.

  • Nice work.
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