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Final Fantasy XIV Because Seriously That Thread Was Getting Ridiculous



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    Word's out that the media tour tooltips can range from pretty wrong to super wrong compared to Famitsu video of the JP version that came out today.

    For example, in english for Machinist it says the Overheated status is a 20% damage penalty followed by Gauss Barrel falling off for a time. In JP it says it's a damage bonus, which makes much more sense in terms of overall balancing.

    edit: @matatat Dark Knight can be a clusterfuck of resource management and even with cross class skills going away maybe go into palace or do dungeons as Paladin to get the hang of tanking skills on something more straightforward and get used to that part before moving into Dark Knight's more complicated setup.
  • I was like Coby, once. Then I was like: what if I didn't go out of my way to learn everything about an MMO I'm playing? (no offense meant)

    That said I'm still curious so I end up looking at stuff anyway, like this. I hadn't heard they were planning on giving other jobs new run cycles. It's not really a QoL thing but I like it when they add stuff like this.
  • None taken, I have a really low threshold for my curiosity getting the better of me in this.

    The run cycles thing is pretty cool, all the original jobs had pretty goofy runs with their weapons drawn then everything else had nice custom made ones.
  • Week 3 of A12S progression, and we are showing definite signs of improvement.
  • Our final chance ended in failure. We were literally 9K away from clearing.
  • Think of how triumphant it'll be when you finish it this week, a day before Stormblood drops!

    ...holy crap I forgot about early access. Stormblood comes out in like four days...
  • Amg amg amg amg!
  • Every time I look at that GIF I learn new things. Like when we took that photo I still had a CRT monitor, damn.
  • That was the last chance, work is shipping me out to tennessee for the week... ;_;
  • I will be using the #samuraisword
  • Congratulations, Gent! Just in time
  • Got carried due to hotel wifi, Also since it was on laptop, nothing recorded. ;_;
  • Preliminary 4.0 patch notes

    Patch should be available to download now from the launcher as usual.
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    Now I gotta choose whether to buy a pagoda to call my own.........

    Does the FC wanna stay in Lavender Beds also? If so, should we get a medium house in lavender beds? I got maybe 35 million so I'm good for a chunk, but I don't know if people got enough that we can upscale to a large.
  • I want to move to Kugane as long as no one objects. It's not available now but will be in the next patch. I'm against having a large house, I've been in a few and they're too big. Medium is an appropriate size for us. They just doubled the amount of items you can put in a house so that should satisfy Coby for awhile.
  • I object.
  • I refuse to give my vote on the subject, as I have been considering the ultimate betrayal and might not even be around if a move comes.

    I have occasionally entertained the idea of transferring to a EU server and now that there is a new server with some nice incentives for transferring it seems more appealing than ever. Mostly it depends on if a friend of mine actually starts to play the game as he has been considering. He would probably want to play on EU server and it would be nice to be able to be there to help him when needed. Also lower ping and server's most active times being earlier are also nice bonuses.

    I do love Kung Fu Scientists, all of you, but it's mostly a social group and the people are in forums, and twitter and twich chats, so I don't think I'd cut any ties too badly with that decision.
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    But word. You do what's best for you, and drop in with an alt any time. of our PS4s appears to have gotten hit with this CE-30022-7 error after updating the launcher that makes it so you can't launch the game, and preliminary answer from Square is "uhhhh, maybe reinstall the entire game?" which sucks but would be fine... except I'm super worried that deleting the game will also remove all my keybinds, since that shit is still saved client-side like this is 18-fucking-06 :neutral: I know the saves are deleted differently than the client, but I just don't trust it one bit if it means remaking a shitload of macros and action bars.
  • I've got no problems with a move.

    If it alleviates it a bit, you probably gotta remake and rebind a bunch anyway because of the action changes.
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    I have like... 200-300k. I'm low income.

    Dave: does the game have some system data you could back up?
  • If he has playstation+, theoretically he has saved data in the cloud in case the worst should happen.
  • Not really related but I never considered if you actually need PS Plus to play. I would assume you don't need to since they are running their own servers.
  • Yeah, I put it up on the cloud just in case. I'm sure it'll be fine, and coby's right about actions changing anyway, I'm just real bleh about having to redo all that junk.

    In continuing disasters, I appear to have never input Graz's early access code. Digging through emails, I got as far as getting the PSN code, but early access isn't marked on her account in mog station like it is on mine, yet the PSN code doesn't work. So I have no clue who I even have to contact, Sony or Square, and both have shit customer service either way.
  • Is there a possibility you're using the same code that you input on yours?
  • Nah, I've double checked. But I'm starting to think maybe because I downloaded the whole thing fresh on my PS4 I skipped whatever they're doing with rolling out the patch in stages, and she hasn't hit the point of actually confirming she owns stormblood like I did.

    So it's probably fine but man nothing like MMO launches to be a pain.
  • Patch downloaded through hotel wifi success! Just in time for my boss to say we are working through the weekend.
  • I looked at the FAQ for early access and the wording implies that you can still register during the early access period.
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    This new role action thing is pretty cool actually. I don't really like the black mags utility UI thing. It's giant and not very helpful.
  • Thank goodness for hud resize.
  • Yeah I'm hoping I can resize that part specifically. I don't really bother with rearranging huds.
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    You can, they're in the HUD menu like everything else


    There's a fix for that, if people need it. You have to enable virtual mouse while in a conversation with an NPC, then right click the text box, then resize it from there.

    Anyone know if ordering the PS4 version straight from PSN gets you right into early access? My experience with chat support is that No One Knows shit whether it be Sony, Square, or Amazon, because it's one of those situations where no one in the chain claims responsibility for anything. The best I could get out of the Sony support guy is that ordering the CE will get early access and the normal edition won't--but I don't even trust that because I'm 100% certain he was just reading that off the store pages. I can cancel Amazon orders whenever, but I really don't want to buy from PSN direct unless I'm totally sure it'll work, since no refund = nuclear option.
  • All purchases should get EA. You just gotta take your code to a website, get a code from the code. Then take that code to mog station.
  • So, 4 codes?
  • PSN download one was start up game, you get a popup that says "Do you want to activate preorder bonuses?" and you press yes and that was the end of it.
  • Yeah, trying to defraud Amazon, Sony, and Square of another code wasn't working so I just bit the bullet and PSN. Smooth sailing!
  • Red mage is kinda wacky but I'm enjoying it so far
  • The most important part about HUD management is to make things very efficient.
  • EXTREME TRIALS DROP WOLF MOUNTS THIS TIME!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!
  • I hate to say it...I REALLY hate to say it. Hide is kinda useful.
  • Raid Leader Dave, Raid Leader Dave, Raid Leader Dave.
  • Just when I thought I was out... they wolfed me back in...
  • The current main story experience
  • First primal of MSQ has a chance of throwing you on a very long repeating 90002 error after defeating it.
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    There was clarification on the 90002 error, it's a bug with the new /sit feature where you come back from instances sitting. It crashes your game and you have to wait on the full instance timer before you can come back online.

    So don't do any emotes while queued.
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