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Final Fantasy XIV Because Seriously That Thread Was Getting Ridiculous



  • We have an FC application from a YFI listener, let them in?
  • About 2hrs. ago Raubhan's wall finally started to crack. People on Saragantanas(Aether) are finally progressing.
  • There is a catchy mnemonic for red mages.
    "White mana then black, white mana and black, white mana and black, and then use gap closer~"
  • Yeah, it's slightly more complicated than BLM but not by much.
  • I'd say its a bit easier since RDM can be more mobile than a sentry turret.
    The cure they get adds amazing versatility too, it's not enough as a dedicated healer, but it still is a cure 1 or 2 in a single button press. That and paired with three emboldened samurai does add some disturbing ways to melt chunks off bosses. Honestly, the only weaknesses RDM has is their only mana recovery being the role skill and their auto attack capping into the double digits.
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    Moreso I meant from a rotation perspective. BLM rotation is pretty simple since you can oftentimes boil it down to like 5 skills. But yeah RDM is definitely more versatile. For now I've decided to stick with that over BLM since that was only like 5 levels ahead and I had to grind out a couple levels to catch up on quest thresholds for Heavensward.

    Also I have a rapier with a Unicorn head on it.

    I do kinda wish that their mana gain was a bit faster. I like going through the melee skills but in mobs you can clear out 2-3 enemies getting to 80+ b/w mana then you get to use your melee for the end of the 4th dude.
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    We locked eyes from across the bar...


    Young lovers at heart.
  • Part 1 one Noclip's FF14 documentary is up.

  • Sure, the new artifact gear looks good, but nobody is talking about how the ninja set is AMAZING with a pomp.
  • Yanki ninja
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