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Final Fantasy XIV Because Seriously That Thread Was Getting Ridiculous




    So far this year, zelda let you be mercenary tao, now FFXIV is letting you be goku
  • AF3 renders came out.





  • What class is that dude though
  • Foxclon is Red Mage
  • DG_Nick said:

    So far this year, zelda let you be mercenary tao, now FFXIV is letting you be goku

    What should I buy to get whatever this bonus stuff is and why wasn't it available like four days ago when I preordered Stormblood.

  • Couldn't you cancel and and then reorder?
  • I finally unlocked DRK and I have no idea what I'm doing. I looked at a few guides to sort of understand... but it's really different from BLM.
  • If you want to start with training wheels, I would recommend picking up Gladiator. Many of DRK's abilities are analogues of GLD's abilities and you'll have fewer, so it's less overwhelming.
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    Yeah, dropping into a tank at 30 never having played one before is probably gonna be too much (even looking at machinist at 30 I was like 'eff this'). If you want to play tank you're going to have to take GLD to around 20 anyway for Provoke, so might as well try it if you're curious.

    If you really want to stick with it just to see, you could also queue into lower dungeons like Sastasha. That way you'll only have a couple skills available and it'll be quick to figure out how to work them together.
  • DRK poses as an edge Lord. DRK It's actually a magic tank. They are the best at taking magic missiles to the face. Which means Sofia Ex is best to have a DRK main tank.
  • The most exciting Stormblood reveal to date! They're giving everyone is getting the 'D'.
  • I still maintain that playing Tank is the best way to play DPS, without any of the real responsibilities of DPS, like following mechanics.
  • You still have to play mechanics. Hit a not-die button if you see an action bar. Blame healers accordingly.
  • I heard tanking described as standing still playing rock, papers, scissors with the enemy. As a healer tanks hold on to their cooldowns until the end of time. Then blame healers for not keeping them up when they were clearly going to die.
  • Also spoilers, like Dragonsong.
  • image

    And for not spoiler things, UI change, cleansable dots and debuffs will have this white line over them


    One that requires mechanics for comparison.
  • FF14 tip of the day: When targeting the boss during boss pull setup, Futon and Raiton are two VERY different abilities.
  • Sometimes you just have to test to be sure that the tank is awake with some surprise pulling.
  • That Astrologian won't mind losing Balance anyways.
  • Chicago has a date. If anyone's in the area around Sept 30th, I'm organizing a group.
  • Black Mage new things maybe/mostly confirmed by them playing around with it on a test stream for tomorrow.

    Thunder 1-3 are all a single ability now
    Lethargy is gone
    Manaward/wall combined into a single cooldown.

    Two new things -
    Triple Swiftcast
    Teleport to Leylines
  • The thunder change is interesting. Lethargy is basically useless. Combining ward and wall into a single cooldown kinda sucks. Teleporting to key lines would be okay but I already have difficulty using aetherial manipulation so I think I'll probably have trouble porting to leylines.
  • Lethargy's fine as a defensive cooldown in solo play but that's pretty limited use, certainly got more out of it than Freeze which is inexplicably left alone. There's some speculation that it was rolled into Virus as a single caster Role Skill since Virus' icon on the BLM had Lethargy's color palette. If that's true then that's a pretty good broad spectrum debuff.

    I hope the combined Manawhatever gets a shorter cooldown than either of the two older ones to make up for losing one.

    I always felt Aetherial Manipulation's weirdness all comes from targeting a party member in the middle of trying to move where a pop to location ability doesn't have that extra step going on making it awkward.
  • Oh snap. OH SNAP! Why am I getting so excited about getting new buttons to push?
    So many things. So. MANY!
    Summoners now get Bahamut, BAHAMUT Bahamut. Not Egi-Bahamut, Bahamut.

    White Mages are now the first class to directly affect another player by being able to reposition them. So many train morality problems are going to spawn from this.

    Guages, guages everywhere. Ninjas now have Leylines! Monks now buff damage for more than just monks! Black Mages now refresh Enochian by switching stances! Cleric Stance is now Cleric Buff! Mind is now Healer spell damage!

    So many things, too many things! Gotta compile all this!
  • Can you throw away a job crystal? I don't think I need Ninja anymore.
  • Parry replaced! Accuracy replaced! Crits enhanced!
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    Role locked accessories, no more people cheesing their item levels

    Bard and Machinist cast times gone

    Parry Replacement Stat - Tenacity, Determination for defenses as well as increasing damage dealt

    Accuracy replaced with Direct Hit - DPS exclusive substat with a less damaging but more often proccing type of crit. Direct Critical Hits are a thing.

    Piety - No longer primary stat, now Healer exclusive substat.
  • On the one hand I'm sad about not being able to finesse accessories for points, on the other hand I'm happy that auto-equip won't keep sticking my ilvl 115 tank bracelet from DRK where the ilvl 260 DPS bracelet should go on PLD.
  • Ok! So looking through the ninja stuff, They get a new mana bar that builds with auto-attacks. It lets you summon a toad or create a Leyline. Toad is DPS, but the Leyline...The Leyline. It lets you cast mudra while you're building them, so 1>fuma>2 raiton>3>Suiton.

    Also, YoshiP is apparently a terrible Paladin according to testers.
  • That DPS bracelet will be locked out of being equippable from tanks with the change assuming the change is retroactive.

    Unless I misunderstood, they're rolling back the stat change to tanks from 3.2 and making tank accessories also have strength and also no garbage parry/acc.
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    Job actions trailer went up

    Role Skills - You pick five from the list.

    Low Blow
    Interject - Silence
    Ultimatum - AoE Provoke

    Cleric Stance - now a damage cooldown
    Lucid Dream - Shroud of Saints(?)
    Eye for an Eye
    Rescue- Pull people to you/drops their aggro
    Divine Seal - Increase healing power by 30%
    Break - Slow/Heavy?

    Melee DPS
    Second Wind
    Arm’s Length - ???
    Leg Sweep - Stun
    Diversion - quelling strikes
    Goad _ TP Refresh
    Clutch - ???
    True North - Removes positional requirements for 15 seconds

    Ranged DPS
    Second Wind
    Foot Graze - Bind
    Leg Graze - Slow
    Proton - increases movement speed of self and party for 30 seconds can't be used in combat
    Head Graze - Silence
    Arm Graze - stun
    Palisade - reduces damage taken by target party member by 20% for 10 seconds, Tactician

    Addle - Int and Mind debuff
    Lucid Dream
    Mana Shift - Gives 20% of MP to target party member
    Erase - removes a single DoT from target party member
  • Cybylt said:

    That DPS bracelet will be locked out of being equippable from tanks with the change assuming the change is retroactive

    Ya, I meant it wouldn't be a concern no more b/c there'd be no choice to equip DPS stuff in the first place.

    Just got the vibe that FF14 is in the winnowing equipment stats phase that WoW went through in... Cataclysm? I wanna say? But FF14's have generally been simpler/more obvious in the first place.

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    Ohhh, I misunderstood something in there then.

    Paladin's gauge is confusing, I guess it buffs cooldowns in some way? Sheltron used some of the bar.

    Shield Oath at 30.

    Big shiny new skill at the end of the video got an explanation later and sounds pretty great for stack mechanics. Passage of Arms, gives the PLD 100% block rate and anyone in the cone behind it gets a 15% incoming damage reduction. Moving or doing other actions cancels it, though

    Spinslash coming in after too long not having more aoe aggro/damage is nice.

    Blocking magic puts it over DRK as magic defender.

    Edit -

    Black Mage Things

    Thunder 2 now AoE, becomes Thunder 4 when leveled into it.
    Enochian, once activated, remains active as long as you upkeep Umbral Ice or Astral Fire.
    If you can upkeep Enochian for 30 seconds you get a buff called Polyglot that lets you cast Foul which is a better, low/no cost Flare.

    Red Mage things

    Chainspell Trait - Every time you hard cast a spell, the following spell is instant.
    Black and White Mana - Build both in equal measure to increase power and unlock Spell Blade once maxed.
  • I'm reserving final judgment until I actually get my hands on stormblood, but I think giving special guages to every job seems misguided.
  • I need to beat Heavensward >_<

    I spent a bunch of time getting up to it then stopped again.
  • I'm in favor of playing at your own pace. You don't want to burn out.
  • I did think 2.0 was a really good story arc. But it was pretty long.
  • Made sense for the DPS jobs where managing personal mechanics with tiny box statuses was a bit cumbersome. White Mage felt like the least needing of it where they added mechanics to make a use for personal UI pieces, Paladin to a lesser degree where I agree with their statement on having a stance icon that's more apparent than the status bar is pretty nice, but then they also added a meter that does ???
  • It looks like all non-combo dots have been removed from melee jobs. So that's Fracture, Phlebotomize, Mutilate and Touch of Death.

    It looks like wherever possible they've rolled what used to be button press cooldowns into the combo rotations.

    Ninja - Shadow Fang and Dancing Edge have been combined. Looks like Hide resets the cooldown on some abilities like Mudras and Shukuuchi.

    Dragoon - Power Surge, Keen Flurry, Heavy Thrust, Feint, and Ring of Thorns are gone. Power Surge's Jump buff worked into Blood's two stages, increasing by 50% under BotD and 100% under Gaze of the First

    Paladin - Royal Authority combos off of Riot Blade instead of Savage Blade, increasing overall combo potency.

    Samurai sounds like it's going to be a nice big numbers bruiser with no dots, simple combos and huge potencies.

    There's not a whole lot of info about the healers, is there?


    Casting bars are being added to the enemy list.
  • Cybylt said:

    Paladin - Royal Authority combos off of Riot Blade instead of Savage Blade, increasing overall combo potency.

    And a threat loss. Wonder if this'll make me have to start using rage of halone again.

  • Hard to tell right now since we don't know how effective Tenacity is but shouldn't make you throw it out more often than you need to re-up the debuff.

    That PLD lightning strike attack appears to be Requiescat (en Pasta), a new big potency off-global which gives a 20% bonus to damage dealt and healing received when used when you have 80%+ MP so both of your DPS combos filling up MP facilitates that better.

    Spinslash comes in at 46.
  • image

    Someone comissioned their twins and god, what a great idea.

    Sice ponytail and SENOR SABOTENDER PLUSH part of the Gold Saucer event coming in a few days, wonder what they'll do this year since I imagine they're more pressed for time with Stormblood so close.
  • All these ninja changes have me slightly aroused.
  • More change info is out now.

    One of the biggest ones to me is that most traits for actions have been removed and you just get the better version right away.

    MTQ Capture has pretty to the point rundowns of the new abilities and changes.


    Black Mage




  • I might have to go Red Mage after reading about it some. I like Dark Knight but it's just kinda hard for me to get into fully. Maybe tanking just isn't for me.
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