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Final Fantasy XIV Because Seriously That Thread Was Getting Ridiculous



  • I'm not ready dammit.
  • edited September 2
    For DAHma. \o/
  • They sprinted through the other new things to give Matsuno a lot of talking time but here's things

    Ventures and Beast Tribe Tokens moving to Currencies
    GC Squads leveling up past 50, at 51+ you can start playing dressup with them
    GC Squad Dungeons
    Kojin Beast Tribe Quests
    Hildibrand Interlude
    New Deliveries Client for DoH/L
    The Unending Coil of Bahamut: Ultimate (harder than Savage fight for crazy people)
    Lost Canals of Uznair will start dropping maps to "deeper levels" that are partially submerged
    New Dungeon - The Drowned City of Skalla
    New Frontlines - Rival Wings
    Two teams of 24 made up of 4 man parties will fight as well as pilot mechs from the Alexander raid series including Cruise Chaser.
    24 Man Raid Roulette
    Shirogane Housing
    New Perform Emote on Bard, new instruments and notes will be added to it through patches. Example given was when you activate it you'll have hotbar buttons for do re mi fa so la ti do
  • Yo-kai watch event is back, I hope that translates to people doing Heavensward fates even though it's not supported in the event.
  • Hey, so

    is this game still good? Wife and I are mulling over reactivating our accounts in a week or two.
  • I miss your wife. She's the only other lala left.

    I miss you too.
  • Don't do it. Save your money for something good like the new Samus game this week.
  • Brought to you by the creators of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate!
  • and a-heeere we gooo!

    how does game even work
  • Kirkine was eyeing onion prices and asking about gardening last night. Is the FC garden in use these days? Should we maybe be looking into getting our own small house somewhere with a private garden?
  • I don't think anyone's using the garden currently, so feel free, because I think there literally isn't a free small house left on the server (I checked a month back)
  • Noriyu does use it sometimes but I don't think it should be a problem, especially if it's currently empty.
  • Good news! Kirkine started gardening.

    Bad news! The circuit breaker to our computer room tripped and won't reset, so she has no way of watering the plants until we get an electrician to come by. >:-(

    I found a couple of Reddit threads from the past few weeks of people selling small Cactuar plots for about 8 million (not including the 3mil and change that the game charges), so I guess there's a bit of turnover. I assume the housing market is going to flip upside-down for a little while when Shirogane rolls around as people rush for the land grab and/or move their existing houses.
  • Any of us can water it so it will be fine.
  • 3 million? 8 million? WTF? For once I thought I actually had a bankroll in a game. Crap.
  • Yeah, I'm gonna grab up our previous plot when we move over to Shirogane. So if you have the fortitude to log on at 5/6 EST whenever it rolls over (which is actually just late night your time?) you might be able to sneak one in real quick.

    I asked around on that reddit back when me and Graz were trying to grab a house and eventually deleted the post because I was tired of people offering medium plots at me for 30 mil before the 20 mil I have to pay to actually buy it.
  • Update: the purchase of multiple extension cords has us back online.
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