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Final Fantasy XIV Because Seriously That Thread Was Getting Ridiculous



  • - Fey Union range extended to 15 malms.

  • Ya zinged me, I went left, you went right.
  • ThatGent said:

    That cool 10 million is exactly what someone who hates gathering needs to get an otter with a tiny hat

    To the victor (who is willing to waste their life collecting pretend logs) goes the spoils :sunglasses:


  • They went back on that longer cast time thing, or that was a mistranslation.


    Stance change no longer reduces gauge
    Holy Spirit potency down from 430 to 400

    Steel Cyclone now has a drain effect.
    Storm's Path combo potency 250 to 270
    Unchained and Inner Release both cost no gauge now.
    Stance change doesn't reduce gauge anymore.

    Souleater got 20 potency buffs
    Quietus restores MP


    Sonic Thrust extends BotD time by 10 seconds
    Dragon Sight 12y range
    5th combo hit gets a 100 potency buff instead of 30
    BotD base time up from 15 to 20 seconds
    Mirage Dive animation lock reduction

    Fire MP cost reduced
    Fire IV/Blizz IV cast time now 2.8 seconds from 3
    Blizz IV cost reduction
    Foul MP cost 0
    Triple cast cooldown down from 90 to 60 seconds

    Heated shots Heat increase down from 10 to 5
    Overload actions potency doubled
    Barrel Stabilizer cooldown reduced from 120 to 60 seconds
    Hot Shot damage buff increased from 5% to 8%

    Aetherflow actions don't need to hit to add stacks of Aethertrail Attunement.


    Esuna cost down

    Cure has 100% chance of adding Lilies.
    Confession stacks now also apply through Medica, Medica II and Cure III, chance of applying Confessions up from 20% to 100%
    Plenary Indulgence potency down from 400/500/600 to 150/300/450

    Excogitation potency increased from 650 to 800, cooldown down from 60 to 45 seconds and duration increased from 30 to 45 seconds
    Indomitability potency up from 400 to 500
    Emergency tactics cooldown down from 30 to 20 seconds
    Faerie Gauge range increased to 15y and no longer depletes when target is out of range
    Aetherflow actions don't need to hit to apply Aetherpact bonuses
  • What's fun about Holy Spirit is spamming five spells in a row while a boss is wailing on you. I don't look at damage numbers so potency debuff is nbd, since it still should be the strongest thing you can do with a full MP bar.

    Warrior not having their gauge halved is awesome, PLD not having their gauged halved is like who fuckin CARES. Oh yay, now I can cast one more intervention on the main tank.
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    PLD has nothing special behind their gauge because if they did they'd be the best at everything ( but they're still currently the best at everything) but eh, one extra Sheltron or Intervention after swaps is okay?
  • Dragoon feels way better in dungeon now, still need to try it out in trials but being able to bridge BotD between every pull with the longer uptime is good. Having an AoE kit that contributes to my job mechanics is also very good.
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    Cybylt said:

    Excogitation potency increased from 650 to 800, cooldown down from 60 to 45 seconds and duration increased from 30 to 45 seconds
    Indomitability potency up from 400 to 500

    Wow, didn't expect a duration increase on Excog. If they were gonna do something like that, I would've rather them change it so that it procs when <60% HP, but that's definitely better than what it was. Can't talk shit about this ability anymore, it's actually definitively worth keeping on my bars now. Still not sure why Indom is getting a potency buff, but I'm not gonna complain about it.
  • I'm still confused about what players were doing different than devs for ninjas. My current assumption is, "we don't drop our combos. "
  • Sounds like an ability made for me, I like clutch buffed Essential Dignity and scaring tanks. Trusting that kind of thing to a timer sounds annoying though.
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    Cybylt said:

    PLD has nothing special behind their gauge because if they did they'd be the best at everything ( but they're still currently the best at everything) but eh, one extra Sheltron or Intervention after swaps is okay?

    Because gauge builds slow and both sheltron and intervention aren't that strong, I only use them on tank busters unless i'm capped. So all that really gets me is shaving 30% damage off a hit that wouldn't have done appreciable damage anyway. They might be more effective, when looking at PLD/WAR's toolsets as a whole, than Inner Beast or the spinny one I can't remember, but it's a lot less exciting.

    Paladin right now is at the climactic intersection of Useful and Boring. Most of their buttons do something strong (i miss the CDs on DRK or WAR), but almost none of them do anything interesting. Hallowed Ground is still ultra powerful on trash, so it's not like I can complain, but give me DRK hops or WAR "you hit me? i hit back" CDs any day of the week for actually keeping me awake when I'm playing.
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    @ThatGent I think they might have just been using two stage combos between re-up times? It's the only thing that comes to mind, like they were avoiding positionals and mitigating potency loss?
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    Also I would take up the mantle of WAR if I didn't hold that spot open for Ian to come back.............

    ..........s-some... day... ;_;
  • They even have a DPS stance :x
  • I don't think you're selling those Cleaves hard enough. With the change to Inner Release, you can do more, so much more.


  • It's so... beautiful... ;-;
  • What's this?
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    That's a warrior doing 7 Fell Cleaves, each more cleaving than the last.
  • The answer to all server/population problems and things related to those is delete Balmung.

    Or at least should have quarantined it before its population was quadruple what was designed to be world capacity which could have prevented this whole situation by making its excess population spread across servers naturally over time instead of a mob flooding unpopulated servers all at once because of moving incentives.
  • Those poor gobbos, they'll never again experience the joy of "server first".
  • Why do I succumb to peer pressure? It wasn't even that aggressive...

    Anyway, I was looking into those paid level skips. Should I? I'm 55 on warrior, absolutely no where on any other job and probably 1/4 the way through Heavensword? I'm considering buying my way through the quests and maybe boosting a DPS to a usable level so I have an option.
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    Buying your way through quests without leveling will leave you at 55 with level 60 quests to do. If you want to buy that DPS skip, I'd suggest just doing Heavensward and message anyone at 70 whenever you have a dungeon/trial to do because we can turn off the level sync until Stormblood content and just crush it to speed you along.

    Thing with Heavensward and its patch content is that it is substantially more concise than Realm Reborn where the patches dragged on for ages. The patch content will run you about three hours of play total, even less if you skip scenes, with three dungeons and two trials plus some solo duties because they separated the recurring primals plots from the main scenario.

    Or do the DPS/Heavensward skip and level that DPS to 70 first?
  • Of all the nice things storm blood gave us, this is their crown jewel.
  • Can I main line these main story quests or will not completing heavensward zones come to bite me in the ass?
  • I think there's a couple which force you to complete the zone. It makes getting around for patch quests a bit easier but the time saved is probably offset by time spent completing quests. But it's more exp I guess.
  • It's either beat the main story or buy your way through it.
  • I spent the majority of the day logged in yesterday and feel like I got absolutely fucking nowhere. Granted I have a baby to take care of but still. I got from 55.5 to 56 and don't think I've left the shit zone I'm stuck in.

    Took a detour to unlock machinist and samurai. Seem interesting.
  • If you can swing it, Leveling Roulette or Main Story Scenario Roulette will do you right. Requires around 25 minutes of uninterrupted play though. You'll get a lot of XP in exchange for your trouble.
  • Yeah if you need XP just do roulettes. If you somehow have an hour, doing Leveling, Main Scenario, and 50/60 will get you the better part of a level.
  • After that, palace of the dead is the most consistent xp % per level.
    Also, Omega Savage 1 clear baby!
  • Congrats, Gent!
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